Kochi is famous for its nightlife. There are various ways to explore the city after its dark. It does not have a specific nightlife in its true sense, however, you will have a great time in Kochi after dark. The night culture has risen to a great extent over the present years. The restaurants, bars, pubs and the weekend getaways have made it even more enjoyable for the people. Kochi is also termed as the Queen of the Arabian Sea for its rich history. The streets look really beautiful at night. There are various exquisite things which you can try in Kochi.

10 Places to Visit in Kochi at Night

1. Explore the Marine Drive

Although the Marine Drive is famous for being crowded at night in the Mumbai version of it, the Kochi counterpart is very empty at night. The delightful ocean breeze and the dazzling moonlight makes it look gorgeous at night. You can spend some quiet time over here during the late hours of the night. You can even spot the ships and vessels sailing at night because of their light. The entire atmosphere looks serene and beautiful at night.

2. ThattuKada

This is a late night stall where you can try various food items in the wee hours of night. It is a shack like stall. Here you can get common street food at a cheap price. You will get delicious foods at the cheapest rates over here. The most delicious items found here are the Kappa biryani, parotta, chicken fry, beef and many more items.

3. Sandunes

It is a hookah lounge with great ambiance. You will get an Arabic feel over here with two levels. The plush seating arrangements of the lower level and the rooftop area of the upper level. You can also get here in huge groups. Here you can get a huge variety of hookahs. The contemporary arrangement is another major attraction over here. It is opened till 11 pm.

4. Glow Discotheque

If you love partying and clubbing, then it is the perfect place for you. It is a great place for the party lovers. It is located inside the Hotel Harbour View Residency. You can enjoy the DJ nights or can dance on the dance floor. You can simply groove around enthusiastic people. It also has a ladies’ night on Fridays. It is open till 3 am in the early dawn.

5. Chillax Café

If you are a night motorcyclist or you love hanging out with them, it is the perfect place for you. Chillax Cafe is the most favored hanging out place among them. The décor and interior of the place are also according to the liking of the bikers. It is a great place to just relax and chill for a while. After a long journey, you can even enjoy a game of pool or board games with your friends or others. It is located in GeethanjaliJunction, Thammanam. It is open 24 hours so you can just get in any time you want.

6. The Voyager

Being the perfect place for a game night, the Voyager houses board games. You can also watch a happening football match with your friends here. You can even play in-house games like Jenga. It is open for 24 hours so it is a great place for the night owls. You can even get a variety of dishes and drinks over here. It is located in Padamughal, on the Seaport in Airport Road.

7. Kathakali Centre

Kathakali Centre is a popular traditional art center highlighting Kathakali in Kochi. Performances are done inside the temple complex at night. The performances take place from 6 pm to 9 pm. It is a traditional place. It is an artistic place where you can spend your night in a different way. It is located in KB Jacob Road, near Fort Kochi. Here you can witness a fusion of various culture in the indoors.

8. Mattancherry Bar

You can sit beside the waterfront and have a drink or two with your friends or partner. It is located in Vivanta by Taj- Malabar in Cochin. Since it is located on Willingdon Island, it offers great mesmerising view all around. The lounge is located on the backwaters and offers picturesque views. You can even get a taste of live music over here. It is a great experience that you can seek amidst beautiful settings.

9. Catch a night show

The late night show is a great way to spend the night in Kochi. It is a very choice for many. You can watch traditional films as well as new releases of Hollywood and Bollywood films. Kerala is famous for a movie crowd so watching it at night is a great way to spend it with a much thin crowd. The most popular theatres opened at night are Kanoos Cinemas, Q Cinemas, PVR Cinemas and Anna Digital Theatre. The single screen theatres are just perfect to watch the shows.

10. Kathi Art Café

Kathi Art Café is a great place to go to explore the art and culture. It is located inside the Fort Kochi. The seating area is one of the major attraction over here. You can even get a variety of European cuisine over here. You can get egg sandwich, chocolate cake, brownie and other items at night. It is open till 10 pm. The ambiance is attractive. The cooking style and the usage of fresh ingredients make it a famous joint among many people. It is a unique choice for people who like something different.

Apart from the history and surroundings, Kochi also has vibrant youths and a pretty good nightlife in spite of certain restrictions. The places are great for enjoyment and people visiting Kochi will surely have a great time with others at night. People just love visiting Kochi and have a unique experience. The availability of alcohol is not so great at night except if you try the luxury places.

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