Malaysia provides two different experiences. It includes Borneo and the peninsula. Borneo is an island joined with Brunei and Indonesia. The peninsula is a collaboration of Chinese, Indian and Malay flavors with a modern and efficient capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Borneo comprises some best interesting places with orangutans, wild jungle, remote tribes and granite peaks. Joined with certain colonial towns, luxury resorts and beautiful islands, Malaysia remains as a happy mix destination for most visitors. In the year 2010, almost around two million tourists visited Malaysia. The majority of them include residents from neighboring countries like Indonesia and Singapore. Apart from them, foreign tourists are growing day by day to explore the country. Here listing top five attractions in Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands:

Cameron Highlands tourThe Cameron Highlands is the popular hill station in Malaysia. The British developed this hill station during 1920’s. It holds a population of around thirty four thousand people consisting of Indians, Chinese, Malays and ethnic groups. It is popular for its trails. The trail takes the visitors through waterfalls, forests and connects other tranquil spots. You can go for jungle walks with your friends or family. The sanctuary is famous for tea plantations. Interested visitors can sign up for tea factory tours.

Georgetown Inner City:

Georgetown Inner City tourThe city got its name after King George III of Britain Empire. It is situated in the Penang Island’s north-east corner. George Town is surrounded by Chinese population. As there are strict conditions and rules, many of colonial period shop houses retain in George Town till date. It is official known to have a unique cultural and architectural landscape without equivalent at anyplace in Southeast Asia. During the evenings, the town completely turns to life. It is the time where majority of nearby street hawkers and local heads visit the town to have their drinks and meals.

Mulu Caves:

Mulu Caves tourMulu Caves are situated in Malaysian Borneo inside the Gunung Mulu National Park. The park consists of karst formations and incredible caves in a steep equatorial rainforest setting. The largest cave chamber – the Sarawak Chamber is situated in the underground caves. It is said to be the world’s largest chamber. As the chamber is huge, it can accommodate around forty Boeing 747’s. It can accommodate without overlying their wings. The wrinkle lipped bats is seen in colonies in the Deer Cave. It arrives every evening to find its food.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre:

Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre new1It was established in 1964 to rescue orphaned infant orangutans from illegal hunting, plantations and logging sites. The rehabilitation centre will train the orphaned orangutans to survive in the wild. It will be released once it learns to survive on own. Ensure to visit the exploratory Orang Utan Sanctuary when you travel to Malaysia. It is located inside Kabali Sepilok Forest Reserve. It is almost a virgin rainforest. In this reserve, almost sixty to eighty orangutans live freely. It is a must visit place for all travellers.
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