Hello, everyone! Are you getting bored of your monotonous life and want something refreshing to do? Then you must visit some exotic mind refreshing places near the hi-tech city in Hyderabad to get and store oxygen till the next weekend comes.

In this web page, you would learn about a list of wonderful places to visit in Hyderabad with your family and friends. So follow them and make your weekend energetic. Let’s focus on some the noteworthy places to explore near the hi-tech city of Hyderabad.

1. Shilparamam Cultural Society

Located on the Hi-tech city main road, Madhapur 2 km from Hi-tech city station, Shilaparamam Cultural Society is a popular landmark in Hyderabad. This is a splendid place to showcase the fading culture, heritage, and the lost Indian talent in hand loom goods and in other.

This place is truly colorful in terms of variation as you would find different vendors selling a variety of crafts and handmade goods. Wooden item finds in Shilaparamam in a large number. This place is beautified with a lot of designed sculptures that gives the park a model village look in real life.

There is an artificial lake in the society premises which allows the visitors to enjoy boating. Except for handmade items, you would get  Indian colorful designer clothes made by traditional Indian artists. Shilaparamam Cultural Society stands as a great depiction of art and culture.

Battery operated cars are in service for the senior citizens who are finding difficult to walk. Visit this place in the evening to experience the fantastic light effects at the park. If you are interested in boat ride then avoid visiting the park in summer days as the water level remains low in summer seasons.

2. The Forum Sujana Mall

 Stationed at plot no S-16 opposite of Malaysian Township, the Forum Sujana Mall shares a distance of 1.7 km from the Hi-tech city station. This shopping mall is considered as one of the biggest shopping malls in Hyderabad with a large area for parking four-wheeler as well as two-wheeler.

In this shopping complex, you would get a number of quality brands related to clothing for the kids and adults, shoes, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories, a variety of toys for kids and much more. This shopping mall gains a decent architectural style as well as interior decoration.

There is a wonderful food and gaming court inside the mall including a multiplex cinema hall. Visit this awesome place with your friends and family especially during weekends and spend your leisure time the best.

3. Ramoji Film City

Stationed at Anaspur Village Ramoji Film city is considered as the largest integrated film studio complex covering an area of two thousand This spellbinding film city shares a distance of 5 km from Hi-tech city station. Ramoji Film City is the property of Ramoji group which is a jaw-dropping film studio complex that attracts near about 1.5 million tourists annually.

This very tourist destination has already secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records as they have certified Ramoji Film City as the largest Film Studio Complex in the World. This enormous studio is settle in the year 1996 and has been maintaining its glory since then.

This huge area is finely decorated with interesting structures and amusing entertainment. Those who have never been to the backstage of a shooting floor would find this place as the eighth wonder of the world.

There are so many artificial shooting elements are found such as an artificial village, artificial rail station, false ancient palaces and so on. Ramoji Film City is maintained with finely chopped grass and trimmed shrubs that give the area a magnificent charm and spectacular view. This gigantic film studio is definitely a notable place that demands at least one visit. Explore this excellent tourist attraction with your friends and family and make your day full of fun and enjoyment.

4. Peddamma Temple

Situated at Anna Nagar Road, Jagadish Nagar Peddamma Temple is about 4.9 km from Hi-tech City Station in Hyderabad. Peddamma Temple is considered as one of the cleanest temple ever in Hyderabad. With a large parking area, this temple is a bit different from the other places of worship in terms of cleanliness.

It is a Hindu temple stationed at the Jubilee Hills is quite popular especially during the festive season of Bonaalu. There is an interesting significance behind the name ‘Peddamma’. The word Peddamma is a combination of two different words which are Pedda and Amma which stands for ‘Mother of Mothers’ or the Supreme Mother.

The deity of this temple is considered as one of the 11 forms of village deities and thus is popularly called by Peddamma or The Supreme most. The famous festival named Bonaalu takes place every year during the month of June – July.

Devotees across the India come to this temple and offer their prayers and sacrifices to the mother and the almighty mother is known to shower her blessings to all her devotees who worship her. Visit this wonderful sacred place with your family and friends and make your weekend more interesting than ever.

5. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park

Located at Banjara Hills, Road No 2, KBR National park is just opposite the TDP office sharing a distance of 6.7 km from Hi-tech city station. This huge park covers an area of 390 acres and is considered as one of the popular national parks in Hyderabad.

The entire park was announced as a national park in the year 1998 by the Andhra Pradesh Govt. after getting permission from the central Govt. KBR National Park or Chiran Fort Place was established in the year 1940. Inside the park, you would get to experience peacocks and other animals.

In the park, there are over 600 species of plants and over 140 species of birds and over 30 species of different reptiles and butterflies. A variety of animals including Pangolin, Small Indian Civet, Jungle cat, peacock, and porcupines are found in the national park.

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park remains open every day from 5:30 AM to 10 AM and 4:30 PM to 7 PM. This very park is immensely popular among the joggers and among the evening walkers as well. There is a compulsory entry fee of Rs 25 for adults and Rs 10 for kids. Visit this Nature Park with your friends and family as this huge greenery serves the fantastic environment and lung space far away from the busy and polluted city.

6. Shri Jagannath Temple

Stationed at Banjara Hills Road no 12, Plot no 1269 Shri Jagannath Temple is one of the modern temple established by Odia community in Hyderabad. This sacred Hindu temple is solely dedicated to Hindu god Shri Jagannath shares a distance of 7.5 km from Hi-tech city station.

This temple experiences immense crowd of devotees during the popular annual festival of Rathayatra. The literary meaning of the word ‘Jagannath’ is The Lord of The Universe. This very temple was built in the year 2009 at the heart of Hyderabad. Shri Jagannath Temple of Hyderabad is said to be the replica of the original Jagannath Temple of Puri in terms of architectural design.

To build this temple 600 tonnes of sandstone was brought from Orissa which is why the temple is red in color. The Shikhara of the temple is of 70 feet high. There are also shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lakshmi Devi, Ganesha, Hanuman, and Navagraha. Inside the temple, Lord Jagannath is along with his siblings, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. Visit this holy place with your family and encounter the reflection of fine Indian architecture.

7. Qutb Shahi Tombs

Situated at Ibrahim Bagh Qutb Shahi Tombs shares a distance of 1 km from Golkonda Fort and 8.3 km from Hi-tech City Station. This very place contains a number of Mosques and Tombs which were built by the kings of Qutb Shahi dynasty.

The Domes placed in the area were covered by green and blue tiles in ancient period. But now a few of those tiles are remaining. This area is one of the major places for the shooting of Telegu Film Industry. Not only this, joggers find this place so relevant for a morning walk. The tombs reflect the mixed culture of Pashtun, Hindu, and Persian.

According to the historical facts, those tombs started structuring in the year 1543. At that time these tombs were furnished with Chandeliers, carpets and velvet canopies on silver poles. You are advised to enlist Qutb Shahi Tombs in your wish list as this is one of the worth visiting places in Hyderabad. Explore this historical place with your friends and family and experience the spellbinding architecture of ancient India.

8. Golkonda Fort

Stationed at Ibrahim Bagh Golkonda is again a historic citadel and fort in the Southern region of India. This very historical place is 9.7 km from Hi-tech City station. According to history, this ancient fort was considered as the capital of medieval Sultanate during the reign of Qutb Shahi dynasty.

Not only for the historical facts but Golkonda Fort is quite famous for its mines from which few priceless gems have been found such as Koh-I-Noor, Nassak Diamond, Hope Diamond, Noor-Ul-Ain. In the year 1687, the renowned Golkonda Fort collapse and turns into ruins. This ancient place shares a distance of 11 km from the main city of Hyderabad.

Golkonda Fort is one of the major tourist attractions in Hyderabad. This place is rich in history and ancient ruins. Visit this place with your family and enjoy the fullest. It takes 2 to 3 hours to explore the complete Fort. Early morning or evening should be the ideal time to visit the whole Golkonda Fort. If you wish you can hire a guide to add some soul to your tour. Do not forget to experience the breath-taking view from the top as you can see few portions of Hyderabad city. An excellent light and sound show takes place every evening which is a must watch event.

9. Hussain Sagar Lake

Situated at Khairatabad Hussain Sagar Lake is a heart-shaped lake established by Quli Qutb Shah in the year 1563. This massive lake covers an area of 5.7 km and is nourished by the water of Musi River. Hussain Sagar Lake shares a distance of 11.3 km from Hi-tech City Station. The settlement of this enormous lake takes place during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub.

There is a gigantic monolithic statue of Gautam Buddha at the center of the Hussein Sagar Lake. The statue stands on the Gibraltar rock. The very statue of Buddha carries immense significance as it separates Hyderabad from its twin city Secundrabad. This ancient lake was announced as the ‘Heart of The World’ by UNWTO on 27th September 2012. The maximum depth of the water level of Hussain Sagar Lake is 32 feet. There is a striking fact about this lake that this lake is the largest heart-shaped lake among the 78 heart shaped lakes and 9 heart shaped Islands across the globe.

The special shape of heart stands as the wonder of love in the world. At the lake, a boat ride is available up to the huge Buddha statue. In the evening spectacular laser show takes place. Best time to visit in the early morning or in the evening. Visit this splendid lake with your friends and family and make your evening memorable.

10. Birla Mandir

Located at Naubath Pahad Birla Mandir Shares a distance of 11.5 km from Hi-tech City Station. This Hindu temple was inaugurated by Swami Ranganathananda from Ramakrishna Mission in the year 1976. This huge temple is build on a 280 feet high hill which calls Naubath Pahad.

The construction of this temple took 10 years. Birla Temple was constructed by the Birla Foundation. There are several similar temples across the India which are constructed by Birla group and all of the temples are known as Birla Mandir. Visit this magnificent temple with your family and enjoy your weekend.

If you are moving or settling near Hi tech city, then ensure to visit all these popular places. Each of the places is popular nationwide. Hundreds of tourists keep visiting these places every year. Have an enjoyable trip to Hyderabad.

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