Explore Malaysia on an Indian Budget

Located in the center of South East Asia, there is a sparkling jewel known as Malaysia. The country is one of the most lively and beautiful countries in the South East Asia. Flanked by the neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, China and Singapore, the country has a lot to offer to its tourists. It is also the most enticing tourist destinations in the world. Due to its bustling cities, blissful lifestyle as well as its diverse culture, religions and races. But that one thing, which makes Malaysia even more attractive among tourists, is its perfect blend of skyscrapers on one hand and the exquisite traditional houses on the other hand. The best thing about this place is that it can be accessed by the low cost airline which makes the trip cost effective.

Here’s how you can take a tour of Malaysia on an Indian Budget:

  • Book Your Flight in Advancebook flights in advance

    Many people make a mistake and book their tickets at the last moment. But what you must understand is that booking your tickets in advance will not only help you find multiple airline options, but will also help you save a lot of your money on the tickets. Also, don’t forget to book a refundable ticket. There are many flights that fly from India to Malaysia on a regular basis. You just need to plan your trip in advance to get the budget friendly tickets.

  • Explore the multiple accommodation optionaccomodation in malaysia

    Accomodation is another important factor that you must not ignore if you really want to save some money while traveling. So to make sure that you don’t fall in a trap  booking those overly expensive accommodation. It is best that you look for some good accommodation online and book a hotel in advance as per your need. Malaysia is one such place that offers you plenty of options for your stay. Whether you are looking for resorts, luxurious hotels or private villa or apartment, you just name it and you will get it in Malaysia.

  • Take the Holiday Tour Package

    Malaysia vacation packages are the most sought after tour packages for travel and tourism websites. There are many Malaysia tour packages available to choose from on the basis of budget on hand and the number of days intended for the trip. The best thing about these packages is that they take care of everything on your trip. From your flights, accommodation, food to sightseeing, the package you take help you get everything you need to make your trip smooth, relaxing and hassle free.

Below we are listing some of the places that you get to see on your Malaysia Tour Package on an Indian Budget:

  • Kuala LumpurKaula Lampur Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is known for its famous Petronas Twin Tower. It is also the hub of many amazing cultural activities. The city also has many popular tourist attractions which include Merdeka Square, National Palace as well as the National Monument that attracts large number of tourists every year.

  • Cameron Highlands

    cameron highlands malaysia

    Cameron Highlands are famous for its trail and is one of the most visited hill stations of the country. This place is also a must visit place in Malaysia for its tranquil spots, waterfalls, and famous tea plantations.

  • George Towngeorgetown malaysia

    Not many people know this, but Georgetown, the capital of Penang is one of the top tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is also declared as the World heritage site by UNESCO. It offers the amazing view of the renowned Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and Kapitan Keling Mosque. Not only this, the place has many Buddhist temples and museums that help you come close to the country’s rich culture and heritage.

  • Taman Negarataman negara malaysia

    If you are a nature lover and is looking for an eco-tourism destination, Taman Negara is the perfect place to go to.  This national park has many amazing geological and biological attractions, where you can catch the sights of animal like Red Junglefowl, Crab-eating macaque, Sumatran Rhinoceros and many others.

  • Mount Kinabalumount kinabalu malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu is located in Sabah, and is the highest peak in the Malay Archipelago. Every year large number of tourists visit Mount Kinabalu, which is famous for its flora and fauna, and biodiversity. The mountain has more than 600 species of ferns and 300 species of birds.

  • Perhentian Islandperhetian island malaysia

    The island having two beautiful islands, which include large Perhentian island and small Perhentian island. The best thing about this island is that accommodation is quite cheap here. This island is a home of some amazing beaches too.

  • Sandakansandakan malaysia

    This is the ideal place to visit for both animal and nature lovers.  Visiting this place will help you catch a sight of amazing wildlife. It is also a home to many popular tourist attractions which include Agnes Keith House, Turtle island park, Buddhist temple, and lot more.

  • Johor Bahru

    If you are looking for some adventure and amusement parks in Johor Bahrufun in Malaysia, then Johor Bahru is a place for you as it has many theme parks to enjoy some gala time with your friends and family. Some of the main sights of Johor Bahru include Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque, Sultan Ibrahim Building, Danga Bay etc.

Another interesting thing about Malaysia is that it is truly a shopper’s paradise. Home to the huge shopping malls, which sells everything from world’s best designer watches, accessories, clothes to locally made craft items and paintings, you should definitely bring some amazing clothing and accessories home from Malaysia. Some of the popular malls in Malaysia are Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang, and Suria KLCC. You can also visit some interesting theme parks like Sunway pyramid, the lost world of Tambun and Sunway Lagoon.

Malaysia is indeed a paradise for tourists. So if you want to explore the place on an Indian budget, it is best to take a Malaysia tour package to make you trip refreshing, relaxing as well as memorable. These Malaysia holiday tour packages are quite affordable and offers you so much without digging a hole in your pocket. All you need to do is to take the right package and explore the True Asia-“ Malaysia”.

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