Interview with Trialstainedfingers

How do you fund your travel?

We earn a decent income, save well and live sensibly. Fortunately, our blog lets us experience the best of luxury travel, food and lifestyle. We’re also smart about getting good deals and discounts on flights and hotel stays. Reward points have helped a great deal, as have press trips and review invites.

Did your family/friends think you were crazy?

Maybe a little. 🙂 Solo travel is lovely but when you need company, it can be difficult to come by. So once we found each other, nothing could stop us from getting multiple stamps on our passports. We’ve managed to hold full-time jobs and fulfill all our commitments while also travelling at least once a month. So we don’t think it’s all that crazy!

What’s been your biggest challenge traveling together?

We have very different personalities when it comes to food preferences and the kind of activities we enjoy. Mohit likes to chill out and enjoy the luxuries of our room while I’m always hopping about restlessly, wanting to tick off more items on our itinerary! I’m also very fond of nature and gardens while he might also enjoy amusement parks and entertainment. But it helps that he lets me have the upper hand. 😛 No two people can be exactly alike but as long as you understand each other’s preferences and make room for them, travelling as a couple is the best thing ever.
Best & Worst Place you been to?
We really loved our trip to Singapore. The little country had so much to offer – be it by way of remote islands and sprawling gardens or meandering riverside walks and eclectic bars and restaurants. We were hassled now and then trying to find the right metro station, following maps and finding good vegetarian food but it was one of the best adventures we’ve had together. Honestly, no trip has been entirely bad so we can’t think of a ‘worst place’. The only bad memories are of trips that failed to materialise!
Your top tips for couples planning an extended trip together?
Give each other space. On long trips, it’s important that both of you get to do the things you want to. And if that means going your separate ways at times, so be it. Don’t forget to be romantic and indulge in slow travel. That helps keep stress at bay and soak in both the place and your companionship.

Do you plan to keep traveling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long?

We’re based in Mumbai so we do have roots! We feel this is the ideal lifestyle for us – having a home to come back to and still taking off whenever we feel the routine getting to us. We don’t feel that being a year-round nomad is sustainable in the long run. But who knows, we might not always live in Mumbai. I think it would be fun to live in different countries.
What has travel taught you?
There is this saying in Taoism – ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ That has been one of our most profound takeaways from travel. We city dwellers get caught up in things that don’t really matter. We forget to breathe, explore and look up at the stars. We love luxury but we’re also extremely spiritual. Every journey we undertake adds to our happiness quotient and teaches us to appreciate the marvel of being alive and being present.
Bio: We’re Ankita and Mohit, an Indian couple who just can’t seem to get enough of airports. Together, we’ve been to over ten countries in the world and 17 states of India. We dig everything from food and wine to luxury resorts, travel gadgets, beauty, nature, wildlife and cultural/historical tourism.

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