The beautiful Kashmir valley is surrounded by sprawling meadows, rarest varieties of flowers, blue skies and snow capped mountains. It is the place of heavenly beauty that would easily mesmerize worldly travelers. There is an abundance of strawberries, cherries, apples and almonds in this region. Due to its immense beauty and splendid valleys, the great Mughals mention Kashmir as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. It is the best destination for holiday travel, family travel or even for honeymoon travel. It’s cool environment offers a distinctive charm and peace to the travelers.

The four seasons in Kashmir – spring, summer, autumn and winter is surprisingly wonderful and has its peculiar characteristics.

During the winter season, the mountains are filled with carpets of snow that paves way for adventurous activities. You can enjoy sled riding, tobogganing, and skiing along the mild slopes. In summer and spring, the valleys documents various delights like rippling lakes, honey-dewed orchards, and waterfront gardens that would excite every traveler.

Some of the most favorable activities include water skiing in beautiful lakes, fishing or angling, rafting and golfing above the sea level. There are gorgeous houseboats and shikaras, which you can leisurely spend in the alleys of lakes for a night or two.

The pretty traditional Kashmir villages are filled with colorful rooftops and wooden houses. If planning a trip to Kashmir, hire a car or consult with Visiit tour operators for comfortable travel and stay options. We will design your travel according to your budget.

Kashmir is also called as Switzerland of India because of its equivalent beauty and richness. Here listing some of the places you should visit in Kashmir.

Sinthan Top:

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir. It is famous because of the construction of Kokernag, Sinthan top, Kishtwar road connects Kashmir with Jammu. It takes about two hours to drive from Srinagar to Sinthan Top.

Sonamarg, Kashmir
Sonamarg, Kashmir

If possible, tourists can take a break in Daksum which is present in the way. There are excellent outdoor activities like sightseeing and trekking to get engaged in this area.


Popularly termed as ‘Valley of Shepherds’ is just three hours from Srinagar. It is very close to pilgrims’ departure point where they leave for Amarnath Yatra. The entire valley is beautiful with flowing river and snow capped hills. Most visitors who are visiting here get mesmerized with its picturesque scenic beauty.

Pahalgam, Kashmir
Rafting in Pahalgam, Kashmir

If you are visiting the place with your vehicle, then ensure to park it to a certain point before as you have to use a prepaid vehicle to travel further to reach the valley. For those who are brisk and active can reach the valley by walk. Guess! You will enjoy every second you explore this valley. Some of the popular activities in Pahalgam valley are trout fishing, golfing and river rafting. This is the place for adventurous tourism.


The scenic Sonamarg is located on the highways of Srinagar and Ladakh. It takes about two and a half hours from Srinagar. Soanmarg also called as ‘Meadow of Gold’ is popular for Thajiwas Glacier.

Sonamarg, Kashmir
Sonamarg, Kashmir

If you have lots of time, you can take a hike or at least go for a pony ride to enjoy its exquisite beauty. There are several options for staying and eating at Sonamarg.

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This region is popularly termed as ‘Meadow of Flowers.’ The world’s second highest cable car is the major highlight of this region. The prime location celebrated beauty, and exotic weather condition makes Gulmarg as the top hill stations in India. It not only consists of mountain resorts but also has the highest golf course of 2650 meters altitude in the world.

Heliskiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir
Heliskiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir

Gulmarg is India’s most preferred and renowned ski resort, especially in the winter. Activities you can do in Gulmarg are hiking, horse riding, cable car riding, heli-skiing, and golf playing. For more information, talk to Visiit Travel advisors.

Holy Muslim Shrine:

Pilgrimage travelers visiting India make it a point to visit Yousmarg and Charar-i-Sharief, Sufi Muslim shrine located in the southwest of Srinagar. By just taking 30 minutes’ walk from the Yousmarg along the picturesque hill, you can reach the Doodh Ganga River.

Holy Muslim Shrine, Kashmir.
Holy Muslim Shrine, Kashmir.

If you are interested in taking a pony ride, you need to hire a pony and enjoy an adventurous ride. Along the roadside, you will find numerous apple trees that are delicious in taste.

Shopping in Kashmir:

Kashmir is famous for handicrafts and you will see them in great collections all around the streets of Srinagar. Moreover, they are highly affordable and you can pick things for your budget. Some of the handicrafts are worth for its modest budget and quality.

The Kashmir shawls are admirable and they are available in wide ranges. The dealers have fixed the price according to the labor, skills, and materials they have used to produce it. You will get a brief idea once you look at their showroom.

Handicrafts, Kashmir
Handicrafts, Kashmir

Kashmiri handicrafts are popular all throughout India mainly because of its unique craftsmanship. Travelers who are visiting Kashmir should never miss purchasing Kashmir carpets made up of silk and wool that has exclusive Persian designs. It will remain as a lifetime investment and unforgettable thing for your residence. Other than these, other unique collections include mirror frames, stone jewelry boxes, accessories, furnishing material with crewel embroidery, beautiful woolen shawls and more. Make a visit to Kashmir and enjoy the best shopping in your lifetime.

Food in Kashmir:

The Kashmiri foods are heavenly in taste and they are highly rich in flavor and traditions. Most of their foods are influenced by their customs and weather conditions. From street foods to homemade foods, each has its mouth watering taste and flavor in abundance.

 Kashmiri foods
Kashmiri foods

Foreign travelers can have a splendid experience while dining at any of the Kashmir restaurants. Cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, cinnamon and other spices are highly used to bring the flavor and taste in foods. There are several non-vegetarian, multi-cuisine and vegetarian restaurants and hotels situated all around the place.

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