Vizag is a significant port city in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the most preferred tourist destination in South India. The city satisfies every offbeat traveler with its golden beaches, water sports activities, epic underground caves, early Buddhist archaeological sites and much more. There are several interesting places in and around the city and each of them is worth to include in your Vizag tour itinerary. If you wanted to experience a unique picnic trip with your family or friends or alone, you need to visit these best picnic spots in Vizag.

27 Fabulous picnic spots in Vizag

1. VUDA Park:

VUDA park In Vizag

Vishakhapatnam Urban Development Authority takes care of this urban park. It is the best part of Vizag ideal for relaxing and lavish picnic. The park has a skating rink and remains as a major attraction for kids visiting the park. It is located near the RK beach. Ensure to stroll on this park during the evenings so that you can munch delicious snacks and enjoy the relaxing ambiance spread here.

2. Rishikonda Beach:  

Rishikonda Beach In VizagScenic mango and palm trees, sufficient water sports activities and clear blue waters define the beauty of Rishikonda Beach. It is an excellent picnic spot in Vizag where you can plan for a day trips. The beach has several restaurants and eateries which serves yummy Andhra cuisine. The best part is it is a less crowded beach. It is a perfect spot to spend some happy moments with your friends, family, and kids. Some beach activities you can try on this beach are beach volleyball, jet skiing, and surfing. It is located on Bheemili Road.

3. Gangavaram Beach:

Gangavaram Beach Vizag

Gangavaram is one of the fabulous beaches in Vishakapatnam. It is the perfect spot for one day picnic. Several South Indian movies have been shot in this beach. It has a beautiful coastline setting and looks attractive. If you wish to spend time in spirituality, you can visit the Krishna Temple that is located close to the beach.  The beach has beautiful rock formations that are seen in the central part remains worth to click. The beach houses a few fishing villages, which can be easily visited by just walking. The Gangavaram Beach is located near the Vizag Steel Plant.

4. Ross Hill:

Ross Hill In Vizag

Ross Hill lets you enjoy a different picnic as you can visit major religious places. It is a famous place in Vizag for the pleasant co-existence of a temple, mosque, and church in the same place. At the foothills of Ross, ensure to visit the temple and the mosque. As you climb to the top, you can see a lovely church on Ross Hill. It is definitely must visit place in Vizag. It is located in the Port Area.

5. Tenneti Park:

Tenneti Park In Vizag

Tenneti Park provides the beautiful scenic views of the entire coastline. It is one of the oldest parks in Vizag. The park also has a play area, which remains suitable for children. As it located on the route of Kailasagiri, many people ensure to take a break at this park. VUDA has taken maintenance steps by installing LED screens in Tenneti Park. It has encouraged more and more people to visit this park. It is a perfect picnic spot in Vizag for half day trips. It is located on the Beach Road.

6. Kailasagiri Park:

Kailasagiri Park In Vizag

It is the most popular hilltop park in Vizag. It is best to visit with friends and family. Kailasagiri Park also has a cable car ride which you can travel on top of the hills and explore the lovely ambiance of the place. It is a well landscaped and maintained the park. It has two huge idols of Parvati and Shiva. Ensure to view lovely scenes of the forests and city beaches from this park. The Kailasagiri Park houses a large play area, a toy train ride, a floral clock and also several eateries. It is situated on the Hill Top Road.

7. Mudasarlova Reservoir:

Mudasarlova Reservoir In Vizag

Mudasarlova is the oldest park in state-Andhra Pradesh. It serves as a lovely picnic spot for both tourists and locals. It is home to a large range of aquatic life. Peaceful waters, gardens, fountains, vibrant flora and lush trees are the highlights of this 20-acre sprawling land. It is a lovely place to play, relax and rejuvenate. Another attraction of this park is the golf course is the 18-hole golf course. Mudasarlova Reservoir is located close to the Arilova Health City.

8. Dolphin’s Nose:

Dolphin’s Nose In Vizag

Situated near the Gangavaram Beach, Dolphin’s Nose is an absolute picnic spot in Vizag. It is visited by locals and tourists during the weekends. It is a hilltop which offers a fresh scenic ambiance filled with trees and greenery. It also resides a lighthouse which you can climb to get stunning views of the nearby landscape.

9. RK Beach:

RK Beach In Vizag

If you do not wish to travel long distances and at the same time visit a perfect picnic spot in Vizag, RK Beach is the top option. Situated in the hub of Vizag city, it is a beach favorite among all age groups. The full form of RK Beach is Rama Krishna Beach. It is mostly crowded on all days. It is visited by both the tourists and locals of Vizag. It is an ideal spot to enjoy beach cricket and surfing. If you love photography, ensure to take beautiful snaps of rock formations seen on the shore. RK Beach is also famous for local restaurants as it serves delicious snacks and meals.

10. Kambalakonda Eco Park

Kambalakonda Eco Park In Vizag

Kambalakonda Eco Park is an eco-tourism park and wildlife sanctuary surrounded by wildlife and wet evergreen forest. Birdwatching, boating and forest trekking are some of the popular activities in this park. When you are visiting this park, you can easily spot leopards, peacocks, deer and also a lot of rare species of birds. It is also the perfect place for enjoying adventurous activities such as paintballing, archery, camping and zip line. All these activities are offered by the private operators within the park.

11. Bheemili Beach

Bheemili Beach In Vizag

Bheemili Beach is a small beach near the River Gosthani. It is a favorite weekend picnic spot for locals. The beach looks secluded and clean and houses various statues of several religious figures such as the meditating Buddhist monks and the Pandavas. Ensure to witness 17th-century Dutch graveyard that houses exclusive pyramid-shaped tombs. If you feel like eating delicious food, you need to visit the small fishing village that is located nearby Bheemili Beach.

12. Bavikonda and Thotlakonda:

Bavikonda and Thotlakonda In Vizag

Bavikonda and Thotlakonda are an ancient archaeological site which remains best for short vacation. It does not look exactly like a picnic spot but Thotlakonda has a park where you can settle and relax. Both spots have Buddhist relics, stupas, and leftovers of ancient monasteries. It is suitable for history lessons and for photo clicking. It is located on the Beach Road.

13. Lingalakonda and Bojjannakonda:

Lingalakonda and Bojjannakonda In Vizag

If you want to enjoy a memorable picnic in Vizag, you should definitely visit this early Buddhist rock-cut caves. The rock cut statues and stupas are completely filled with positive vibes. Moreover, the natural green atmosphere makes the site more appealing and amazing. It is refreshing to follow an uphill trek to reach this site. By walking around the place, you can experience the meditation centers, ancient Buddhist chaitya, stupas and click some fabulous pictures. There are local eateries situated nearby. If possible, you can also carry sandwiches and snacks. It is located near Sankaram Village.

14. Katiki Waterfalls:

Katiki Waterfalls In Vizag

It is a lovely waterfall most frequented by residents and tourists from Vizag. It is almost at an altitude of 50 feet high. Ensure to take great pictures while you splash around the pool located in the basement of waterfalls. As you trek, you can see locals selling bamboo chicken, drinks and snacks. The bamboo chicken is the must-try dish in this region. It is prepared by cooking the marinated chicken and keeping it within the bamboo trunks. It is also recommended to purchase honey as it is locally obtained and prepared. Katiki Waterfalls is located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Vizag.

15. Ananthagiri:

Ananthagiri in Vizag

It is a charming small town in the state Andhra Pradesh. It is popular for its authentic village ambiance and scenic beauty. If you are traveling in monsoons, it is must to visit the Ananthagiri Waterfalls. Ensure to visit the Musi River to experience fishing and boating. Discover Araku Tribal Museum to have a look at exclusive tribal handicraft things manufactured by the people residing in the Eastern Ghats. Also, witness tribal dance performances when you visit this village.

16. Tyda Nature Camp:

Tyda Nature Camp In Vizag

Tyda is a small village that presents the Jungle Bells Nature Camp. It is the right spot where you can experience real jungle book adventure activities and accommodation. Ensure to indulge in activities like arrow and bow targeting, trekking and rock climbing. Witness the lovely tribal Dhimsa dance. Click photos of unique fauna and flora. It would definitely be an amazing experience to reside in the village huts and that is the main highlight of this nature camp. It is located at a distance of 76 kilometers from the Vizag.

17. Tatipudi Reservoir:

Tatipudi Reservoir In Vizag

Tatipudi reservoir is the popular water reservoir situated on Gosthani River. It is another popular and most preferred picnic spot close to Vizag. It is calm and secluded. It remains suitable for long walks and spending quiet time among nature. If you have time, you can enjoy the boat ride. A Vinayaka temple is located within the same compound. Ensure to carry water and snacks as there are not many eateries in this place. It is located at a distance of 72 kilometers from the Vizag.

18. Duduma Waterfalls:

Duduma Waterfalls In Vizag

Duduma is one among the top waterfalls in the country. It flows from a height of 574 feet. It is a must visit place especially for its pleasant and scenic ambiance. It is also an important site as it is an important hydroelectricity project in the south region. Besides, admiring and enjoying the loveliness of the waterfalls, ensure to visit the home of Odisha’s Bonda tribe which resides in Onukudelli.

Discover their tribal market that is special on Thursday. It is interesting to see the women belonging to the Bonda tribe as they wear exclusive tribal attire and jewelry. It is said that their accessories seem to be highly impressive. It is situated at a distance of 200 kilometers from the Vizag.

19. Kakinada:

Kakinada In Vizag

It is actually a city. Kakinada provides several amazing picnic places, especially for nature lovers. Ensure to visit Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. It has the largest mangrove forest in India. During your visit, you would definitely feel impressed by the backwaters, epic wooden bridge, and lush greenery. Hope Island is the must visit place in Kakinada. It is a thrilling ride to reach this small island that is filled with natural beauty all over the place. It was destroyed by Tsunami and now it is completely recovered. Ensure to carry your snacks and water when visiting Hope Island. The distance between Vizag and Kakinada is 150 kilometers.

20. Araku:

Araku In Vizag

Araku is the most picturesque place in Andhra Pradesh. It is a beautiful hill station in the midst of lush Eastern Ghats. Ensure to visit Chaparai. It is a lovely waterfall that has ceaseless flows of water gushing from the huge plateau just like rock formations. Padmapuram Gardens is another interesting place to visit in Araku Valley. It is popular for its authentic village fashioned hanging huts, orchards, and botanical gardens. It is an amazing experience to travel on toy train to reach the garden. Galikonda ViewPoint provides amazing valley views, which is must to witness. The distance between Vizag and Araku Valley is about 114 kilometers.

21. Matsyagundam:

Matsyagundam IN vizag

It is a famous picnic spot located close to Vizag. Fishpool or Matsyagundam is popular for huge varieties of fish. It is the best place to hang out and click amazing photos of colorful fish. Due to its electrifying streams with raging waters, it attracts numerous varieties of fish. Another attraction in this region is the Sri Matsya Lingeswara Swamy Temple. It is believed that the fish in this region are under God’s protection and the villagers do not eat or hunt the fish in this region. It is located at a distance of 109 kilometers from the Vizag.

22. Lambasingi:

Lambasingi In Vizag

It is a small village that is popularly praised as Andhra Pradesh’s Kashmir. Lambasingi is a beautiful picnic spot to witness and enjoy. It is a memorable experience to walk among the lush forests in the evening and morning. The main highlight is the weather. It remains pleasant all throughout the year. This town is mostly surrounded by mist and fog. There are few waterfalls in this hill station. There are no lodges. However, the villagers of this region provide homestay and serve fresh homemade meals during your visit. It is about 102 kilometers from Vizag.

23. Borra Caves:

Borra Caves In Vizag

Borra Caves is said to be the most dramatic and deepest caves in India. These caves are actually limestone formations projecting out of the earth in form of various structures and shapes called stalagmites and stalactites. If you wish to enjoy the otherworldly experience, you need to travel through the caves. Within the caves, you can find a stalagmite Lingam. It is worshipped by Indians. it is believed that rock bear a resemblance to linga. It is located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Vizag.

24. Shivaji Park:

Shivaji Park In Vizag

It once remained as a municipal wasteland. Shivaji Park occupies a land area of about 3 acres and remains as a lovely green haven with skating rink, food court, an open-air amphitheater, beautifully landscaped gardens, children’s play area, skating rink, fountains, walkways, well-manicured hedges, and lawns. It is a perfect picnic spot to spend with friends and family in Vizag.

25. Erra Matti Dibbalu:

Erra Matti Dibbalu In Vizag

It is located at a distance of 2 kilometers away from the city. Red Mud Hillocks or Erra Matti Dibbalu are naturally developed ravines. They have been developed several years ago due to soil erosion and wind currents. It is located close to Bhemili and was almost 40 Mt high. It is now only 15 Mt high due to human interference and erosion.

26. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park:

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Vizag

Occupying a land area of about 635 acres, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park remains as a residence for about 80 unique species of birds and animals in the midst of rolling backdrops of natural habitat. It has a well-planned layout with a crocodile park and a deer park. It resides more than 80 varieties of animals and birds with various enclosures for birds, small mammals, lesser carnivores, carnivores and primates close to natural habitats. It can be visited between 9.00 AM and 9.00 on all days except Mondays.

27. Berhampur:

Berhampur In Vizag

It is the most beautiful tourist spot to visit near Vizag. It has a large collection of temples and beaches for visitors to witness and enjoy. The Taratarini temple has an impressive ancient architecture. The Maa Bhairavi offers a colorful and impressive experience. Picturesque Aryapalli beach, Pati Sonepur beach, and Dhabaleswar beach are worth to visit in this region. It is located at a distance of 277 kilometers from Vizag.

So, it is clear that there are several picnic spots close to Vizag. Are you thinking which one to visit first on your Vizag trip? Do share your comments and experiences about the places you have visited in the comment section below.

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