There is one place on this planet where everyone always party and every night is a night full of wild, amazing fun. This place is none other than Thailand. With an economy and exchange rate that make that affordable for tourists from a lot of countries, you can always count on Thailand to be an amazing vacation option, especially during the New Year.

       A vacation in Thailand during the new year and New Years Eve is much more than just parties, beaches and the likes. read on to know more about how old can you spend your vacation in Thailand, during the New Years Eve.

1) Asiatique:


    Why should new year celebration be confine to parties and clubs? There are many different ways in which you can celebrate the new year, one of them be there at this amazing shopping place –  a very offbeat way in which you can make your New Year’s eve in Thailand more memorable than ever.

    Welcome to the awesomeness of Asiatique. This amazing combination of a night Bazaar and a mall will make it a great place for shopping, food, experience and everything else that Thailand Trip has got to offer. We can, with utmost Assurance say that this place has got one for everyone. Did we mention that this place is romantic as well?

2) The Walking Street of Pattaya:

Walking Street

      Isn’t it awesome that a street has been named after an activity that it has been traditionally known for? The walking street Pattaya is very very unique in what it has got to offer for the New Years Eve. this is one of the most happening spots when it comes to the new year celebration in Thailand.

      This is an absolutely great place to have some light alcohol, dance along with the crowd and enjoy for a full 10 minutes.  What’s more? Just take a walk to the beach, and enjoy talking in the wave-sounds of the Gulf of Thailand.

3) The Chao Phraya River:

Chao Phraya

        Just like the London has its themes, and how New York has its Hudson, and like her New Delhi Yamuna, Bangkok has this river as its artery. Almost every rooftop nightclub in Bangkok give a stunning view of this riverscape every night, and on the New York if you can expect his view to be even more standing than ever.

     However, why not think out of the box? What if you can enjoy the New Years Eve at Bangkok on the bank of this river, or maybe in a luxurious river cruise on this river! The Chao Phraya River give some stunning option to spend the New Years Eve. Be it the amazing choices of restaurants that dot its banks or the splurge-worthy buffets that are offered on the Cruises, you can expect your New Years Eve celebration in Bangkok to be memorable for so many reasons that others might not have thought about!

4) Rooftop Bars:

       In a pursuit of filing all the offbeat places, let us not forget what is mainstream –  the rooftop bars. these entities of entertainment our daughter all over Thailand, and Bangkok in particular.  These rooftop bars are always a bus with the DJs pumping some high energy music, the Bartender always shaking some amazing Cocktail or the other and a whole lot of an energetic crowd keeping their feet moving to the thumping beats and trances.


      This is a universally accepted amazing way of ushering in the New Year. While there is no specific place that can be pinpointed for some real wild partying, there are a few specific bars and rooftop places that are known to be a cut above the rest when it comes to the party scene of Bangkok.

5) The Lantern Festival:

      If you are not a person who is into a lot of partying and wild stuff, there is always an alternative for you – The Lantern festival. People from all over the world at this place, light up candles and let these lanterns float into the skies.
Lighting Festival    This is definitely an awesome sight worth treasuring, not just for the day but for the entire year to come!

      Thailand and Bangkok are real great places to spend the new years Eve. With all this party and the lantern and the different restaurant options available, it only gets better year after year! So what are you waiting for? Book your Bangkok tourist package with Visiit, and make 2018 more memorable, right from the very beginning!

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