Cosmopolitan Bengaluru (the erstwhile Bangalore) is one of India’s most dynamically created urban communities. It is flavored with a considerate atmosphere and is also a thriving partying, feasting and shopping destination. Truly, it’s familiar luxuries are a gift from heaven to the exhausted voyager who has done the hard yards. It is an extraordinary city for blending with local people who can impart knowledge of the place. In spite of the fact that there are no world-class sights, you’ll discover stunning parks and striking Victorian-era engineering.

Bangalore city is a perfect place to visit around with your family and friends and nurture the rich culture and heritage of the place. Apart from being a modern day tech-city, Bangalore has immense instances of its rich heritage that truly signifies the beauty and passion of the place. There are lots of places to explore and go into the deep history of those places. Bangalore is just the perfect place to relax and enjoy the classy historical and modern-day outlook of what India stands for!

Here’s a detailed outlook of some of the most popular tourist spots in Bangalore where you can spend time with your family:-

Bangalore Palace

The Majestic Bangalore Palace embodies the flavor of old magnificent lavishness. This focal fascination of Bangalore – the royal residence is a 19th Century marvel. Chamarajendra Wadiyar’s British Guardians purchased the first property in 1873 from the chief of Bangalore Central High School, Rev. J Garret. The castle is remarkably tremendous and spread over 45,000 square feet.


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Aside from being a noteworthy traveler goal, the royal residence is a host to various social occasions, musical shows, and relational unions. According to convictions, King Chamarajendra Wadiyar drew his motivation for building the royal residence from the Windsor Castle of London.

The rock seats enhanced with fluorescent blue clay tiles on the ground floor, a fabled Ballroom, the renowned painter Raja Ravi Varma’s artistic creations, vine-secured dividers, and the Durbar Hall on the main floor meet up to shape the predisposing Bangalore Palace.

Cubbon Park

     This stop is a noteworthy touring fascination, with 300 sections of lush green foliage. Having been set around Lord Cubbon, it is a perfect place for nature darlings and those looking for a quiet environment. One of Cubbon Park’s highlights is bandstand that hosts shows – literally, a trumpet of the Victorian Era testimony that Bangalore and its tourism is.


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The Bangalore Aquarium is an auxiliary attention in this stop. Being the second-largest aquarium in India, the aquarium is an absolute must for a complete visit of Bengaluru. The Cubbon Park is under the control of the Department of Horticulture.

Bannerghatta National Park

     Nature-lovers and photographers are definitely in for a treat in the Bannerghatta National Park. Bannerghatta in Bangalore is the diverse gathering of natural life here including but not limited to elephants, panthers, jackals, foxes, boars, sloths, Indian gazelles, spotted deers, porcupines, Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tigers, and  even the dreaded-yet-majestic cobras.


Bannerghatta is also an abode to a lot of trees that thrive in the semi-tropical climate. The sandalwood, neem, tamarind, bamboo and eucalyptus are a few of them. The animals that roam free and wild, the trees that relish the breezes and the chirps of birds are surely a treat to the people who would like to break out for peace in the weekends from Bangalore.

Brimming with the abundance of nature, the Bannerghatta National Park has a special place for everyone in Bangalore. Beyond being a wildlife galore, the wide assortment of adventure sports like trekking and climbing make Bannerghatta more wholesome than it already is. All things considered, Bannerghatta is a brilliant meet with nature in its most expected peace.

Lal Bagh

     Lalbagh Botanical Garden is situated in the heart Bangalore, earning its epithet ‘The Garden City.’ It is broadly and globally prestigious community for herbal culture, taxonomy and also, in aiding the preservation of plants.


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A safe house for all nature-enthusiasts, Lal Bagh covers a range 240 sections of land in the core of the city and has about 1,854 species of plants. It was dispatched by Hyder Ali in 1760 and finished by his child Tipu Sultan. The garden highlights uncommon plants of French, Persian and Afghani origin and has bestowed the status of a Government Botanical Garden.

The place houses the Lal Bagh Rock which is more than 3 million years old. This professional flower bed, a sure delight for photographers, additionally comprises of the acclaimed glass house where a yearly flower festival is held each year and is likewise a home to an aquarium and a lake.

Tipu Sultan transported trees and plants from nations everywhere throughout the world and planted them, not knowing what his creation would become. Here and today, Lalbagh Botanical Garden has one of the world’s biggest accumulation of uncommon plants.

In addition to being rich in foliage, this garden likewise houses various feathered creatures, for example, Myna, Parakeets, Crows, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Common Egret and Purple Moor Hen.

Innovative Film City

     Innovative Film City is a standout among the most famous vacation spots in Bangalore. This attraction is found 40 km away on the outskirts of the city on the way to Mysore. Covering a territory of about 58 acres of land, the creative film city was inaugurated in 2008. The place is segmented into three sections.


Attractions include entertainment arenas, rides, exhibition halls and so on; Innovative Style houses activities centered around shopping, eating, unwinding and a lot more! Innovative Studio that has an institute and a studio is a great choice to film motion pictures.

Chunchi Falls

     Chunchi falls, is a just about 50 feet high course of falls. The best time to visit this fall would be directly after the rainstorm when there is sufficient water in the Arkavathi river.


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There is a power station in front of Chunchi falls. Prior to the power station being introduced, Chunchi falls would have a great deal of water.

Nevertheless, after the power station is introduced, the measure of water has diminished drastically in the Chunchi falls. One should not attempt to step nearer to the falls as it may be unsafe and risky. Chunchi falls has seen mishaps sometime recently. It is strongly advised not to remain there until late night. As the place is deserted, the chances of some unwanted happenings are quite high.

Wonder La – Water Park

     Wonder La is said to be the best carnival in the city and draws in every one of those searching for a surge of adrenaline. It likewise includes some casual, fun rides, subsequently attracting guests of all age groups. There are about 53 water and land based rides. The dance floor with electronic controlled rain showers is the main popular attraction of this theme park.


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The free fall ride in Wonder La is unique and gentle. When you are visiting the theme park in winter season, you can enjoy and play in solar heated water. The theme park has five restaurants that can accommodate 1150 members. There is also a conference room where more than 1000 members can accommodate. Wonder La is the most famous weekend excursion spot for people in and around Bangalore and Chennai.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

     This landmark is situated inside the Tipu Sultan Fort. Worked in the vicinity of 1781 and 1791, the Emperor alluded to it as the ‘Rash-e-Jannat’ which implies the homestead bliss and envy of paradise.


Presently, it has been changed over into a historical center and is kept up by the Archaeological Survey of India. The structure has two stories and has great wooden carvings that decorate the segments and galleries.

Bull Temple

     Bull temple is related with legendary and religious noteworthiness, the altar is a famous love put. It is one of the quiet, tranquil and most established places in Bangalore. It is devoted to Nandi bull, the vahana of Lord Shiva.


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The bull temple is arranged in Basavanagudi, worked in the Dravidian style of engineering. Kempe Gowda, the originator of Bangalore, got the bull sanctuary worked amid his opportunity. This sanctuary considers as a part of the most seasoned sanctuaries of the city and draws fans from everywhere throughout the nation. There is a tremendous icon of Nandi Bull inside the sanctuary, measuring 4.5 m in tallness and 6.5 m long. It is said to have been cut out of a solitary shake.

The bull likewise has a little iron plate on its head. According to the custom, the plate keeps the bull from developing. The icons of God Surya and Goddess Chandra are giving an extraordinary scenery to the statue. It is trusted that the Vishwa Bharti stream starts at the feet of this statue.

Lumbini Gardens

     Lumbini Gardens is an open stop on the banks of the Nagawara Lake in Bangalore, Karnataka named after Lumbini of Nepal to devote to Lord Buddha of Nepal. It contains an eco-accommodating sailing park and a 12,500 square foot counterfeit shoreline and children pool.


The recreation center has created as an event congregation for kids. You will likewise observe families and youthful couples getting a charge out of the rides and nourishment from the close by sustenance slows down.

Situated close to the Nagwara Lake, the Lumbini plant is one of its kind Garden fascination of Banglore. The garden collects awesome measure of guests all days of the week. The wonderful peaceful condition of the lake offers the guests with entrancing perspective and exercises that individuals come to appreciate with their friends and family. The Lumbini cultivate is committed to Lord Buddha is an exceptionally wonderful child stop and has a sculling club which the guests appreciate in particular.

Aside from the children stop, the garden has delightful wellsprings and an extension of 1.5 km to stroll through with a perspective of the lake and perfect greenery on the other side. That is not every one of, The Lumbini plant is additionally known for the nourishment slow down and acclaimed restaurants adjacent that had made the place a top pick for large groups and families.

Ulsoor Lake

     Built by Kempe Gowda II in the second century, this lake was prior known as Halsur or Alasur. In spite of the fact that not fit for swimming, sculling can be delighted in at the lake.


Ulsoor Lake is one of the greatest lakes in Bangalore which is situated on the eastern side of the city. It draws its name from the name of the area it is arranged in, in particular, Ulsoor, near M G Road.

Extended more than 50 hectares it has a few islands. The present day lake was made by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, Bangalore’s official. Ulsoor or Halasuru is one of the most established neighborhoods in the city of Bangalore. It is situated in focal Bangalore and starts generally close to the eastern end of MG Road. It is well known for its various sanctuaries and tight roads.

HAL Aerospace Museum

     HAL Aerospace Museum hall is India’s first Aerospace historical center set up by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) in 2001. It is situated at the Old air terminal street as a piece of HAL commence. The place is an unquestionable requirement visit for every one of the general population wishing to witness the magnificence and development of the Indian Aviation Industry through the progression of time.


This exhibition hall is an endeavor by HAL, outstanding amongst other aviation organizations in Asia, to make Indian Nationals comfortable with the complexities and glory of the Aviation Industry in the nation. The gallery is overseen and kept up by HAL itself and draw in individuals from all age bunches to witness something immaculate.

ISKON Temple

Situated in Rajajinagar range of Bangalore, ISKCON Temple is a worshipped hallowed place committed to Lord Krishna. The sanctuary under the direction of Madhu Pandit Dasa and was introduced in the year 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma. Aside from a religious sanctuary, ISKCON is a social complex obliging devoted gods of Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha.


Well, this is not an exhaustive list and you can well imagine from the above-mentioned places how the city envelopes a rich legacy of art, architecture, and culture. Thus, Bangalore is a genuine cool place on Planet Earth which is the capital of Karnataka, a noteworthy state in the southern piece of India. It is a city of dreams and reality joining hands together. It is rapidly gaining importance as a must visit tourist place in India where you can cultivate the galore of splendid places and tourist spots.

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