Top Destinations in Kolkata 

When we think about this busy metro, a lot might strike your mind. Not to jump into conclusions,but being an Indian these are some of the few things that hits us first. Eden Gardens, Dada, SRK and Knight Riders. But there are a lot that this active city can offer. From magnificent architecture to mind blowing street food.

A day is really not enough to explore the city to the fullest. But we are sure that this place make even a single day filled with fun.

Prinsep Ghat


Does this place seems a bit familiar to you?? Do you hear the song Piyu-Bole from the movie Parineeta? The place where the famous song was shot. One the most active spots in the metro. The magnificent British Architecture is an absolute treat for the eyes. Located at the banks of the Hooghly river this place really does easees you down.

Mother Teresa House



Its without second thoughts a lifetime opportunity and an absolute blessing to even place our foot here. The place where one of the best human beings ever have lived most of her life. The place also has some of personal possessions displayed for public to get a glimpse of it.

South Park Street Cemetery


Might wonder why does a cemetery come in this list…. This is not just an ordinary cemetery. It has more than 300 years of history  into it. There are almost 1600 tombs that literally gives you goosebumps. The fully grown trees and and moss cover tombs sure does something to you. Wana experience Conjuring? This is the place to be.

Victoria Memorial Hall


The moment you have this sight this stunning beauty, it will definitely have a doubt, whether you are in India or in Europe. This British Architectural Magnificence is one of the major spots not only Kolkata but also in the whole of India  that attracts a lot of tourists. The wide spread beauty has a lot of grass lawns spread across it, where you can can stretch out a bit.

Dakshineswar Kali


Located on the other side of the Hooghly river this Dakshineswar Kali Temple is Just a boat ride away. More than a tourist spot this place is known for its divine aspect. One of the reasons why this place attracts more tourists is because of its extravagant architecture.

Howrah Bridge


This cantilever beauty is situated in the Hooghly river. Its sight during the night with the fully decked up lights is absolutely stunning. This is not just about the beauty of it, the science and engineering that has went into this construction is like tremendous. Just giving it a thought on an average is carries about 100,000 vehicles on a daily basis. A walk of a small distance on the bridge and view of the Hooghly river from such a height just transports us to an other world.

Belur Math


Sprawling over forty acres of land on the west bank of the Hooghly River, Belur; the Belur Math in Kolkata is a place of pilgrimage and also the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission. People from all over the world, irrespective of the religion that they believe in, visit this temple to enjoy the serenity and the awesomeness of this place. More than religion this place was found by Swami Vivekanandha, who took the country’s name to entire world. The temple is noted for its excellent architecture, which portrays the fuses Hindu, Christian and Islamic religion together as a symbol of unity of all religions.

Birla Planetarium


Many might think why planetarium?? Well there are only 3 planetariums all over India. So Kolkata is actually one of the few places in India where you can have this experience. This place especially for kids makes learning a bit fun and will definitely kindle their interest in Astronomy fun trips can also be a bit educative.

St.Paul’s Cathedral


Located in the heart of the City, St Paul’s is an Anglican cathedral under Church of North India. It is a must-visit for those who seek enriching historical and architectural pleasure in their vacation trips. Right in the middle of the busy buzzing metro city, this colossal structure reminds you of the old times and takes us back to history. Travelers keep this among the top priority places when they come to Kolkata. It looks most beautiful during the Christmas holidays. The cathedral, the garden around it as well as the surrounding streets are all bath in light and festivities.

Science City


Considered as one the best in the world, the Science City is unique in its own way. Serving as major attraction for decades, this place is a must-see spot. The Science city has various divisions in it. The ground floor of the science city comprises of some optical illusions which are very interesting to look at. It will definitely make you laugh at your own image.

Marble Palace Mansion


One of the the busiest tourist attractions in Kolkata. Just the vision of it answers the why so much tourists.The architectural edifice is an absolute stunner. The perfectly carved statues outside and importance that has been given for its artistic extravagance is absolutely brilliant. This is also the bearer of lot art collection from various famous artists in the world.

Botanical Garden


The sprawling 270 acre garden is considered to be one of the best in India, because of the diverse flora and Fauna. With Vibrant, colourful plants and stunning landscape with artificial lake, this place is unique in its own way. The Great Banyan tree here is one the major attractions in this botanical garden. It is estimating that this tree is 250 year old.

Kolkotta’s Street Food


“A travel without experiencing the local food is not a complete travel”.

Kolkata is place known for Street food that it has to offer. Park street, Dacre Lane, China Town, Rabindra Sadhan, College Street, New Market, Vardaan Market and Princep Ghat are some of the places where you really get the desi food experience.

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