Malaysia besides being an exotic location for the travellers across the globe for various reasons but at the same time there are amazing rather fascinating facts about this country.

1) Malaysia holds the uniqueness of being first  location in the far east where the remains of early man was found and also it is more of interest  as the remains found of male skeleton are more slender and lesser modern as compared to its existing counterparts in other parts of the world of that period. Malaysia is home to Niah Cave which is massive and has five openings .The main cave is referred to as the painted cave due to red hematite and paintings on the ceiling. The other places of interest also includes the graveyard of early people referred to as “Boats of the Dead”nihu caves malaysia


2) Another fascinating fact about Malaysia is that some of the oldest rainforests of the world are located here. Taman Negara rainforest for instance is 130 million years in vintage meaning that it has been there since the cretaceous period.taman negara national park malaysia


3) Malaysia bears the uniqueness of being the only country comprising of territory both in the islands that stretch in between Asian Continent and Oceania and also territory in the main land of South East Asia.malaysian territory


4) The Kedah sultanate in the Malay Peninsula is one of the oldest in the world which was established in around 1136 A.D.kedahah sultanate malay peninsula


5) Wang Kelian is located on the border of Perlis and is famous for the being the only location in the world where large scale tin ore mining was done.Wang Kelian tin ore mining


6) Malaysia is also known for the venomous and notorious King Cobra snake as the majority population of this specie is found in Malaysia. King Cobras are the longest snake falling in the venomous category of snakes. The length of the King Cobra may go up to 18.8 feet or 5.7m.malaysian king cobra


7) Malaysia also is home to the biggest roundabout in the world and is located in Putrajaya. It is approximately 1.1 miles in radius which is approximately 1.75km.putrajaya roundabout


8) Malaysia also when it comes to flora and fauna hosts the largest undivided leaf in the world known as Alocasia macrorhhiza and it will be a pleasure for the travellers who are into the field of botany. Malaysia is officially reported to have around 1000 species commonly used worldwide in the procurement of ailments like malaria, headache etc. Malaysia is a haven for the travellers who are interested and in search of natural habitat and also who have curiosity in the remarkable creations of nature. Bintangor tree which is only found in Sarawak is believed to comprise the properties which may help the human civilisation to tackle the disease HIV. Besides the flora and fauna Malaysia is believed to be home to around 200 species of mammals,600 species of birds, snakes 140 species and lizards contributing to 60 species. Malaysia is also home to the corpse flower also known as titan arum and the uniqueness of this flower is its size and is the largest flower in the world. The tallest tropical tree is also found in Malaysia and is known as Tualang which reaches to a height of around 262 feet and has a base radius of around 5 feet.malaysian flora and fauna


9) Kuala Kangsar is located in Malaysia and its district office boasts and is home to the last left rubber tree which has survived from the batch which was brought from London’s kew Gardens by Mr.H.N. Ridley.first and last rubber tree malaysia


10) Malaysia also boasts and holds the distinction of having the largest cave chamber in the world in terms of area. This is called as the Sarawak Chamber in Gunung Mulu National Park. It is also believed that the corridor of deer cave can accommodate five rows of 747 Boeing jetliners which are placed in straight direction that is nose to tail.sarawak chambers malaysia


11) The Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur Malayia were the world’s tallest buildings at one point of time that is between year 1998-2004.They are still considered as the tallest twin buildings of the world. These towers provide an opportunity to the travellers to view the city from the top as it provides a perfect aerial view of the city. The towers consist of 88 floors. So don’t forget to click memories in the form of pictures when you visit here.petronas towers


12) Malaysia also gives a lifetime opportunity to visit Batu Caves which are located in Selangor Malaysia. These caves also share their name with a village nearby .Outside India Batu caves is one of the most famous and popular Hindu Shrines and it is dedicated to Lord Murugan.batu caves


13) Penang in Malaysia also has the distinction of being the third longest bridge in Asia and the length of this bridge is approximately around 13.5Km. The bridge boasts of having six lanes.penang bridge malaysia


14) Mount Kinabalu is located in Sabah Malaysia. Mount Kinablau when it comes to the topographic prominence is the 20th most prominent mountain in the world. Sabah parks issue climbing permits to the tourists who stay in the mountain huts.  Due to the scarcity of beds in mountain huts only lucky 130 tourists are allowed to climb Kinabalu mountain each day. The climbers have to ensure that they have accredited guides along with them when they scale the mountain as per the requirement laid down by the national park. Tourists can avail accommodation inside the park and also outside the park near the headquarters. The Sabah parks have outsourced the mountain activities to an organisation named as Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. The mountain can be scaled in a single day if the tourists choose or they may halt for a night stay at Laban Rata resthouse and finish the trip the second day.mount kinabalu


15) Legoland Malaysia is also a must visit when travelling to Malaysia as Legoland is the first international theme park of Malaysia located in Johar. It is a perfect place for the adults and the kids to enjoy the various adrenaline boiling rides full of fun and frolic.legoland malaysia

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