Are you searching for a comfortable space to spend time with your friends or loved ones? Hyderabad is an ancient city where a number a romantic spots are embedded in it. Except for the historic constructions you would experience numerous romantic worth visiting spots in Hyderabad.

Apart from large malls and shopping arcades, there are numerous parks and gardens in Hyderabad. The fresh air, colorful environment and chirping sound of bird make you feel relaxed and refreshing. It is no equal to artificial or man made spaces like malls.  So, if you are planning to visit a romantic place with your partner then here is a list of some of the notable places just for you in Hyderabad.

Romantic places for couples in Hyderabad:

1. Sanjeevaiah Park

Situated at Hussain Sagar, Khairatabad It is a romantic park for couples surrounded by lush greenery. Located in the heart of the Hyderabad Sanjeevaiah Park covers an area of 92 acres. This romantic park is situated along with the bank of the famous heart-shaped lake Hussain Sagar.

Sanjeevaiah Park has been named after Damodaram Sanjivayya who was the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. This huge green park won the Best Open Landscape Award in the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage award giving ceremony, in the year 2010. This lush greenery is managed by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

Here in this park, you would get to experience over 100 species of migratory, resident and nonresident birds and over 50 species of colorful butterflies and insects. There is a play section at the park where the children can play and have a fun time. This place is apt for joggers and morning walkers. The tallest national flag being in the Ranchi the second tallest national flag is located in this Sanjeevaiah Park with a height of 291 feet.

There are several events that take place in this park. The deep greenery and finely trimmed grass are the cause for its increasing popularity. So visit the romantic park with your better half and spend a memorable evening in the lap of nature.

2. Krishna Kanth Park

Located at Street No 4 Jawahar Nagar near Yousufguda. Krishna Kanth Park is one of the popular parks among the youth in Hyderabad. Inside the park, there is a museum. Being an appropriate place to take rest and rejoice this lush green garden is as apt for the lovebirds as this place provides suitable privacy to the couples.This park covers an area of 22 acres.

The nature lovers would fall in love with this place as this park is a real delight. It is decorated with an abundance of greenery enriched in flowers, vegetation, and medicinal herbs. Inside the park, there is a special section especially for the researchers and scientists where they can continue their experiments.

Krishna Kanth Park remains under the control of central zone in the GHMC limits. This park remains open every day from 5 PM to 9 PM.  The entry is free only for the morning walkers from 5 AM to 8 AM else there is an entry fee of Rs 5 for adults and Rs 1 for kids. Senior citizens are exempted from the fee. Visit this wonderful place with your friends and experience various birds from different species and exotic flowers that keep the park colorful.

3. Yogibear Mini Golf Park

Located at Necklace Road Khairatabad, Yogibear Mini Golf Park is an Amusement Park located in the heart of Hyderabad. This park is appropriate for both the kids and adults. At this park, you would experience wonderful Water Pedal Boats, Excavator, Construction Rides, Aqua Zorb, Gyroscope, and much more.

There are lots of metal rides such as wall climbing, swings, conical rotating and balancing structure are available inside the park premises. Kids must stay alert of the excessive mosquitoes. This is one of the most updated parks in Hyderabad. This park is unique among the rest of the park as it has 10 mini golf tracks which are of different shapes and different length varies from 14th to 16th feet.

You can bring your camera with you as you would get some excellent views of nature in this park. Restrooms along with food and water facility are available inside the park. Yogibear Mini Golf Park also provide birthday party packages. For booking please contact the park authority in advance. This splendid amusement park remains open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

There is an entry fee to enter the park of Rs 50 for the adults and Rs 30 for the kids. Explore this lush green park with your friends and enjoy your afternoon the fullest.

4. NTR Gardens

Located at NTR Marg, Central Secretariat, Khairatabad NTR garden is a tiny public urban park that covers an area of 36 acres. Adjacent to Hussain Sagar this park was constructed in different phases since 1999. This park is close to some of the famous tourist destinations in Hyderabad such as Birla Mandir, Lumbini Parl and Necklace Road.

This popular garden is under the control of Buddha Purnima Project Authority which performs under the direction of Govt. of Telangana. This wonderful place is a fun garden to the youngsters who want to enjoy. Before entering the park you would have to deposit your bags at the chargeable baggage counter as bags are not allowed to take inside the garden. When you go inside the park, lots of water activities are available for both the adults and kids.

Those who are planning to spend an awesome evening with family and friends this place is just so apt for them. Here you would get to experience the train ride across the park premises along with the water slides, Bonsai gardens, and fountain.

There is a narrow ally inside the garden premises for those who want to walk in peace. This garden is well maintained and finely decorated. You will get few snack shops inside the park. There is a fee of Rs 20 for all. Visit this excellent park with your friends and have a well-spent evening.

5. Public garden

Situated at Red Hills, Lakdikapul Public Garden or ‘Bagh-e-Aam is a public spot in Hyderabad. It is a historic park which was constructed by Osman Ali Khan in the year 1846. There is an Archeological Museum located inside the park premises which is highly praised by the art lovers.

This very museum reflects the Indo-Saracenic architecture and contains a large number of historical galleries such as Buddhist gallery, Brahmanical and Jain gallery, Arms and Armour gallery, Numismatics gallery, Bronze gallery, Ajanta gallery and so on. Public Garden is considered as one of the major landmarks in Hyderabad. Except for the museum, the surroundings of the garden gives an excellent view as it is aptly decorated with finely trimmed shrubs and trees.

This place can be visited while walking in the morning as one would get fresh oxygen if visits this place in the early morning. This peaceful area is covered with greenery and thus is a proper place for the nature lovers. Visit this awesome place with all your friends and experience the history of ancient India.

6. Hyderabad Botanical garden

Hyderabad Botanical garden is one of the popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad. This lush green place is enriched in different trees, shrubs, and flowers. This place is located at 16 km away from the main city Madhapur near the Hi-tech city station. The land of this huge garden is allotted at the area of Kothaguda Reserve Forest to preserve the flora and fauna. This picturesque garden occupies an area of 120 acres and is divided into 19 sectors.

Here you will experience ornamental plants, bamboos, medicinal plants, fruits and timber trees, palm trees and much more. Here you would experience over 600 species of plants, attractive different colorful birds, and insects which increases the natural charm of this garden in Hyderabad.

There are specific sign boards which are used for specific species of trees. The most popular sector of this huge garden is the palm sector. Apart from the different trees here in the botanical garden, you would encounter a number of colorful flowers making the garden more attractive and spectacular. This whole park has been designed thematically as the water bodies complement the lush greenery of the region.

Botanical garden of Hyderabad was constructed to generate awareness among the mass of people about the various species of flora and fauna along with the offering to relax and enjoy an ideal place which is naturally beautiful. There is a minimum entry fee of Rs 10 for everyone. This place remains open every day from 9 AM to 8 PM. There is ample place for car parking inside the park and also a cafeteria and drinking water facility is available inside the garden. If you want to spend some quality time with your loved one or friends far from the hassles of city life then this place is just for you.

7. Priyadarshini Park

Stationed at Saroor Nagar Road, Habeeb Nagar Priyadarshini Park is a famous attraction for the tourists. There is a lake inside the park premises which is known as Priyadarshini Lake which attracts a lot of visitors to spend a peaceful evening by walking across this wonderful lake. This place is also known as the Saroonagar park in Hyderabad. Here you would enjoy pedal boats on the water of the lake. It takes 20 minutes to cover circle around the lake.

Inside the park, there is a children’s park with metal rides such as A to B climber, Kinder Garden, Seesaw, SS slide, Merry Go Round, rocket elephant, swing, Jungle Jim and much more. You don’t need to carry additional food inside the park as there is a wonderful canteen that provides chips, cold drinks, and little bakery items.

If you want you can also enjoy self-padding boat ride that costs Rs 25 each followed by Mechanized boats at Rs 30 and speed boats at Rs 50 for each. An additional entertainment is available in the park that is Giri Cricket Championship in which you would need to bat for 3 overs through the self-bowling machines at a cost of Rs 30 per head. If you could score more a surprise gift will be given to you.

There is an entry fee of Rs 5 per head and this park remains open from 9 AM to 12 PM in the morning and from 3 PM to 9 PM in the evening. Visit this splendid park with your partner and make your evening memorable.

8. Lotus Pond

Situated at Road no 12, MLA Colony, Film Nagar Lotus Pond is a tiny water body at Jubilee Park. This place is surrounded by lush greenery and there is a small path of 1.2 km across the park. Lotus Park is a pleasant dating and meeting spot for college students.

This splendid place is apt for the nature lovers as here you would get to experience more than 20 species of birds including pied kingfisher, white wagtail, little grebe, common coot, common moorhen, little egret, sun birds and much more. This whole area is under the control of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. This place started constructed in the year 1999 and was completed in the year 2001.

This is one of the well-maintained places in the heart of Hyderabad. For best experience explore this place either in the early morning or in the evening. You would have to leave your camera outside the area as the pond authority doesn’t allow cameras inside this greenery.

The Pond is full of colorful fishes. It is an amazing view to see them swimming up and down, right and left. You are advised to enlist this place on your wish list as you should not miss this wonderful place. Explore this splendid Lotus pond with your friends and have an enjoyable day.

9. Himayat Sagar

Situated 20 km from Hyderabad this is an artificial lake that lies parallel to Osman Sagar. It is the best and popular dating spot in Hyderabad. The construction of this huge reservoir and was completed in the year 1927. The Himayat Sagar as well as the Osman Sagar supply water to both the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

This huge reservoir was constructed by late engineer Khaja Mohinuddin who was the son of Mohammed Hussein. The water level of Himayat Sagar is 1754.94 feet. This place is an apt place for picnics and bird watching purposes. Explore this spectacular place with your friends and experience some rare species of birds.

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