Today is a day of very mixed emotions for a physics enthusiast. Today, we celebrate the birthday of one of the all-time great physicists, Dr. Albert Einstein. For many of the common people, the idea of a genius is no one more than Dr. Einstein. However, if we were to think of a geek or an extraordinary talent of Thinking beyond what we can see, in today’s world, there is no one who can replace the image of Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Today is the day when Albert Einstein was born, and today is also the day when Dr. Stephen Hawking left us to become an element in singularity with space-time.

It is not hard for us to imagine all the things that he has said, thanks to the directing genius of Christopher Nolan who has given us the movie Interstellar. However, to conceptualize these things, it takes an extraordinary level of imagination, coupled with a penchant for numbers and creativity to put them both together.

Stephen Hawking is a living and breathing example of how any inability should not affect your passion to do what you love. Stephen Hawking was born in the town of Oxford which was more famous for its University then the town itself. Both the parents of Stephen Hawking where graduates from the University of Oxford, and their son couldn’t help inheriting the genius.

It is just that Stephen Hawking didn’t take the route of art but took a route of science. He went on to study at the University of Oxford but ended up working at the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge is considered to be the Mecca of Physics. It was in this university that Sir Isaac Newton got this subject. Like many other physicists who have been successful in proposing groundbreaking theories, he was also not very strong on academic grounds. Even in spite of him being academically average, his friends used to call him as ‘Einstein’. This is what happens when you start showing signs of a genius at a very young age! Such was the research prowess of this person that he found the intelligence of his Ph.D. guide inadequate for him to work on the mathematics of cosmology and relativity.

The name Stephen Hawking stands for hope, courage, and determination as much as it stands for Intelligence and genius. When he was doing his doctoral research, he was diagnosed with ALS. We all know about this disease today only because of the ice bucket challenge. The doctors had concluded in 1965 that she had only 2 years to live. However, Hawking braved all the factors that pulled him down and went on to leave until today!

The contributions of Stephen Hawking to the world of cosmology and modern physics is so groundbreaking that even the students who graduated in physics in the early 2000s did not have a chance to read about his research and the discoveries that he had made. To give you an idea of what all Dr. Stephen Hawking can do for his passion, with all that disability of being confined to a motorized wheelchair, he took a reduced Gravity aircraft flight in 2007 to feel what Zero Gravity feels like. He took the ice bucket challenge in 2014, and she also narrated the enlightenment segment of the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony.

It has to be agreed that all of us cannot become genius in physics like Dr. Stephen Hawking was. It requires a very deep understanding of the subject, standing on the shoulders of Giants, and knowing every bit of progress that has happened in the field before we start researching on it. However, it is always possible for us to be completely passionate and determined to accomplish what we want in life, irrespective of anything that would stop us from doing so!

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