Your trip to Singapore is incomplete if you miss out to taste some of the best local delights and foods that this place has to offer. It is not wrong to say that Singaporean food is a unique blend of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Indonesian cuisines. Singapore is also one of the best places to feed your appetite with its mouth-watering food and exotic local cooking.

While wandering in Singapore, you will come across plenty of amazing restaurants and street food stalls to satisfy your craving with their special cuisine and lip smacking Singaporean food.

Below we are listing the 11 Must Try Foods in Singapore to meet your hunger pangs :

  1. Bah Kut Teh

Bah Kut Teh

Also known as Meat bone tea, it is believed that Bah KutTeh is originally developed by Hokkien immigrants from China. This dish is also quite popular among people in Malaysia and Singapore. Though there is no tea used in the dish, but it received its name due to the fact that a strong tea is consumed with the pork soup to remove the grease.

This dish is mostly served with a bowl of rice, and Chinese side dishes like mustard greens or braised tofu. So next time whenever you eat a Bah KutTeh, don’t forget to pour a hot Chinese Tea over it to enjoy its amazing flavors.

  1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

It is another popular dish that you should definitely try in Singapore. The exotic and rich flavor of rice comes from the grains that are pre-fried in chicken fat and then cooked in chicken broth.

The process of steaming the chicken goes on until it gets cooked with the a little pink remaining on the flesh near the bones. The dish is mainly served with chili sauce, which is prepared using chillies, garlic, ginger and chicken broth.

  1. Mud Crab

Mud Crab

The dish gets served in two different flavors that include Chili and pepper. The chili version of mud crab is quite old and has been prepared since 1956 using a single sea food. Whereas the pepper version came into existence in 1959.

This might surprise you, but both the versions of the dish are worldwide popular for its mouthwatering flavors. The whole essence of the dish enhances even more when it gets served with lush jackfruit sauce.

  1. Satay Satay

Satay Satay

Photograph by San MG

It is a small bite-sized pieces of mutton, beef and chicken with a sweet piquant preserve. These sweet and tangy pieces of meat are usually served skewered on giant toothpicks and fanned over a large flame.

The Satay Satay is mostly served with the side dishes like rice dumplings, cucumber slices, onions and peanut sauce.

  1. Durian


This is one of the dishes that needs no preparation and is perfect to eat just like that. The fruit basically grows in spiky and circular shape and has a very pungent and sweet jungle honey like aroma. The fruits taste sweet, tangy, creamy as well as buttery.The large number of Durian typically grows in Malaysia and are grown by Singaporean in Malaysia who brings the best quality fruit to the Singapore as well.

The large number of Durian typically grows in Malaysia and are grown by Singaporean in Malaysia who brings the best quality fruit to the Singapore as well.

  1. Sambal Stingray

Sambal Stingray

The dish is also known as barbequed fish or Ikan Bakar in Malay. Initially Stringay was considered as the dull, cheap and poor tasting fish, but later got famous as someone in Malay community spiced it with Sambal sauce. This amazing combination comes out so well that it made people go crazy over the dish.’

To retain its natural flavor, the fish is grilled using banana leaf. After the fish gets cooked, a sauce consisting of chili peppers, shrimp paste, shallots and spices also known as Sambal poured on the top of the fish.

  1. Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab

Chili Crab unofficially known as the “national dish” of Singapore is one of the favorite seafoods among people here. The ingredients used to prepare the sauce include green chilies, tomatoes, fresh eggs and many others.

The dish can be eaten on its own or by soaking a breadfor a spicy evening.

  1. Ice Kacang

Ice Kacang

As we all know all countries have their own unique desserts. Similarly, Singapore have their unique version of crushed and shaved ice dessert, which is also known as Ice Kacang in Singapore. Ice Kacang is prepared using jellies, red beans, fruits, and shaved ice, which later served by covering a variety of syrups, condensed milk as well as sweet cream corn.

The best thing about Ice Kacang is that it comes in different variety that you might have to visit the city again and again to try all the flavors and exotic tastes of Ice Kacang. While walking down the streets of Singapore, you’ll come across many Ice Kacang stalls.

  1. Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang

As Singapore is located at a distance of 100 kilometers from Indonesia and Sumatra, one can notice a great influence of Indonesia in its food flavors and cuisines. One such dish inspired by Indonesian flavors is Nasi Padang. For all those people who love curries and spicy foods will instantly fall in love with the dish like Nasi Padang.

This dish is also one of the most preferred dishes among visitors in Singapore. The dish includes a plate of rice, and served with a dish like rending, curries and vegetables with Sambal chili sauce.

  1. Murtabak


Mainly an Arab food, the dish is highly influenced by Indian flavors and is one such dish that reflects a lot of cultures and fusion of flavors in one dish. The dish is mainly prepared in the form of stuffed roti and is filled with the different types of fillings. From vegetables to chicken, you can pick any filling that best suits your taste.

The thing that makes this dish even more delicious and exotic is that it gets served with an Indian style curry.

  1. Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

The dish is mainly influenced by Malay Cuisine and is a breakfast concoction of Peranakan. It is a form of steamed rice, which is prepared by using coconut milk, salt and Pandan leaves to add a little fragrance to the dish. Along with coconut rice, you get Sambal sauce, fresh fried fish, fried anchovies and egg plus cucumber combo to eat with it.

So next time you visit Singapore, don’t forget to try out these lip smacking and delicious food and delicacies in Singapore which are absolutely worth trying and will go crazy over their taste.

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