The best therapy is retail therapy!

Malaysia, the land of the exciting and innovative fusion of the modern world and the traditional old world charm entices you with its many places to eat, dine and shop in.

Starting with the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, the best shopper will be happily flummoxed to choose one pretty mall to start his shopping extravaganza with.

Bukit Bintangbukit bintang- malaysia

Whoa! This one takes the cake in luxury retailing!

Bukit Bintang is full of the mall hopper’s top end retail brands in all of its high end stores spanning more than 4 long winding roads. This is the place to shop once you land in Kuala Lumpur! Souvenirs, clothes, fashion sunglasses, purses and hats are all yours!

Jalan Petalingjalan petaling

This is the cute little Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur!

Quite literally too, with the name of the place meaning street and written in red and green Chinese with the brilliantly colored lanterns decorating the streets. Everything is on display here, starting from home décor items, to children’s toys, carpets and the shoes, bags and jewelry too. Dive in for the best of the bargains too as it’s an Asian city remember!

KLCC SuriaKLCC suria - Malaysia

This one is a shopping destination along with a photographer’s paradise.

With the world famous Petronas Twin Towers in the background, most shoppers will want to satisfy their selfie cravings nicely in oh so many different looks and lights, that shopping may come a far second.

Ranking high on the list of the fashionistas, coming here is a must if you want to stay in on all the latest fashion trends from the world. The shops here have a loyal stream of locals as well as the tourists flocking for the lovely deals available. Two expansive food courts await all the tired and hungry shoppers who will cool their heels before moving on!

Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Valley Megamall

Gigantic in proportions, skip the heels when you want to come to shop here!

Spanning 5 floors and more than 450 stores, this high end fashion mall will require a lot of walking around to satisfy the fashionista in you or you can take the many lifts and escalators. Opened in 1999, this massive location boasts of a Cineplex, an office tower and 3 hotels apart from the shopping plaza which makes it a not to miss mall. An IT centre, huge bookstore and a massive bowling arena along with an 18 screen Cineplex welcomes shoppers with its many entertainment options to boot!

So what are you waiting for my dear readers!

Make a date with the most spectacular of the Kuala Lumpur’s numerous malls or the charming small markets which I am sure will leave you wanting for one more day to shop to your heart’s content!!

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