Singapore has plenty of dining, shopping, exploring and sightseeing options. Due to a wide variety of options, it is difficult for first-time visitors to make an itinerary for their trip to Singapore. However, this guide will help you get to know the best and specialties of Singapore.

Singapore Local Pastries:


     The Lion City is famous for local pastries, chocolate tarts, cookies and sweets. There are many confectionery shops near Mountbatten Road and East Coast Road. Therefore, in case you love to have pastries, chocolate tarts and other confectioneries, please head to confectionery shops prior to lunch for the reason that the best confectioneries are sold before the lunchtime.

Pasar Malams, the Street Night Markets:

     Visit a Pasar Malam, a street night market, in order to have some more local snacks at reasonable rates, including Ramly burgers (beef or chicken patty stuffed burgers), Kueh Tutu (steamed rice flour sweet snack) and Muah Chee (sugar and peanut coated glutinous rice balls).


     Some Pasar Malams have game stalls, shopping tents and outlets, where you can get anything from stuffed toys to multiple design covers of mobile phones.

Reserving Seats with Tissue Paper or the Chope Culture:   

        In case you visit a hawker center (an open-air food center) on a weekday and especially in the lunch hour, you will notice a lot of tables accompanied with tissue packets. Do not be disturbed, it is an unexpressed arrangement and habit known to all locals.


          Tissue papers are put on tables to signify that the table’s reserved or occupied. In local language, a reserved table with tissue paper is known as a chopped table. In case you wish to have lunch at an open-air restaurant in Central Business District or Central Area, please make sure to carry a tissue packet.

Roadside Ice Cream Stands:

     The Lion City is famous for the roadside ice cream stands or carts. There are many street-side ice cream carts in busy locations like Marina Bay and Orchard Road. Ice creams sold at street-side stands are about SGD 1 each. The rates are quite reasonable.


      The ice creams served are different from the traditional ones as they are not served in cups or cones. Moreover, they are sandwiched between bread slices, cocoa cookies, peanut butter cookies and biscuits. Also, the best comforting remedy for the scorching heat while traveling is enjoying ice cream.

Road Closures for Weekend:


       Roads are occasionally closed to transportation at busy nightlife streets and neighborhoods like Club Street and Holland Village. The road to Holland Village closes every day at 7 PM, whereas the road to Club Street closes each Friday and Saturday for 7 hours (from 7 PM to 2 AM). During the last Sunday of every month, the Civic District and Central Business District areas become walking and cycling areas.

Farms in the City:

     A lot of urbanites have gone for urban farming in order to produce their own food. In case you love agriculture and if you wish to have food from farm to table, then please visit the Edible Garden City, Urban Farm and Barn and One Kind House.


        When you explore Singapore as a native, you can see a lot of interesting things that are hidden from traveller’s view. Plan for a Singapore trip and enjoy this beautiful country in your own style.

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