Ooty… Heaven on Earth

     So, what’s up for this summer vacation? Why don’t you plan a trip to Ooty? Well, before planning, learn about the places you should visit in Ooty.

   Ooty is the popular summer vacation spot right from the British period. It was popularly referred as ‘India’s Switzerland’. Ooty is abundantly blessed in terms of scenic splendor, local sounds and sights, climate, homegrown beverages like tea and coffee and also beasts and birds. When you go for nature walks along the gardens, you would feel like being on the Paradise just like portrayed in the scriptures and movies. Ooty would definitely soothe your soul and make you forget your fast daily routine. To enjoy a mesmerizing Ooty trip, one has to visit these popular places in Ooty.

1. Ooty Lake and Boat Club 


     The Boat Club and Lake is just 1 kilometer from the Ooty Railway Station. It is an artificial lake which is one of the most popular tourist places in Ooty. John Sullivan had built this 65 acres of lake. This lake is also used for fishing and now there is even a lake park as well as a race course around it. There is a boathouse and even boating is practiced over here. Facilities like rowboats and pedal boats are also done here. Outside the lake, horse race is also done.

2. Dodabetta Park


       Located 13 kilometers from Ooty, Dodabetta Park is considered to be the tallest point in the Nilgiri Mountains. It is located in the middle of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. It is mainly forested with sholas and rhododendron trees cover the entire peak. Dodabetta Park offers a panoramic view, from where you can witness the beautiful plains and valleys of Coimbatore and the landscapes of Mysore. The reserved forest has a wide range of beautiful flora and fauna.

3. Pykara Falls


      This majestic waterfall is located just 2 kilometers from the Pykara Lake. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Ooty. It is formed by the downstream waters. It is located in the middle of a dense forest which makes it even more gorgeous. Nature lovers just love this Falls. It’s a treat for your eyes to watch this mesmerizing spot. You can even try swimming in the upper part of the Falls and it is best to visit this falls in the month of July as the cascading waters provide a delightful sight.

4. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary


     This sanctuary is located amid the foothills of the Nilgiri Hills, very close to the Bandipur National Park. It is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in South India. It is located on the Ooty Mysore Road at a height of 1140 meters. Mudumalai itself is an extension of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Here you can find a huge variety of animals and 50 species of fishes. Many endangered and vulnerable species of animals are also spotted here.

5. Wenlock Downs


       It is a beautiful grassy meadow which is located very close to Pykara. It is named after Beilby Lawly who was the sibling of Sir Arthur Lawley. It is a 20,000 acre-stretch of land and is very popular for its scenic beauty. Shola forests cover the entire expanse of the Downs. Many popular films are shot here. Previously Britishers and Europeans used to come here for hunting. You can even go for hiking over the elegant valley.

6. Kamaraj Sagar


      Located very close to Ooty bus station, Kamaraj Sagar is also known as the Sandynalla Reservoir. It is a very scenic dam which a calm and tranquil setting. It extends to 400 acres and is located in between Pykara and Wenlock Downs. It is a heavenly place for the nature lovers. You can see a variety of birds like the peacock, herons, sunbirds, storks, and kingfisher over here. Animals like Indian bison, monkeys, leopards, barking deer and mongoose. There is also a pine forest close to it.

7. Pykara dam


      It is located on the Ooty Mysore Road. Pykara is not only the largest River here but also offers the most breath-taking scenery. The boathouse over here is an added advantage to the tourists visiting this place. Boating is a great experience that you can have in this lake. You can take a speed boat ride which is a really memorable ride over here. That way you can explore the ethereal beauty of the surroundings. You can even go for a picnic over here.

8. Emerald Lake


     Being a part of the Silent Valley National Park, Emerald Lake is a serene lake located close to the Emerald village. It is surrounded by beautiful lush green meadows on all sides. You can spot a number of a rare variety of birds over here. You can visit the tea gardens nearby and can even go for trekking. The crystal blue waters of the lake offer the best sunrise and sunset views. You can try biking, fishing and bird watching over here. It is away from the buzzing crowd of the city.

9. Rose Garden


      It is located very close to the Ooty railway station. Rose Garden is a very lovely place located amidst the beautiful hills. Ooty Flower Show is held over here. It is among the largest rose gardens in India. It is located at a height of 2200 meters. Elk hill has this beautiful rose garden. Rose tunnels and terraces are beautifully laid over here. World Federation of roses has even recognized this garden for excellence. There are more than 20,000 plants in this garden with a huge variety of roses.

10. Wax World Museum


    Situated close to the Ooty botanical gardens, Wax World Museum is one of the top places to visit in Ooty. The entire idea was conceptualized by Shreeji Bhaskaran. There are many wax statues of political leaders and wax replicas of many highly popular social figures like Mother Teresa and others. The wax museum also highlights the lifestyle of the Indians, mainly the rural life, highlighting the daily activities of the villagers and the entire village setting.

11. Avalanche Sanctuary


      Commonly visited from the Emerald Lake, Avalanche Sanctuary is the most familiar Eco-tourism spot in South India. It is a beautiful lake which is usually formed because of the avalanche. The entire place is surrounded by rhododendrons and beautiful flowers. It is a rolling landscape which creates great heaven for the nature lovers for its perfect setting. It also has an avalanche dam nearby which is famous for trout fishing. You can even try trekking and camping in this place.

12. Adam’s Fountain


      Situated close to the Ooty Railway Station, Adam’s Fountain is built in the memory of the governor. This fountain is highly popular among the tourists to click loads of photographs in front of it. It is located on the Charring cross junction. It highlights the history behind the construction of this fountain. The best time to visit Adam’s Fountain is during the evening when the beautiful lights of the fountain can be witnessed. It looks beautiful in the evening and is filled with people at that time.

13. Ketti Valley Viewpoint


     It is a vantage point in Ooty Coonoor Road which has the most strikingly beautiful surrounding. The valley has 14 villages and various fruits and vegetables are also grown here. It is popularly also known as the Switzerland of Nilgiris. The nature lovers will surely love this place. Adventurists have a lot of activities to do over here. The needle making industry is over here. Summer season is the perfect time to view the picturesque setting of the place.

14. Kandal Cross


      The local Catholics refer it as ‘The Calvary of Tamil Nadu’. Roman Catholics consider it to be their holy shrine. It is very close to the Ooty Lake. It is also known as the Jerusalem of the east. Many holy masses are organized over here every year. The true cross is here which is often flocked by the Apostles. It is flocked by pilgrims on 3rd of May when a grand feast is organized by the church authorities for the pilgrims as well as for the tourists.

15. Kalhatty Falls


      It is located on the Masinagundi road and is often visited by tourists visiting Ooty. It is also known by the name of Kalahasti Falls. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in Ooty. It is the perfect place for trekking. Many wildlife and hill birds are spotted over here. The viewpoint is very beautiful and offers the more serene sight of the surrounding place. You should definitely visit the Falls during the monsoons as it usually dries up during the summer and winter seasons.

16. Kotagiri


     Located on the Mettupalayam Road, Kotagiri is a very small hill station and is one of the oldest. It refers to the Kota tribe who used to reside over here previously. It was previously and was used as their summer retreat houses. John Sullivan even built the first European home in Kotagiri. It is famous for the scenic beauty and the large coffee plantation over there. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and tea estates. You can even try rock climbing and trekking over here.

17. Wellington


    This small town in Nilgiris is located 16 kilometers from Ooty. It is a peaceful military town where you can witness many barracks. It is basically the madras regimental Centre. The members of the Defence staff college stays over here. It is one of the popular places to visit in Coonoor. It takes just one hour to visit this place on a train, from Coonoor as it is just 3 kilometers from the Coonoor railway station. Here you will get very few accommodation options.

18. Coonoor


     It is located at a distance of 71 kilometers from Coimbatore. It is a taluk in the Nilgiri district. It is a very beautiful hill station where Nilgiri tea is grown. It is located at a height of 6000 feet and it is very popular for a wide range of birds and the varied wildflowers. The toy train ride is another major attraction over here. It goes through the valley of the Nilgiris providing the best of views all around. The panoramic views with the valleys and waterfalls are an added advantage.

19. Law’s Falls


     It is located in the Coonoor forest range and is a must visit sight over here. It is named after Colonel Law who was very popular in this place. This place attracts a huge crowd mainly during the monsoon season. Although the place is rocky and slippery, it is always flocked by people as it is so beautiful. This fall is almost 30 feet high and offers great views to its tourists. It is formed by the Coonoor river and is located on the Mettupalayam Road.

20. Catherine Falls


     It is located at a distance of almost 21 kilometers from Ooty. It is located very near to Kotagiri. It is one of the best waterfalls in Ooty and is always filled with tourists throughout the year. Locals often refer to this falls as Geddhehaada Halla. It has beautiful views of the tea plantations and the plains surrounding it. Its true essence can be felt during the monsoons when it is filled with water. You can even see this falls from the Dolphin’s Nose.

       With so many picturesque spots around Ooty, you can expect your tour of Ooty to become nothing short of spectacular. Every spot, in itself, is a storyteller. Experience the awesomeness of the Queen of Hill Stations in South India with the special tour packages from Visiit.

        We bring you a Holistic experience of everything that was hill station stands for. It might be something as complex as a visit to a tea plantation to something as simple as splashing the cold waters on the face of your loved one when boating on the Ooty lake. Tourism is not about visiting the spots in a given place but more about experiencing everything in that the place has got to offer you!

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