15 Haunted Places In India

The stories of the ghosts and monsters have always been a thing of fascination for people all around. India is a beautiful and a surprisingly mysterious country, which contains so many secrets and stories attached to it. These intriguing stories relate to the kings, the queens, palaces and much more. Due to this, several forts, palaces, and beaches in India has related to history or has an element of mystery connected with it. This has made things interesting and mysterious.

We may have heard so many ghost stories during our childhood and even now. During childhood, we may have believed most of them. But now, we may not. But a few places have their strong evidence that such paranormal activities exist there.

So, are you really interested in knowing about these unknown? Or do you wish to understand the mystery behind these haunted places?

If you are someone for whom the word ‘supernatural’ gives an adrenaline rush, then the below-mentioned haunted places are surely going to give you a kickass moment. If you are so much interested in pushing out of the world of monotony and wish to explore the unexplored places in India, then this list will give you that pumping feel and keeps you on the top.

As you know, many places in India are so mysterious that it is very difficult for the travelers to flush out fact from fiction.  If you have the guts to read and you can take the risk, read on about the 15 most haunted places in India. This list is not considered as the complete one, but almost all the important ones have been included in it. Read on and get some paranormal and mysterious fun!

1. Kuldhara, Rajasthan :

Kuldhara is known as the deserted ghost village. This village has been abandoned since the 1800s. The myth says that this village carries a curse of the villager who disappeared from this place overnight. As per the stories, in 1852 all the people in Kuldhara and nearby 83 villages vanished in dark one fine day. This happened suddenly without any indication.


In a shocking example, a minister of State Salim Singh wished to marry the daughter of the chieftain here. He also threatened the villagers and said that if they didn’t marry her to him, he would impose more taxes on them. But the whole villagers decided to abandon and migrate from the place by just vanishing without even leaving a trace.

2. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan: 

This is considered as one of the spookiest places that India could ever imagine. This place is situated in a popular forest, but several visitors are flocking the area, that too for the wrong reasons. You are not allowed to visit this place once the sun sets. Even though this place has been regarded as the most haunted places, it is also a famous tourist destination. The mystery was also featured in a TV show and people have gone gaga over the incident.


The story about the place goes like this: A magician fell in love with a local princess. But the marriage was impossible. Since the guy knew black magic, he cast his spell on her, to make her surrender. But the princess knew the plans and planned to kill him. But before he was killed the magician cast the dark spell and this caused the collapse of the palace.

3. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune : 

The Shaniwarwada Fort is known for its architectural brilliance. But at the same time, several spooky occurrences have happened here as well. The level of such supernatural activity is at its peak during full moon nights. The mystery and folklore say that a young prince was murdered here and her spirit is wandering around this place.


According to the locals, once the night falls, the sound of his shrieking can be heard. A few locals stay at the night just to hear the scream of the little boy. But it is suggested that one should visit the place only during morning hours. There is no one in the fort at night except a caretaker who says a lot about its spookiness.

4. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad : 

 This place is not just famous for film shootings and movie related activities, but also a lot of supernatural activities. The hotels around this area have had several such spooky incidents occurring inside.


Several witnesses reported that light keeps falling off on the top, the light men sitting on top gets pushed down and gets injuries, left-over food gets scattered in the room and spooky marks being left on the mirror. As per reports, females are more targeted. A few girls had experiences of some unknown forced tearing their clothes off and a few got locked inside the washroom and room gets locked from outside. Authorities have taken several preventive measures, but all went in vain.

5. Duma beach, Gujarat : 

Duma beach situated along the Arabian Sea is known for its mystical activities and supernatural activities. Several puzzling and unexplainable incidents have occurred here since time immemorial. Strange whispers were heard around at the beach side and there were occurrences of people disappearing in the night.


As per some reports, several people lost their lives after exploring this area and its mystical beauty. This place was earlier a Hindu burial ground and hence a resting place of tortured souls. There are also reports of people disappearing in the middle of the night and never found again. When you visit this place, several locals may come across and tell you about this and ask you not to cross a certain line while on the beach. If you are brave enough you can take a midnight stroll along the beach.

6. Jatinga, Assam :

Jatinga is popular worldwide for its unexplained phenomenon of bird suicides. Several migratory birds come here and never leave the village and they die here itself without any reason. The irony is that these birds die at the timings between 6 PM and 9.30 PM on the moonless nights of September and October.


It is also reported that the mass suicides happen only on a specific 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land and this has been happening every year for more than 100 years. Scientists have tried to unlock the mystery several times. The most popular theory is that the birds are attracted to here due to village lights. But this later confused them. A concrete theory for this mass suicide is yet to be found,

7. Vrindavan Society, Thane :

This is one of the most famous housing societies in Maharashtra. It is also infamous for some paranormal activities. a few of the residents and night watchers have experienced a few incidents that are considered as strange and bewildering. But the place, in its appearance, doesn’t look like a haunted place.


There is a story doing rounds that a man committed suicide here and his spirit is haunting the society. There are some incidents that happened to the security guard getting slapped on the face and he fell from the chair. When people searched all over they couldn’t find anything.

8. GP Block, Meerut :

gb-block This place is very notorious for its paranormal activities around. This place is a very popular area but several strange and bewildering things are happening most of the times. People who pass this area have reportedly seen a set of men sitting together and drinking alcohol. It was not so spooky in the beginning but when it was explained as a ghost activity people became more interested. There are also claims of people seeing a lady coming out of this place in a red dress.

9. D’Souza Chawl, Mahim, Mumbai : 


If you are ever going to Mumbai and is interested in some spookiness, try to visit D’souza Chawl in Mahim. It is said that a woman fell into the well here and died, crying for help. And after this paranormal activity reported many have seen a woman walking around the well and nearby area in mysterious conditions. If you are very much interested in such paranormal activities then only visit this place.

10. Sanjay Van, New Delhi : 


Sanjay Van in New Delhi is another place connected to paranormal activities. It is spread over 10 kilometers and there are reports that people have seen a lady in white dress here suddenly appearing and disappearing around the burial ground here. This lady suddenly comes from nowhere and screams as well. People have tried to understand the truth but to no avail. This region is considered as the most mysterious places in Delhi. If you want some paranormal fun, never miss this place.

11. Dow Hill, Darjeeling : 


Dow Hill may not find its place in the best tourist destination. But it is reported to be a haunted place. The Dow Hill Boarding school for Girls is known for its spooky activities connected with paranormal activities. Students have reported of sighting ghosts around the area. There is a forest that surrounds this area and it is haunted. A few forest men have reportedly seen a headless boy who appears from the forest and then disappears into it.

12.Agrasen Ki Baoli, New Delhi : 


This is another place in Delhi which has some sightings of paranormal activities. It is believed that people are thrown into the well filled with black water. Tourists can visit this place only in daylight as there are many reports of ghost sightings and paranormal activities here. There are also many incidents of people walking in and around the place with some mysterious sounds around.

13. Writers’ Building, Kolkata :


When it comes to the Eastern part, Kolkata’s Writer’s Building is a haunted place. according to myths, Captain Simpson was murdered here when he was working in East Indian Company. As per reports, his ghost is still lurking around and this made the place a spooky one. Even though this place is mysterious, a few have tried to unlock it, but nobody could find anything. If you are interested in some ghost sighting, then only visit this region especially in the night.

14. Slavoy Hotel, Mussoorie : 


Mussoorie is generally famous for its beautiful hill station and landscape. But it is also famous for the supernatural activities occurring here. Slavoy Hotel is one such example. There are reports that in this hotel, the presence of a lady ghost was felt. Guests and hotel attendants have also heard strange noises and sound of a lady and seen a woman in white dress. It is said that a lady was murdered long back under mysterious circumstances here.

15. Fernhill Hotel, Ooty : 


Fernhill Hotel in Ooty is very famous for its beautiful architecture and a famous location for movie shootings. But the place is now shut down due to several incidents of haunted events. The place gained the name of spooky place after the shooting of the movie Raaz. During the shooting, once the dance troupe checked in late and heard some sound from above. They were rearranging the furniture in the room above. Then the dancers went and tried calling the reception but the phone was dead. Most of them couldn’t sleep and then they personally went and complained to the receptionist and said they heard some sound from above. Then the receptionist said that there is no floor above.

       There are several such spooky and mysterious places in India and around. You should visit if and only if you want to explore such part. But in some of the places listed above, we have seen a few mysterious deaths also happening while in search of unlocking the mystery.

      But in some places, the concerned department themselves have given strict warning to not visit the place beyond the normal hours. For instance, if you are visiting a particularly spooky place and if you don’t believe there is ghost make sure you make extra precautions and travel. After all, it all depends on how you look at it.

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