10 Thai food recipes that you must try at least once in your lifetime

Thailand is one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world and its cuisine reflects that. Thai food is a delicious amalgamation of spicy flavors, unique tastes and fresh plucked ingredients from all corners in Thailand. You must really try the most traditional and authentic Thai dishes you must try before you die otherwise you will miss something really delightful!!

Well, just talking about it makes my mouth water!! So let’s jump right in and see what food dishes are the most famous across the world and which you just need to try yourself!

Pad Thaipad thai

Welcome to the Thailand’s national dish which is purely authentic and traditional Thai. Fresh ingredients mixed with spices and herbs define this delicious dish which can be customized in many ways. This stir fried noodles can be made with fish sauce, tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts, choice of vegetables or chicken, beef, pork. You can customize the flavours and tastes by adding in other variety of meats, scrambled eggs, beansprouts or lime juice.

Tom Yum GoongTom Yum Goong

This is one of the prized Thai seafood dish which is to die for! You will keep asking for more after having this and it will not be an exaggeration to say that you are likely make this for dinner multiple times! Preparing this dish will take you 15 minutes and is super easy even for the novice cooks. All it needs it shrimp, lemongrass, salt, pepper and some hot and sour sauce to spice it up.

Por Pia TordPor Pia Tord

One of the most delicious appetizers in Thai cuisine, this is a fried spring roll which comes with a side of a sweet and sour dip. The ingredients in the roll range from stir fried fillings of a choice of vegetables, chicken, pork, even duck! You must simply try the Por Pia Tord which comes with the apricot dip!!


This is a gastronome’s delight come true! This heavenly curry dish is made from creamy coconut cream which lends it a thick and rich taste. The main ingredient in this recipe is the meat which is simmered in the coconut cream at a slow sim to bring out the meat flavors and lend it a slightly sweet taste. So this is one dish for the foodies who like their dishes mild and not spicy. You just need a bowl of warm steamed or sticky rice to devour this amazing dish!

Som TamSom Tam

This is one of the most authentic Thai dishes and pretty easy to whip up at home too as the ingredients are simple and can be prepared in a jiffy. This lovely sounding dish is a tossed salad made from shredded papaya, sliced beans and chopped tomato. You can then pound the veggies and the dressing in a mortar and pestle to lend it its spicy flavor which nicely coats the veggies.

Moo Sa-Te Moo Sa-Te

An alluring dish made from pork, this dish has the pork nicely grilled on a slow flame on a wooden stick and coated with a mixture of spicy turmeric and chili. This is a wonderful starter for an authentic Thai recipe which comes with a side of a medium spicy sauce made from grounded peanuts spiced with red chili. Another way to have it is with a side of a sour sauce made from pepper and finely chopped cucumbers.

Tom Yam KaiTom Yum Goong

This is one classic Thai recipes which is heavenly and will leave you asking for more portions again and again!! Foodies of all ages are likely to be lovers of this delicious soup made from chicken simmered on a slow flame with many herbs and spices like lemongrass, chili and fish sauce. Mm mm…you just need some authentic ingredients to try this out yourself at home! This yummy flavorful dish is not to be missed by any means!

Massaman CurryMassaman Curry

Whew!! This one is strictly for the spicy food lovers! Though you can make it less spicy by asking for less spices. This is fusion food curry made from dried peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin slow simmered on a light flame with a choice of meats like chicken, lamb or fish.

Geng Khew Wan GaiGeng Kheaw Wan Gai

This is the king of curries in taste and in spiciness! This green curry is made from ground green chilies, Thai eggplant and many herbs which make this curry flaming hot. The curry can be made with chicken, beef or a choice of vegetables. If you like it mild, use less of the green chilies.

Kai Jiew Moo SaapKai Jiew Moo Saap

This is often called the Thai comfort food as this is very easy to whip up and can satisfy all your cravings owing to its medley of flavors and tastes. All you need is eggs whipped up nicely with soy sauce and fish sauce with salt and pepper added. Once the eggs are nicely beaten, you can add finely chopped or minced pork in it and beat it once more. You can now fry this omelette sprinkling it liberally with oil. You can leave out the pork if you want. Once it is nice and crispy, enjoy it with steamed rice to have a yummy and satiating dinner.

Thai cuisine is a gastronomic delight and is just waiting to be explored. It has a great fusion of fresh ingredients mixed with the choicest of meats or vegetables which can be whipped up into a fantastic lunch or dinner. It is a great way to liven up a meal and make it at home as it doesn’t require too much effort. Just buy the ingredients off the supermarket shelves and you are ready to become a chef!

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