Planning for Seychelles trip? Seychelles is a gorgeous island country that comprises 115 islands in the east of Kenya. It is located in the Indian Ocean at a distance of 1000 miles from the African coastline. The white sand beaches and the dense rain forests are some of the prime attractions for the tourists along with the hilly areas in some places. The cozy feel of the place highlights the true spirit of the island. Victoria is the capital town of Seychelles. The official languages of this archipelago are Creole, French, and English.

A lot of high profile people and celebrities choose to spend their honeymoon vacation in Seychelles so as to enjoy the stunning private islands. Kate Middletown (Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince William spent their honeymoon vacation at Seychelles North Island. It was the spot that was previously selected by Victoria Beckham and David.  Seychelles is blessed with several attractions and places to visit. If you are planning on a honeymoon or family trip to Seychelles, ensure to cover the following places during your vacation.

Places to visit in Seychelles

1. Clock Tower

There are two main important centres in Victoria. One of the most important places to visit in Seychelles is the Clock Tower. It has been designed as a replica of the one in Vauxhall Bridge which is in London. Various banks, Palace of Justice, post office and even restaurants are found in this area. It is in the middle of the northern roundabout and is a symbol of Seychelles.

Location: Victoria

2. Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

It is located just at a distance of 5 minutes from the Clock Tower. Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is a must visit place in Seychelles. Mostly it remains crowded on Saturday morning. An entire hive of activity is offered over here. Exotic fruits, fish and spices are offered over here. From Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, one can head to Revolution Avenue, where various snack restaurants are found.

Location: Victoria

3. Eden Island

Eden Island is located on the south of Victoria. It is more of an upmarket set amidst the new residential area. Various luxury villas, restaurants, bars, a marina, and a shopping centre is found here, all with proper contemporary design. It even offers other spots of cultural and historical information about Seychelles.

Location: Victoria

4. Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

It is one of the top visited and most admired sites of Seychelles. It is a very colorful and popular temple. It is dedicated to popular Hindu Deity Vinayagar. It was built in 1992 at Quincy Street. It is very brightly colored and almost 5000 Hindus visit this temple every year.

Location: Victoria

5. Bel Air Cemetery

Various tombs and sarcophagi are found in this cemetery that is located on the Bel Air Road. From the first days of Victoria, the dead were buried over here. There was also a mythical person who was referred to as Giant of Bel Air. It was named after him and it is located in the central part of the cemetery. In general, it is basically a Seychelles National Monument.

Location: Victoria

6. Bicentennial Monument

It is located on the eastern part of Independence Avenue. It was built in the year 1978.  The main attraction of this place is a huge gigantic statue. The statue has three pairs of white wings which are extended. It was built by Lorenzo Appiani who was an Italian artist. It was built to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Victoria. The wings of the statue represent Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Location: Victoria

7. Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

It is one of the largest Catholic Church in Seychelles built by Gilbert Frichot, the Seychellois architect. But the doors and the tabernacles are designed by Egbert Marday. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden and the Priest House, La Domus. There is also a bell tower behind the building. The church is large enough to accommodate 700 people at one time.

Location: Victoria

8. Kenwyn House

It is located just next to the Cable and the Wireless building. It is one of the beautiful buildings and has been maintained in its original style. It has a French colonial architecture. There is also a house art’s gallery and a souvenir shop which is popular for various precious items.

Location: Victoria

9. National Museum of History

From here one can know about the history and the development of the city. It highlights the modern building of the National Library. Various old firearms, prehistoric maps, and other commodities are highlighted over here which also gives an insight into the culture here.

Location: Victoria

10. National Botanical Gardens

Different flora species of Seychelles are found over here. Almost 40 species of palm trees are found here and various other domestic or foreign plant species. Even exotic plants like Coco de Mer palm trees and the orchid garden offering almost 150 species are found here. The garden was founded by the famous botanist named Paul Dupont.

Location: Victoria

11. National Library Building

This extensive library is a steel or glass structure where the archive is open for the public. The literature, culture and the history of Seychelles can be found over here. It is located on the corner of the Francis Rachel street and 4th June Avenue.

Location: Victoria

12. State House

It was built in the year 1913 and is located on the west of the Clock Tower. It has a lush and landscaped garden. It previously served as the President’s Home and is a worthwhile place which is uniquely beautiful. This place has been carefully maintained and is filled with shrubs, trees, and flowers.

Location: Victoria

13. Saint Paul’s Cathedral

It is located just opposite to the Clock Tower, on the Revolution Avenue. It is one of the oldest Anglican Church here in Seychelles. On the archipelago, it is the second popular landmark. The principal Anglican Bishop of Mauritius has consecrated in the year 1859. The church is huge in size with 800 seats.

Location: Victoria

14. Victoria House

It is a wooden building located on the corner of Independence Avenue and the Sir Francis Rachel Street. It was built in the late 19th century and served as the New Oriental Bank. Here, you can also find the bust of Pierre Poivre who was a French Botanist. There is also a small park in front of the house.

Location: Victoria

15. French Cultural Centre

In this library, French books are displayed. Even if you are not a member of the Cultural Centre, you can still access the library over here. Various events also take place over here in the evening. Very appetizing afternoon meals can also be purchased from here. It is located in the Independence Avenue in Victoria.

Location: Victoria

16. Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

The undulating roads leading to this place is one of the most popular attractions over here. The Spice Garden is owned by an old lady. She serves homemade Creole Style food at her restaurant. Even the ice cream that she serves is seasoned with indigenous spices which provide you with a unique experience.

Location: Anse Royale

17. Mission Lodge

It was previously utilized to provide education as well as shelter to the children belonging to the slaves during the colonial period. Back in the 19th century, the Christian missionaries had built the Mission Lodge. One can get a mesmerizing view of the coastline of Mahe Island from here.

Location: Victoria

18. Morne Seychelles National Park

It is the largest National Park in Seychelles. It was established in the year 1979 and stretches up to one-fifth of the area of the Mahe Island. It is a 10 kilometer long Park with 12 separate trails. It is a great place for exploration when one goes for a vacation.

Location: Laurier Avenue.

19. Tea Factory

It is a very popular tourist spot in Mahe. If you wish to get a detailed idea of how a tea plantation actually functions, one can take a tour of this site. Apart from seeing its manufacturing process, one can even taste and buy the different varieties of tea.

Location: Sans Souci Road

20. Adelaide Studio

It is located in Baie Lazare in Mahe. Donald Adelaide who is a professional artist for more than 20 years has displayed his artworks in this studio. Most of his artworks are inspirations of the gorgeous coastlines and the sea views. He sells print and original paintings and works with watercolors even. He developed them under Michael Adams.

Location: Mahe Island

21. Aride Island Nature Reserve

It has a rich wealth of natural reserves and is one of the finest jewels of the Indian Ocean. Aride Islands remained a wild and beautiful paradise through all these years. It was a nature reserve from 1973 by Christopher Cadbury. Various seabirds and endemic plants can be seen over here.

Location: Mahe Island

22. Camarts Gallery

It is located at a distance of just 1 kilometer from Victoria. It is not only a gallery but is also a souvenir shop. It offers framing, limited giclee reproductions as well as sell original versions of the art products.

Location: Mahe Island

23. Carrefour des Arts

It is located in the National Arts Council in Victoria. Here one can find local art and craftwork. They were drawn according to the folklore and Seychellois traditions. One can even get a memento from here. Local performing arts events are also organized on regular basis. It is the best place where you can directly get in touch with the local artists.

Location: Victoria

24. Cousin Island Special Reserve

It is the perfect example of Ecotourism. Here one can witness the magical experience with nesting hawksbill turtles and lizards, nesting seabirds, five endemic land birds, and diverse fish population. It is managed by Nature Seychelles. It is the most preserved sites in Seychelles.

Location: Mahe Island

25. Curieuse Marine National Park

Unique green flora is found with hues of green and red color. It is also surrounded by Coco de Mer trees. Giant tortoises and giant hump head parrotfish are also found over here. It is surrounded by thick mangrove forests. One can even dive at the coral garden or at Pointe Rouge.

Location: Mahe Island

26. Dauban Mausoleum

It has been built on a very serene and secluded spot. It is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation of coconut trees. This is architecturally one of the most prominent landmarks of this island. It has an appealing structure with six proportionally massive columns. It also highlights the economic prosperity of the island.

Location: Silhouette Island

27. Domaine De Val Des Pres

It is a fabulous spot to experience the proper traditional Creole culture, gastronomy, art, and craft. The Plantation House called Gran Kaz has been built around 1870. It also highlights the Creole architecture. There is also a working-class home and 12 crafts workshops conducted on regular basis. Maison de Coco is a beautiful house that is made up of coconut products. You can also purchase gifts that are made using coconut.

Location: Mahe Island

28. Eden Art Gallery

It is located on Eden Island at Eden Plaza. It is the biggest international art gallery which is contemporary in taste. Various international and Seychellois artists sell and promote artworks and even original artworks made of watercolor, oil, and acrylic.

Location: Mahe Island

29. Eustache Sarde’s House

It is a timber constructed house from the early 20th century. It was built with refinement and geometrical precision. It has a concrete basement now but previously had large masonry pillars. It also has a façade verandah. It also has ornamental wooden balusters mandates on the roof of the house.

Location: La Digue Island

30. George Camille Art Gallery

It is located on Mahe Island on Revolution Avenue. It is a wooden Creole style gallery which highlights the work of George Camille, who is a local artist. It is also a beautiful café. In his paintings that are exhibited, he captures, the life of the Creole spirit.

Location: Mahe Island

31. Colbert Nourrice Studio

All the paintings and artwork of Colbert Nourrice is highlighted over here. He is an aspiring and promising young artist who works on the contemporary art scene. He is popular for the symbolic paintings that is based on the cycle of human lives.

32. Kreasyon Beau-et-Mien

It is located on Mahe Island. It displays the great paintings and works of Egbert Marday. He was a well-known artist, painter, and sculptor. He is also a popular model maker. He uses oil, acrylic, mixed media and his works are made up of metal, clay, plaster of Paris and others.

Location: Mahe Island

33. Andrew Gee Artist and Designer Studio

It displays all the works of Andrew Gee who is a talented and brilliant watercolor artist. Visitors come to his studio to see various watercolor paintings, handmade cards, and silk paintings. He uses his paintings to highlight the changing life of Seychelles.

Location: Mahe Island

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