“Misbah Ul Haq hooked the ball to the fine leg, thinking nobody was there. Little did he know there is a Malayalee in every corner of the Planet!”On Sreesanth taking the catch that got us the inaugural T20 World Cup.

God is, they say, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. As much as God is, the same ‘omnipresence’ at least, applies to the people from God’s Own Country! And they defy the limits of Omnipresence especially when it comes to the Gulf Countries.

It’s not that very uncommon for someone in Kerala to say “My Ungle is in the Gelf” or “My Ungle is in Thubaai!” The intensity is such that in about 17% of the total Emirates population that comprises of Indians, 50% of them can trace their origins to the coconut capital!

And it’s something for Kerala to be proud of that Kerala’s economy, in addition to tourism and spice-trade. It is also funded by ‘remittances’ – money being deposited from the Gulf regions to the banks in Kerala. And it doesn’t just stop with money – it also transcends into the realms of fame. Joy Alukka of the Joyalkkas fame and Mr. PNC Menon who owns the leviathan Sobha Real Estates are, as playfully as they’re called ‘Mallus from the Gelf!’

What made this insanely enormous number possible? And why is this ‘number’ attributable to one specific state?

The mass-immigration of Keralites to the Gulf-regions was awesome and unprecedented enough to have a special name – the Kerala Gulf Boom. It was from 1972 to 1983 that a lot of Malayalees, owing to the resonance in Muslim culture. Especially in North Kerala, made use of the Oil boom in the Middle east, and migrated there. While most of them went to generate ‘revenue’ for the family and state, a few of them had chosen to stay on for generations together!

The migration saw a slump post 2008, after the economic depression. However, it wasn’t strong enough to stop, but only to slow down. Well… it’s not something much to care about anyway! When a state has established its supremacy across a country and a region, it’s something for us to be proud about!

It is said, when Cochin and Calicut belong to Kerala, and when the Gulf and Arabia belong to Kerala, then probably, the entire Arabian Sea belongs to Kerala!!

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