Are you planning to visit Kerala this summer? Kerala is one of the most beautiful and rich cultural states in India. This state has amazed guests with its tropical climate, massive coastline, bountiful natural beauty and interesting culture. Kerala is mystical and exotic in every sense of century-old spa and Ayurveda practices to fantastic boat races. Experience and explore Kerala to get mesmerized with its mind-blowing destinations. It is not just a place only to relax or romance, Kerala has several adventurous and interesting places to visit.

Kerala is popular for emerald backwater system that is spread across 1500 kilometers, surrounding 5lakes and 38 rivers. Some of the canals are artificial and most of them are naturally formed. Due to the non-stop traffic of materials and men, artificial canals were created. In olden days before the advent of road and air transport, the major transportation system for cargo is backwaters by ‘kettuvalloms’.

These Kerala ‘kettuvalloms’ are now changed for an overnight stay and comfortable cruise. It invites the visitors to enjoy the charming beauties of the Kerala backwaters. The unique backwater ride makes you feel ‘lost in heaven’. Guess! It would be a remarkable experience, especially for busy city residents. The houseboat will start to travel early in the morning through the alluring backwater system where you would come across the traditional lifestyle of the people settled nearby.

The houseboat services include true authentic Kerala foods and ayurvedic yoga therapy and packages. This would serve to make your experience a more remarkable and indelible one. The passengers would come across several spectacular countryside sights like coconut groves, churches, and paddy fields. Besides, the beautiful water lilies, astonishing Chinese fishing nets, and elegant temples would definitely stay engraved in one’s mind forever.

Houseboats are available in different sizes and models. It is necessary to select according to the number of members to suit your requirement. There is one bedroom to five bedroom houseboats available in Kerala. These houseboats have bedrooms, private balcony, comfortable chairs, and sundeck to relax. The bedrooms are completely furnished with attached bathroom and air-conditioner. The Kerala backwater tour serves great for both leisure and business travelers. The majority of visitors traveling to India always make sure to spend at least two days at the Kerala houseboats.

What’s more? If you are looking to take a break from your hustle-bustle city life, plan a relaxed trip to Kerala. Visiit is ready to assist you with the best affordable travel package.

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