Coimbatore consists of everything from ultramodern buildings to historical temples, from prodigious waterfalls to gorgeous mountains, from pleasant weather to delicious cuisines, which helps in making your holiday experience a perfect one. It is one of the largest cities in the state Tamil Nadu and impresses travellers and locals with innumerable activities and sightseeing places around. Are you planning a romantic holiday to Coimbatore? Well, plan a lovely vacation by including these popular places in your Coimbatore tour itinerary.

Coimbatore has an eye-pleasing beauty and calm atmosphere. Several travellers are unaware of the unexplored prettiness of the city. It remains as an excellent holiday destination, especially for lovers and couples. It has romantic weather, hilly areas and several fascinating things for a memorable trip.

Some of the must visit and attractive places to visit in Coimbatore for lovers or couples when they are in the city are as follows. Apart from visiting these places, you can also plan for Coimbatore to Pollachi one day bike trip. Pollachi is a tiny gorgeous town that offers a pleasant experience throughout the trip. If you have enough time, ensure to add this in your wish list.

Places to visit in Coimbatore for lovers

  1. Monkey Waterfall

Monkey_WaterfallCouples prefer to spend time in beautiful and calm places. If you wish to spend time with your partner amidst lovely natural surroundings, you need to visit Monkey Waterfall. It is a perfect landscape encircling rocks and greenery with birds chirping, frogs dancing and of course, monkeys swaying making the waterfall a perfect place for fun.

TipsBring extra clothes, so that you can enjoy the natural bath.  Be careful of eatables since you do not want it to be stolen by monkeys. Finally, protect your electronics from getting wet.
Location – 65km from Coimbatore
Entry fee – Rs 20

2. Singanallur Lake

Singanallur_LakeSinganallur Lake is one of the largest of the nine lakes and the most popular place for picnics and to witness migratory birds. It is rich with flora and fauna and abodes almost 100 kinds of native and rare birds. It is a paradise for bird watchers to witness birds such as plovers, storks, pelicans and many more. It is a famous tourist attraction in the city and one of the favourite places for couples.

Tips – It is recommended to visit during spring to witness migratory birds.
Location – Trichy Road, Singanallur, Kallimadai, Coimbatore.

3. Siruvani Waterfalls

Siruvani_WaterfallsSiruvani Waterfall is beautifully located amidst a dense forest with breathtaking scenic views. The fall is famous for its sweetest taste water, trekking, wildlife safari, nature walks and many more. One can witness animals near the waterfall too.

Tips – Carry extra clothes, always be in the group as it’s situated in the dense forest, and carry your eatables and cameras. Lockers and restrooms are available.
Location – Siruvani Hills, 35 km from Coimbatore
Timings – 9:00am-5:00pm
Entry fee – Rs 50

4. Amaravathi Dam

Amaravathi_DamAmaravathi Dam is a water reservoir, smartly designed to enjoy the breathtaking view of the plains. As it is located close to the wildlife sanctuary of Indira Gandhi, visit the park and a crocodile breeding sanctuary. Though it is aged, it is still in good condition and well maintained. It is a vertical dam to supply water to surrounding areas. It is an excellent place for romantic walks and strolls. It is best for just lazing around or for picnics.

Tips – It is can be visited both in the morning and evening hours. Ensure to bring your own eatables.
Location – Amaravathinagar, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.
Timings – 9:00am-6:00pm

5. Marudhamalai Temple

Marudhamalai_TempleMarudhamalai Temple, a perfect Dravidian design, dedicated to Lord Murugan, stands strong above 600 ft on granite hill. The Temple is surrounded by hills on three sides making it look more magnificent. It has 700 stairs that offer a scenic view on top and ample ayurvedic herbs. However, buses are available once in 15 minutes to avoid stairs.

Tips – Early hours are best to visit, shoes and sandals are not allowed and paid darshans costs Rs 50. Best visited during November – March.
Location – Gandhipuram, Coimbatore.
Timings – 6:00am-8:30pm

6. Dhyanalinga Temple

Dhyanalinga_TempleDhyanalinga Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a place for meditation and yoga. It has a grand Shiva Linga which is 7ft tall and has opened its doors to people for all religion. The temple has a huge hall for yoga sessions. The place is made up of natural materials, simple in designs and colors. The temple is filled with stories of Lord Shiva through art and paintings. If you want to give a relaxing experience to your loved one, you need to visit Dhyanalinga Temple in Coimbatore.

Tips – Perfect place to relax and calm with yoga and meditation and best to visit during Mahashivratri festival.
Location – Isha Yoga Center, Semmedu.
Timings – 6:00am-8:00pm

7. ISKCON Coimbatore

ISKCON_CoimbatoreISKCON, also known as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a famous pilgrimage establishment designed in Tamil architecture that offers to spread science through Bhagavad Gita. Being home to many deities, it also offers gift shops and galleries that showcase the ISKCON history. Visitors are allowed to participate in aartis and darshans.

Tips – It is best to visit during festival seasons.
Location – Near Codissia Trade Fair Complex.
Timings – 5:00am-8:30pm

8. Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Eachanari_Vinayagar_TempleA typical architectural style of Dravidian, Eachanari Vinayagar is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh– the Elephant God. This temple is eye candy for devotees and architectures. Special pujas are performed during festival seasons like Karthika Puja, Amavasya, Poornima, and Chathurthi in this temple. This temple is famous for arranging free marriages, educations and many more. A gold chariot worth Rs 55 Lakhs is displayed in this temple.

Location – NH-209 Road, Eachanari.
Timings – 5:30am-1:00pm and 4:00pm-9:00pm

9. Perur Siva Temple

Perur_Siva_TempleLord Shiva Temple or Perur Siva Temple is a milestone in Coimbatore. It is a treat for the history and architecture lovers as the walls and ceilings are beautifully and intricately decorated. The main attraction is the Nataraja Statue which is beautifully decorated with gold. The temple is famous for planting saplings and other social services.

Tips – It is crowded on holidays. If you are planning for pujas, then perform during weekdays.
Location – Siruvani Main Road, Perur
Timings – 5:00am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-8:00pm

10. Gass Forest Museum

Gass_Forest_MuseumGass Forest Museum is one of the few oldest museums that house things connected to forestry. It is an old gothic style building which exhibits woodcraft, olden day’s arms, insect’s collections and many more. The best of collections is the stuffed and preserved reptiles, birds and animals. It is eye candy for history and animal lovers. The museum gives the opportunity to learn about wildlife and animals which lived a hundred years ago.

Tips – It remains closed on Sundays and government declared days.
Location – State Forest Service College, R.S.Puram
Timings – 9:00am-5:00pm
Entry fee – Adult –Rs 10 and Children– Rs 5

11. GD Naidu Museum

GD_Naidu_MuseumThe museum displays the work and life of the famous industrialist GD Naidu. Many famous inventions and discoveries are added to his credits with electric motors, vintage motorbike, mechanical calculator, etc. dating back to British periods. It is a heaven for electronic lovers with replicas of iconic cars being exhibited.

Tips – Do not miss the working model of ICE car which is the world first benzene powered.
Location – President Hall, Avinash Road
Timings – Tuesday – Sunday, 9:00am-6: 00 pm

12. Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery

Kasthuri_Sreenivasan_Art_GalleryIt exhibits few of the finest Indian arts such as Tanjore paintings, terracotta sculptures, and documents of the Textile industry of India, parts and machinery and many more. The key display is Egypt’s Whorl Wheel and Mohanjo Daro’s spinning wheel. The art gallery also provides a platform for budding artist and creates awareness. It also hosts workshops, group shows, training programs and many more.

Location – SBI Avinash Road
Timings – 9:00am-5:00pm, Sunday holiday

13. Government Museum

Government_MuseumThe Government Museum exhibits six buildings of models and galleries numbering 46, relating to anthropology, botany, geology, arts, archaeology, numismatics and zoology. It also exhibits painting dating to the British era. It is the second oldest museum of India. It abodes a separate place for tribal medicinal plants, old rocks and minerals, and wood fossils.

Location – 24 Park Gate Road, Kaleeswarar Nagar
Timing – 9:30 am-5:00 pm, Friday holiday

14. Regional science centre Regional_Science_Center

If you wish to take your loved one to a different place, you need to visit the Regional Science Center. It is an informative place where you both can obtain a lot of information about science and technology. It is one of the best learning centres giving opportunities to students with galleries naming ‘how things work’, ‘hall of textiles’ and ‘fun science’.  It is the stopping place for science education. The centre has an air-conditioned auditorium, science demonstration, telescope, 3d film show and many more. It provides learning opportunities for all the age group.

Tips – Science enthusiasts can participate in workshops held at the museum.
Location – Codissa Road, Civil Aerodrome Post, Peelamedu
Timings – 9:30am-5:00pm

15. Black Thunder

Black_ThunderRecreate your life by visiting Black Thunder with fun-filled activities of water rides and pure entertainment. It is a perfect getaway from the hustling and bustling life of the city. It offers exhilarating rides like speed slide, dashing boat, wild river ride, kiddies surf hill and many more. It offers something exciting for all the age group and presents a pool of games for the game lovers.

Tips – Try to set foot in the morning, as you will get a whole day to explore and enjoy. It is better to carry your swimming costumes and extra clothes.
Location – Ooty Main Road, Mettupalayam
Timings – 10:00am-5:30pm
Entry fee – Rs 750-adults, Rs 650-children

16. Gedee Car Museum

Gedee_Car_MuseumDo you want to surprise your loved one by taking to a place that he loves most? Well, Gedee Car Museum is one such place where no person would say ‘No’ to visit. Moreover, if you or your partner is a car fan, it is sure you would love to visit this place again and again. One of the best car museums in India is Gedee Car Museum. It has classic and unique collections of cars, which one cannot find anywhere in India. It is a private collection of late GD Naidu. One can find models of Benz Patent Motorwagen-1886 to the recent race cars. More than 70 replicas of cars are exhibited. Many cars have also been donated by different cities of India, the United States, and Germany.

Location – Avinashi Road 734, President Hall.
Timings -9:00am-5:00pm
Entry fee – Rs 50

17. Botanical Garden

Botanical_GardenThe Botanical Garden spreads across 300 acres of land housing rare type of flowers and trees. It is a place where the lovers can feel completely lost by the mesmerizing beauty of various ranges of plants, shrubs and many more. It is the best experience to witness the method and growth of plants, organic pesticides, and crops.

Tips – ensure to visit during the month of January to witness the annual flower show
Location – Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Pappanaichken Pudur.
Timings – 9:00am-5:00pm
Entry fee – Rs 10

18. Kari Motor Speedway

Kari_Motor_SpeedwayDo you love to indulge in adventurous activities? Well, plan to visit Kari Motor Speedway. It is a 2.2 km race track which regularly hosts national championship races. The track has witnessed many races such as formula 3, go-karts, motorcycle road racing and many more events. The tracks also serve for karting schools, driver training, and motorcycle clubs. It is the best place for speed lovers and if you are lucky, you may also try driving in the track.

Location – Orattukuppai, Chettipalayam

19. Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Anamalai_Tiger_ReserveAnamalai Tiger Reserve also known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected tropical jungle. It is home to rare and endangered animals like leopards, lion-tailed macaques, elephants, crocodiles, tigers and many more. Activities such as trekking, bird watching, jungle ride are entertained. The information centre remains useful to learn about wildlife threat and inhabitation.

Tips – It is better to stay in groups as animals roam freely and do not entertain or feed any animals. Carry your own eatables. Best time to visit from August to February
Location – Anaimalai Hills Of Pollachi And Valparai Taluk.
Entry fee – Rs30
Timings – 6:00am-6:00pm

20. VOC Park and Zoo

VOC_Park_and_ZooIt is also known as V O Chidambaranar Nature Park. Surrounded by rich water bodies and greeneries, it is a home for 890 animals which includes 54 reptiles, 106 mammals and 335 birds. It is best loved among families and kids for its aquarium, toy train and Jurassic Park. Many big events and fairs are organized in the huge ground of the park. It is a favourite place for locals and visitors.

Tips – Make sure to try the local snacks located outside the park.
Location – Thirunagar Colony, Erode
Timings – 10:00am-7:30pm
Entry fee – Rs10

21. Kovai Kondattam Theme Park

Kovai_KondattamKovai Kondattam is a perfect place for fun and enjoyment with friends and family. It is an environment-friendly amusement park which also venues receptions, parties, conferences etc. popular rides include wave pool, dashing cars, aqua dance, rock climbing and many more. It is the best place for a day outing with family and kids.

Tips – Ensure to carry extra clothes. If you are interested, participate in the events and win exciting prizes.
Location – Oppanakara Street, Ooty-Mettupalayam Road
Timings – 10:30am-5:30pm
Entry fee – Rs500

22. Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park

Nilgiri_Biosphere_Nature_ParkIt is the most famous wildlife sanctuary in South India. Finding its place in the Nilgiris hills it is the home for many mammals and reptiles. It has been closely protected and taken care of by the management. As it is rich in flora and fauna, it attracts the various migratory bird. A perfect place for lovers, family, and friends. Some popular facilities to enjoy in the park are trekking, aquariums, ponds, children’s play area, a hut for resting, educational zone and many more.

Location – Thuvaipathy Village, Anaikatti
Timings– 9:00am-5:00pm
Entry fee – Rs50 for adults, Rs 35 for children

23. Velliangiri Mountains

Velliangiri_MountainsVelliangiri Mountains is the best place for trekking and sightseeing. The mountain is rich in greenery with rare herbs. A yoga centre rests at the foot of the mountains and Lord Shiva Temple on top of the mountain. One can even stay at night provided with tents and sleeping bags or can opt a resort located nearby.

Tips – It is best to visit during February to May. Start early if you have planned for trekking
Location – border of Coimbatore.

24. Amaravati Sagar Crocodile Farm

Amaravati_Sagar_Crocodile_FarmDo you want to surprise your loved one by taking to a completely different place? Consider visiting Amaravati Sagar Crocodile Farm. It is the biggest crocodile breeding park in South India. The park has many breeds of Crocodile such as Persian crocodiles, big crocodiles and many more. It houses almost 100 crocodiles and a good learning opportunity about the breeds. One can closely encounter with the eggs of crocodiles too. A unique and silent place away from the hustling life of the city.

Tips – Best time to visit is during the feeding time around 12-1pm.
Location – Amaravathi, Tiruppur

25. Coonoor

CoonoorBeing a complete romantic destination, Coonoor is the largest hill, standing second in position after Nilgris. Standing tall at 6000ft above sea level, it is famous for tea leaves, birds and wildflowers. It is the best romantic place that offers a scenic view of the valley and waterfalls. Some of the top attractions of Coonoor are Sim’s Park, a botanical garden, trekking trails, a nature walk and picturesque view of tea and coffee plantations. Coonoor is also popular for the Nilgiri Tea.

Tips – Best time to visit is during March – June, and September – October.  Do not miss the famous vegetable and fruit festival held during the month of May.

26. On The Go

On_The_GoCoimbatore is not only famous for tourist attractions and spiritual places but also for restaurants and delicious foods. If you wish to give a gala treat to your loved one, you need to visit one of the best restaurants in Coimbatore- On The Go. It is the most contemporary and eccentric restaurants in Coimbatore. The menu is eclectic ranging from North Indian delectable and fare desserts to popular Italian dishes. The ambiance of the restaurant is extrovert and vibrant. They provide generous servings and it is surely worth to visit at least once with your partner.

Tips– Ensure to reserve table either online or by phone as it remains busy most of the time.

Location– Race Course Road, Coimbatore.

27. Junior Kuppanna

Junior_KuppannaEstablished in 1960, Junior Kuppanna aims to serve unique and delicious food for their customers. The food is fantastic though the menu is limited. If you are a food and do not mind eating at a busy place, you would surely enjoy Junior Kuppanna.

Tips- Try to order and taste Thalis. It is extremely delicious and filling.
Location- Sarojini Street, Coimbatore.

28. The Chocolate Room

The_Chocolate_RoomPropose your love by taking your partner to the Chocolate Room. It is distinctly recognizable coffee and snack bar in Coimbatore. The restaurant has lovely sit down places surrounded by trendy and lounge interiors. It is a place where you can sit for discussion or just hang out with your partner. The restaurant has a pleasing menu and offers delicious savoury or sweet snacks for every taste bud and mood. It is a paradise for chocolate lovers.

Tips– Latte Coffee and Mediterranean Pasta are must-try dishes in this coffee shop.
Location– Ramachandra Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore.

29. Afghan Grill

Afghan_GrillSituated in the hub of Coimbatore, Afghan Grill is famous for North Indian food. It is located within The Residency Hotel. It is a famous spot for couples where they can enjoy a romantic dinner and also preferred by families to celebrate a special occasion. The menu is well planned with a lot of seafood specialities and delicious tandoori dishes. It is a must visit place in Coimbatore where you can enjoy a peaceful and stylish dining ambiance.

Location– Avinashi Road, The Residency, Coimbatore

30. Brookfield Mall

Brookfield_MallIt is one of the best and oldest shopping malls in Coimbatore. It is the place where shopping, food, entertainment can be enjoyed. It is continuously expanding and provides a lot of opportunities for high-end retailers. If you both want to spend time shopping and conversation, you need to visit this Mall. It is popular for food joints like Keventers, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC and Subway. It has sufficient parking area. It is perfect to spend an entire day with your partner.
Apart from this mall, you can also plan to visit Prozone Mall and the Fun Republic Mall. Both remain perfect for watching movies, shopping, and delicious food joints.

Location – RS Puram, Coimbatore.

Coimbatore has a lot of options for lovers. If you feel like spending together, ensure to visit any of these places in Coimbatore and enjoy some best memorable moments.

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