We all know that summer is around the corner when a lot of students stop playing cricket and start studying for the exams, besides the heat of the Sun. It would also mean that in another few weeks a lot of school children will get to enjoy their summer vacation, and it gives a great excuse for the parents to take a break from their strenuous work schedules.

When we talk about summer vacations, especially in Tamil Nadu, we are generally referring to the summer hotspots like Ooty and Kodaikanal. There is more to summer than these two places that have been made famous by a lot of movies. There are a lot of places that are still untouched by the commercial elements and offer a very peaceful and serene vacation.


Perched somewhere at the end of the Nilgiris, Masinagudi is literally eclipsed by Ooty! People who would like to break away from their strenuous schedules and enjoy a vacation that is in Commune with nature opt for Masinagudi as one of the primary choices. What makes Masinagudi even more awesome is that it is a great place for you to set up a cab on the flat hilltops over a few things that give you a Direct Access to the star-studded Sky, the chiller climate and the Grand display of nature garnished with the symphony of the birds that sing in the morning.


If you have got a vehicle of your own, then Masinagudi should figure out in the list of places that you would like to visit for a summer vacation.


Deep within the Anamalai mountains, this little town of Valparai provides a perfect escapade for someone who is on the Lookout for a perfect summer vacation in Tamil Nadu. With lush greenery, Pristine waterfalls, winding roads, vast expanses of tea Gardens, and only a few options for a stay, including the government Cottage, Valparai presents itself as one of the most ideal locations for someone who does not want to stay away only from the heat, but also from the crowd.


Valparai is quite accessible from Pollachi, which again is quite accessible from Coimbatore, by air and rail as well.


Just a little off the fabled town of Theni, which is quite famous for its grape plantations and lush Green Fields, lies this quaint town of Megamalai. This place, although has not many sightseeing options to offer comma is a great place for a group of friends who would love to chill out for the summer or a couple who are on the Lookout for a romantic vacation where they get to spend time with themselves than in visiting locations.


Megamalai has only one Government guest house and is quite accessible by bus and train from Theni and by air from Madurai.

A quiet walk in the crude footpaths between the tea plantation in the Twilight is definitely and experience worth treasuring.

Let us not keep ourselves confined to the classics, for travel is not about exploring the famous places, but is more about making the places famous, because our explorations matter as well.

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