Rameswaram is a beautiful island situated in Ramanathapuram district of Southern India. Also known as the Island of Epics, it is one of the most popular sacred places in the country. It is famous for sacred ponds, less crowded temples, and clean sea beaches. During your Rameswaram trip, ensure to try the delicious cuisine of Rameswaram. It treats with delicious south Indian platters and Thalis. You would definitely feel surprised by the varieties offered in the vegetarian menu. Since it is a tropical island, it can be visited at any time of the year. Some beautiful places to visit in Rameswaram are as follows:

Places to visit in Rameswaram

1. Rameswaram Temple

Rameswaram TempleRameswaram Temple is a perfect combination of architecture and spirituality. It attracts tourists from all over the world for its madil, also known as high walls which guards powerfully on all the four sides of the temple. The long corridors with huge porticos adorn the interior of the temple. The corridors are built with sandstone of beams, ceilings, and pillars. Each festival is celebrated in a huge and grand style. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is definitely one of the top places to visit in Rameswaram.

2. Dhanushkodi Temple and Beach

Dhanushkodi Temple and BeachThe Dhanushkodi Temple is said to be one of the most wonderful temples of southern India. But it lost its power to nature force, cyclone and got washed away completely. The beauty of the place was that it was surrounded by water on four sides. It acted as a barrier to the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. The temple is the favourite spot for Lord Rama’s worshippers and people from far away would visit this place. Recently, it was rebuilt and it looks as though untouched. It still looks marvellous and beautiful.

3. Agnitheertham

AgnitheerthamRameswaram houses as many as 64 sacred baths and Agnitheertham is considered as one of the most important and sacred theertham or bath. Devotees and tourists visit the place every day in large numbers. It is also the only sacred bath or theertham that is situated outside the temple compound. The devotees follow a holy practice of dipping once in Agnitheertham or bathing before starting their religious journey in Rameswaram.

4. Glass Boat Ride at Pamban Bridge

Glass Boat Ride Pamban BridgeVisiting Rameswaram and not riding even once in the Glass boat ride means you have missed exploring the beauty of the place. The bottom of the boat is made of glass and it allows to explore the beauty of corals and exotic fishes. The surroundings and the well-maintained bridge by itself is the delightful view. The best time to view is from 12 noon- 1 pm and its best to carry an umbrella to escape the scorching heat.

5. Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge

Annai Indira Gandhi Road BridgeAnnai Indira Gandhi Bridge is one of the longest bridges in southern India. Standing strongly and proudly over the Bay water, it is the lifeline which connects Rameswaram to the mainland. The construction has left many engineers amazed by the beauty and strength of the bridge. It is also known as Pamban Bridge, it is considered as the most favorable means of communication.

6. The Five Faced Hanuman Temple

The Five Faced Hanuman TempleIt is the most celebrated temple and one of the important places to visit in Rameswaram. The temple got its name –Five Faced Hanuman Temple as it was said that Lord Hanuman appeared here with five faces. The idols of Lord Ram, Laxman, Sita, and Hanuman is worshipped and is considered to actually being placed their souls in the idols. There is a stone which floats in the sea believed to be related to Indian Mythology.

7. Gandhamadhana Parvatham

Gandhamadhana ParvathamGandhamadhana Parvatham is a beautiful small hill where one can admire the mind-blowing island. It is also famous for two storey temple in which Lord Rama’s footprint is preserved. It is a famous sacred place is mostly crowded with devotees. It is admirably surrounded by water and one just cannot miss the beauty of sunrise and sunset.

8. Jatayu Tirtham

JatayuThe temple is built in memory of Jatayu, an eagle which helped Lord Ram in collecting herbs. The eagle sacrificed its life for Lord Ram and died. According to Hindu belief, Jatayu was buried in the same place, where the temple stands today. The sand of the temple is also considered very pious. The best time to visit is during the month of October to April for its calm and peaceful ambience.

9. Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Kothandaramaswamy TempleThe temple is located in the tip of southern India and is surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the bay. The temple has withstood many natural calamities and still stands strong. The walls of the temple are beautifully decorated with paintings of the Ramayana Stories. One can experience a good history with the help of a guide who will narrate the story of the temple by passing through the paintings.

10. Jada Tirtham

Jada TirthamA small temple where Lord Kapardishvara is worshipped. The temple is built near a large peepal tree giving the devotees some cool and peaceful shade. The temple may be small in size, but the architecture involved is just mind-blowing. The meshwork is pure masterpiece and artwork is beyond words. The beauty lies in the architect of the temple and is one of the most religious pilgrimages.

11. Abdul Kalam House

Abdul Kalam HouseThe house of Abdul Kalam has been converted to Museum to let the people know about the greatest man struggles, achievements, and sacrifices. He was the former President of India who was famous for his great scientific accomplishments and was a very loved and looked upon by the youth of the country. It was this place where he was raised with his siblings. Presently his elder brother lives in the house showcasing Kalam awards, books, and his things. It is one of the finest places to visit in Rameswaram.

12. Lakshmana Tirtham

Lakshmana TirthamLakshmana Tirtham is built for the beloved brother of Lord Ram, Lakshman. The temple is beautifully adorned with statues of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman. It has statues of Lakshman beautifully carved in marble. The idols show the pure dedication he had for his Godbrother Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The temple is built in the Dravidian style and is famous for the charming idols and pillars carved depicting deities from Ramayana.

13. Ariyaman Beach

Ariyaman BeachAriyaman Beach is the main attraction of the Rameswaram. The beach is famous for unspoiled white sand with crystal clear water and pleasant waves. It is locally called Khushi Beach and entertains people of all ages. It has a park for children, watchtower, museum, aquarium and water fun activities like swimming, boating, surfing, and water scooter. The beach is well maintained and is said to be one of the cleanest beaches. There are various options for stay as cottages are available near the beach. Ensure to include this beach in your Rameshwaram itinerary as it is also one of the top places to visit in Rameshwaram.

14. Villoondi Tirtham

Villoondi TirthamVilloondi Tirtham is one of the famous and sacred beaches of Rameswaram. The main attraction of the beach is the availability of fresh water spring inside the sea. It is a natural water body and by tasting the fresh water, one would be amazed by its purity and freshness. According to Hindu mythology, it is known that Lord Ram shot an arrow so that the people were able to quench their thirst for water. A well-maintained beach and a must visit place.

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15. Burial Place of Abdul Kalam

Abdul kalam MemorialThe missile man of India, Abdul Kalam lies peacefully in this site. The place is clean, well maintained and mostly visited by tourists from all over the world. One should not miss paying homage to the great man when visiting Rameswaram.

16. Sea World Aquarium

Sea World AquariumHome to many sea animals, it is another important place to visit in Rameswaram. Sea World Aquarium is perfect for family and kids where one can learn about the life of sea creatures. Located in the heart of the city, it resides many sea animals like snakefish, octopus, beach, shark, rabbitfish, lionfish, parrot fish, sea lizard and many more. The aquarium life not only entertains the children but also the kid inside the adult. They sell items made of shells as a memorial for visiting Rameswaram’s Sea World Aquarium.

17. Kalam National Memorial

 Kalam National MemorialThe memorial displays the spectacular collections and contributions of Abdul Kalam. It beautifully depicts his childhood to national figure through photos and sculptures. A treat to the eye, one gets to glimpse his personal life, his love for books and children and many more. The place of unlimited knowledge, it displays the replicas of rockets, missiles, and Pokhran Nuclear Test information. The architect is a beautiful combination of Indian and Mughal, making it different and unique from other places. It is well maintained and is mostly filled by lovers of Abdul Kalam.

18. Kunthu Kal Beach

Kunthu Kal BeachKunthu Kal beach is considered as one of the best beaches of Tamil Nadu. The blue bay naturally flourished and filled with coconut trees makes it perfect and soothing heaven for beachgoers. It offers endless fun and entertainment with water sports and medicinal herbs. The place is naturally decorated with coral reefs, Nemo fish, coral stones, sea cucumber, lobster, green turtle and many more. It is not mostly crowded so one can have a fun and peaceful time.

19. Nambu Nayagiamman Temple

Nambu Nayagiamman TempleThe 14th-century temple is a mind-blowing example of perfect architecture, beauty, and strength. It has been beautifully adorned with huge bells and lawns. It is the temple of Lord Ram and is usually crowded by the devotees. It is locally known that the temple was built by the devotees of Ram. The temple architecture also attracts tourists from all over the world.

20. Thiruppullani

ThiruppullaniAn ancient temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. The temple was built during the Chola power, it is constructed in Dravidian style. It is regarded as one of the Divya Desams numbering 108. Presently Lord Darbha Sayana Rama is worshipped in the temple and is placed in reclining position.

21. Waterbird Sanctuary

Waterbird SanctuaryA haven for bird watchers, it is one of the most visited and admirable places to visit in Rameswaram. The Town is filled with water tanks, thus attracting a huge number of birds. The best time to visit is during the months from October to January. The sanctuary offers a lovely view of local birds throughout the year, but migratory birds are spotted only during the seasons. The migratory birds travel from European countries in flocks giving a unique and stunning view. Lovers of birds travel from all over the world to witness the exotic and rare species of birds.

22. Silk Shopping

Silk ShoppingThe silk of Rameswaram is widely popular. It is woven from the best quality of silk and is famed for its unique and intricate designs. Leaving the city of Rameswaram without buying silk is considered a waste of time. None can match the purity and design of the fabric. So make sure to buy some best silk fabrics for yourself or your loved ones on your visit to Rameswaram.

23. Adam’s Bridge

Adam's-BridgeAdam’s bridge is also known as Rama’s bridge stretching over 50 km. It is known to connect India with Sri Lanka. It is an interconnection of coral reef chains and sandbanks. A raw beauty offering a relaxed and peaceful experience. It is believed to be dating back to Lord Ram’s period. The best time to admire the beauty is to visit during the month of November to March.

24. Ramanathaswamy Temple

Ramanathaswamy TempleThe temple resides on the island’s eastern side and is believed to be one of the Lord Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlingas. The temple extends to 15 acres of land. It is famous for its style, architecture and the sculptures. The hallway extends to 1200 metres and is supported by more than 4000 pillars. It is famed for the 12 foot in length and 9 foot in height statue of Nandi. It is famous for its huge corridors and stunningly well-planned architect.

25. Badrakaliamman Temple

Badrakaliamman Templet is the only temple in the whole of south India, which is devoted and committed to Devi Durga. It is also the only largest temple of Goddess Durga. The idol of Goddess Durga is made of gold and the tower is also made entirely of gold. People from all over the world visit this temple for its beauty and architecture.  The temple is usually filled with Goddess Durga devotees. It is presently taken care by voluntary organizations and one of the best places to visit in Rameswaram.

Rameshwaram is a hotspot not only for Indian travellers but also for world travellers. It is close to various popular weekend destinations like Madurai, Kanyakumari, Munnar, and Pondicherry. All these destinations are must visit during the Rameswaram trip. Well, if you have plans to visit Rameshwaram for summer vacation, get in touch with Visiit.com. We offer customized and all-inclusive Rameswaram tour packages.

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