Exquisite resorts, adventurous activities, the beautiful turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, and luxurious stay are some of the common factors between Mauritius and Maldives. But if you are looking for experience, both the places offer two different types of experiences. With a closed structure in terms of economy, Maldives have much lesser attractions when it comes to various tourist places. But its extreme natural beauty makes it a favourite place of visit among the tourists. Mauritius is a great option where you can get a good combination of culture and beauty. So choosing your perfect abode, when deciding for your honeymoon is a difficult decision to take.

Maldives Vs. Mauritius- Which Is Better For Honeymoon?

Underwater Attractions:

Both these tropical paradise has a lot to offer. You can witness a huge spectacle of shipwrecks of the 18th century in Mauritius. Additionally, certain recent shipwrecks have developed into beautiful artificial reefs. You can witness Trumpet, Boxfish, sea anemones, Mauritian scorpions, sponges, and damselfish over here. It is a great honeymoon place if you love exploring the underwater world.

On the other hand, Maldives is a great place where you can enjoy great snorkeling and diving activities. You can witness various schools of tropical fish, baby sharks, caves, huge coral walls, turtles, manta rays and the whale shark. None of the varieties are dangerous. Start planning for your Maldives honeymoon trip. We will help you in selecting the Maldives tour package as per your requirement.


There are various places to visit in both Maldives and Mauritius. Mauritius has various promoted attractions like SSR Botanical Garden, Giant Tortoise Park and Nature Reserve, the famous Le Morne Cultural Reserve, semi-submarine rides, Black River Gorges National Park, undersea walks, Crocodile Park and other sun-bathing activities. Are you interested in visiting these famous places in Mauritius? Well, plan for a Mauritius trip with your spouse.

Maldives, on the other hand, does not have so many activities. But if you are a relaxed traveler, you will surely love Maldives. The most lovable activity which you should try is riding on the Dhoni. It is a cruise boat made using coconut palm and timber. During morning hours, you can snorkel or swim. Another major attraction in Maldives is the fresh seafood grill.  There are several islands in Maldives, which you can plan to spend each evening on a different island. Bird watching is also a very popular activity over here.


Strolling down the gorgeous beaches on both the places is the must thing to do. If you just wish to laze around, you can just relax on the beach with your partner. Mauritius have all the public beaches with various facilities like toilets and parking areas. It is one of the most popular commercial beach destinations where the hotels have the best beaches. Small coves and varieties are seen mainly on the northern side. But all the popular stretches are mainly found in the east.

There are various pristine beaches and paradisiacal uninhabited islands in the Maldives. There are also 1200 islands which are absolutely perfect. The Vaadhoo Island is simply perfect for the rare glowing tides. The shores simply look stunning at night with a spectacular view and breath-taking ambiance. Its beauty is simply unmatchable at night.


Money is a very important factor when it comes to planning a trip. It is important to have an idea of your average expense when you visit an exotic place. You can always choose between going extremely luxurious or mid-budget on your average expenditure. You can enjoy various activities too, like catamaran cruises, spa treatments and various other water activities. There are some of the best value deals that you can have in Mauritius within your budget, whether more or less.

But Maldives, on the contrary, is very expensive. The resorts are generally of a very high standard. If you have a modest budget, you should definitely include some of the basic expenses like food, drinks, flights, transfers, and various other things. This way, it will be very economical for you to enjoy the destination as well as stay within the budget.

Food Fiesta:

Food is also a very important element in your travel diaries. Trying out the various authentic flavors in each of the regions is a great thing to do when it comes to visiting various destinations. In Mauritius, there are a variety of food items which you can try. They are basically inherited from various places, like, China, Africa, France, and India. There are various gourmet restaurants, as well as various local eateries too. Liquors and cane rums are also very popular in Mauritius. You can also find various options in street food too. Chinese fried noodles and hot curries are also equally popular.

But on the other hand, if you visit Maldives, the food options are comparatively pretty less. So if you both are die-hard food lovers, it might be slightly disappointing for you. Spicy curries, fruits, and fishes can be found in ample varieties. The best kind of local cuisine can be found on the island of Male. Various kind of traditional snacks is also found over here. It is popularly known as Hedhikaa. It is mostly served in international resorts. When it comes to consuming alcohol, you cannot have it outside your own resort.

Cities and Culture:

There are various places in both these lands that are totally worth visiting. Mauritius has various cultures and civilizations. You can even explore various designer boutiques, Mauritian products, luxury goods and Trou aux cerfs, which is the most popular volcanic crater. There are some of the most popular cities in Mauritius, which should not be missed like, Curepipe, Blue-Bay, Rose Hill, Grand Bill, Beau Bassin, and Port Louis. All the places have their own different and significant cultures, which is totally worth visiting.

Whereas, in Maldives, there are two main important places to visit- Seenu and Male, which you can just roam around and complete in an hour. All the major places of visit are located on the North Shore. Primarily, there is mostly Muslim, Dutch and British culture, which creates an ultimate and perfect niche for the Maldivian culture.

Right Time to Visit:

April to June and then again September to December should be the perfect time to visit Mauritius. If you love diving, you should not plan during January and February, as cyclones are very prone to take place during these months. November to April should be the best month for visiting Maldives, especially April, as the weather remains perfect for diving.

If you are still wondering which place-Maldives or Mauritius for your honeymoon, you have to know that both the places have peaceful and romantic atmosphere. The decision is completely yours and as per your requirements. Check Maldives and Mauritius weather, topography and other cost associated factors to find which is best for your honeymoon trip. When you analyse on various angles, you can find a suitable destination. If you are able to find any other dissimilarities between Mauritius and Maldives, do let us know in form of comments. What’s more? Plan a lavish honeymoon trip to Maldives or Mauritius and enjoy the best vacation.

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