‘Get Ready for Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses’

The Maldives is no doubt the most alluring honeymoon spot of the world. It is a mesmerizing island located in the Indian Ocean that attracts countless honeymooners from all over the world every year. The Maldives, a coral island is known for its azure beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs. The vast expanse of beaches with the lush green forest all around creates an ultimate aura of love. What can be more romantic than spending time with our life partner in such a setting? The place gives you ample opportunity to explore a real-life fantasy that can become a memory to be cherished for a lifetime.

How to Reach Maldives from Chennai?

The simplest answer to this is by air. Flights take off from Chennai airport every day and land in Male International Airport which is located in the country’s capital Male on the island of Hulhule. Hulhule itself is a tourist spot. You can plan your journey after a short stay here. how-to-reach-maldives-visiitThere are other airports like – Ibrahim Nasir International Airport that helps you land at other locations in the Maldives. Private cruise is also available from Chennai port but they are very few in number. However, a cruise journey is time-consuming. So when you want to make the ultimate usage of your time get your visas confirmed and board a flight to your dream destination – Maldives.

Where to Stay?

The Maldives is interspersed with several ravishing hotels and resorts. All you need to do is book your stay well in advance to get the most exquisite room through which you can enjoy nature’s beauty with your better half. Here are a few hotels/resorts that might give you a pleasant stay:


  • aaaVee Nature’s Paradise:

    It is a private island located in Dhoores This resort gives you chance to live in Dhoores Island which is a wonderful island where nature is at its best. The entire island is yours and you can escape out of this world to a world of fantasy where you can mingle with nature and your beloved to enjoy a blissful fiesta. Stay at aaaVee Nature’s Paradise starts from as low as Rs.15, 000 onwards.aaaveee-visiit-packages-maldives

If you have booked aaVee Nature’s Paradise within six months of your wedding, you can enjoy enormous compliments like a bottle of wine, a bowl of fruits and beautiful bed decoration using local flowers (to make your honeymoon special and memorable). You need to submit wedding certification at the reception. Ensure to bring a copy of the wedding certification while accommodating the resort.


  • Fun Island Resort:

    Located in the vast expanse of white sand beaches, Fun Island Resort is one of the most fun-islands-maldives-visiitentertaining resorts in Maldives. Its packages are all inclusive of open air bar with regular live music, a cafe and a beach bar, gym, dive center and spa offering massage services. You can engage in different types of activities like – snorkeling and dolphin safaris. It is a must visit resort in Maldives. Do not forget to include Fun Island Resort in your Maldives honeymoon package.


  • Paradise Island Resort and Spa:

    It is a five-star resort located in the North Male’ Atoll very close to the Male International paradise-island-maldives-visiitAirport. This resort offers you one of the most extravagant stays in Maldives. The service quality is excellent and so you get to enjoy your stay surrounded by marine life on all sides. Paradise Island can make your honeymoon days very special that helps you to give a new start to your journey of togetherness.

Your stay at one of these resorts/hotels caters to both your budget and your needs. In fact, they have more to offer you than what you expect just to make your days worth remembering.

Things to do in Maldives:

Maldives is one of the most engaging honeymoon destinations of the world. Couples can engage in a number of activities during their stay here. The most romantic activities are lying down together on the beach, taking a dip into the clear blue water of the ocean, chilling out and enjoying a perfect sunset romantic dinner with your heartthrob are the treats that the island offers to the honeymooners. Besides these are a variety of other activities that make your holidays an adventurous one. These include:

  • Diving: 

    Maldives is the best-known scuba diving destination of the world. divingThe crystal clear water of the ocean helps to peep into the marine life located deep inside the sea. So hold the hands of your beloved and set diving to experience the glimpse of a unique world.

  • Dolphin Spotting:

    When you see dolphins playing and performing different kinds of stunts with the acute precision you are definite to amaze yourself as well as your better half. This particular activity has attracted many couples to the place.

  • Snorkeling:

    If diving is not your cup of tea then snorkeling might give you somewhat similar adventure. Youmaldives-dolphin-spotting-visiit-packages are sure to be awe-struck with the sights of the colorful fishes, turtles, and other marine creatures and you need not go very deep for all these.

  • Island Hopping and Shopping:

    Maldives has numerous small and big islands resided by the natives. If you are interested to know people, their culture, religion etc. then you can plan for island hopping. Moreover, the local markets of Maldives attract couples for shopping. The items are beautifully and colorfully displayed that they act as a head So you can buy presents that are unique to each other and can pick up gifts for your friends and relatives.

Reasons to Visit Maldives:

You must be wondering what the sea beaches of Maldives can offer you different from the Chennai beach. Why should you choose Maldives as your honeymoon destination which is ones for life event? These reasons might satisfy you:

  • Indulge in Under Water Romance:under-water-romace-visiit-maldives

    Now this is an experience that is very uniquely associated with the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant. Sit close to your lover and gaze at the aquamarine life that surrounds you.

  • Visit the Glowing Beach:

    The beach has attained its name because of the glowing tides caused due to some natural phenomena. How can words explain the trance you go through when you have your lover by your side and such a lovely sight right in front of you?glowing-beach-maldives-visiit

  • Enjoy a Couple Spas:

    Couple Spa at the Maldives has an essence of its own. The spa experience that you get to enjoy here is matchless in the world. So make a simple spa experience into an unforgettable memory.

  • Stimulate Your Tastebud:

    The cuisine of Maldives has attracted thousands of food loving people across the world. You can enjoy different delicacies of seafood with your better half during your exotic dinners.

Maldives has the ability to transform your envisioned honeymoon days into reality. The weather, climate, communication, people, food and everything else is very compatible for honeymoon couples. People of Chennai have always loved this destination. So make the Maldives your home for your honeymoon days and give a grand start to your life of togetherness.



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