Somnath resides one of the twelve precious Jyotirlingas of India. Somnath is a temple city, which is also referred to as Prabhas Patan. It is located in Gujarat state on the Arabian Sea. It is a place that can be visited any time of the year as the weather is moderate and pleasant all throughout the year. There are several places to visit in Somnath like Somnath Temple, Bhalka Tirth, Jama Masjid, Somnath Museum, Beach, Bhidiyo Pagoda and much more.

If you are planning for a trip to Somnath, ensure to add Dwarka to your list. Both Somnath and Dwarka charms you with various attractions. Dwarka is popular for beautiful beaches and ancient temples. It is one of the four blessed cities as per Hindu mythology. The entire city of Dwarka is rich in history and spirituality. There are several significant places to visit in Dwarka as the city combines reality and myth seamlessly taking you on a high spiritual note. Let us take you through a complete list of Somnath and Dwarka sightseeing places.

Places to Visit in Somnath

1. Somnath Temple


This Jyotirlinga shrine of Lord Shiva is a very old temple of the country. It is located on the western coast of Gujarat on the confluence of the rivers Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati. It is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India as it is mentioned even in the ancient texts. Even after several destructions, it never lost its beauty. Many emperors like Alauddin Khilji, Aurangzeb and Mahmud Ghazni have looted this temple several times. Millions of devotees come to this temple throughout the year. Somnath Temples is one of the must-visit places to visit in Somnath.

2. Laxmi Narayan Temple

This beautiful temple is located on the Somnath Shore. The Presiding deity over here is Lord Laxminarayan, who is believed by all to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It has beautiful modern architectural designs. There are 18 pillars in the temple which is popular for its carvings having the message of Lord Krishna. They are written in the form of Bhagwad Gita. It is located very close to the Gita Temple. It is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year.

3. Paanch Pandav Gufa

Paanch Pandav Gufa is dedicated to the 5 Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. It was discovered in the year 1949 by late Baba Narayandas. It is a very mesmerizing location from where you can see the entire city. It is a very serene and quiet place with a perfect picturesque location. The ambiance is very spiritual over here and the place is absolutely cool. Various tourists visit the place throughout the year. Paanch Pandav Gufa is one of the important places to visit in Somnath.

4. Somnath Beach

It is located at the end of the Arabian coastline where you can see the most beautiful sunrise and sunset every morning and evening. It is a perfect stop for lovers and a beautiful escape to the serenity. The grey sands and the sparkling waves offer you a long time for sightseeing. It’s better not to swim over here but you can definitely try jogging all along the stretch. It is located very close to the town of Veraval. You can enjoy the corn and the coconut water while you just sit and relax on the beach.

5. Triveni Sangam Temple

Triveni Sangam Temple is located where the mighty Arabian Sea meet the rivers, Saraswati, Kapila and Hiran. It is a very sacred place for the Hindus. Many people who visit this temple take a dip in the holy waters over here which is even considered sacred. It is believed to wash away all the sins that you have ever committed in your life. You can even find the Gita Temple and the Laxminarayan temple over here, located on the shores of this Ghat.

6. Suraj Mandir

Suraj Mandir is a temple that is dedicated to the Sun God. It is located very close to the Triveni Ghats and is a very rare holy site. You can find various depictions of birds and animals in the temple along with that of depictions of lions, elephants and other animals. It is even dedicated to the Spirits of Nature. These spirits are highly praised in the Hindu religion, culture, and heritage.

7. Parshuram Temple

The temple is located on the banks of the river Triveni. It is believed that Lord Parshuram had performed his penance over here to free himself from the curse given to him. This temple is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and scenic beauty all around. This temple is dedicated to Lord Parshuram. The curse was given to him by a king and Lord Shiva had relieved him from the curse and finally give him peace.

8. Shashibhushan Mahadev and Bhidbhanjan Ganpatiji temple

This temple is located along the beautiful seashore. It is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the city. Bhidbhanjan is another form of Lord Ganesha which is the savior version. Even the deity of Lord Shiva resides over here. Both are worshipped by the devotees. It is a popular place of visit for the devotees who come to this temple throughout the year.

9. Kamnath Mahadev Temple

This temple is very old, about 200 years old. Kamnath Mahadev Temple was built by a king and is one of the most popular temples in Somnath. The temple is highly decorated during the Shravan Maas and people often take a dip in the pond near the temple. Even the king believed that taking a dip in the pond would cure one of any disease. The temple is filled with tourists and devotees throughout the year, especially during the Shravan Maas.

10. Bhalka Tirth

It is a very popular Hindu religious centre in Somnath. It is a belief among the localities over here that Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow over here. Various theories according to the sacred texts circulate over here. It was believed that Lord Krishna’s death marked the beginning of the Kaliyug and the end of the Dvapara Yug. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This temple is also called the Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak.

11. Gita Temple

This beautiful temple has been built on the confluence of the three rivers meeting with the ocean. It is built on the Triveni Ghat and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It was built by the Birla’s in somewhat around the 1970s. It is a beautiful temple built with white marble. Various depictions of the hymns are engraved on the walls of the temple. The hymns are taken from the Gita. It is also popular for its marvelous architectural beauty. One can even hear the echo of his voice inside the temple.

12. Dehotsarg Teerth

This is also a very important Hindu religious centre. Here Lord Krishna was believed to have been shot by Jara and had breathed his last as a result. One can even see Lord Krishna’s footprints over here. It is an elaborated incident in the sacred texts. These are mentioned in the texts of Sri Krishna Neejdham Prasthan Leela. Lord Krishna’s brother Baldev is believed to have followed him. He followed him in the form of a serpent. He went through the Balramjiki Gufa which is located nearby.

13. Prabhas Patan Museum

This museum is popular for having the Kalbhairav Linga amidst the remains over here. It is believed to have been the most important Linga over here. It is believed that the Moon Good worships it. It is also very popular for being religiously and archaeologically important. It was established during the 1900s although the date is still unknown. It has a huge collection of items which ranges from water from the sacred rivers to the inscriptions and the idols of the deities. It unifies the rivers of Kapila, Saraswati, and the Hiranya.

14. Junagadh Gate

Mahmud of Ghazni was believed to have entered through this gate and looted the Somnath Temple. It is a very popular historical monument which serves as a landmark in Somnath. It is made up of stones with the décor of Chhatris on top of it. Various tigers are also sculpted on the top of it. Various tourists come to visit this place throughout the year.

15. Prachi Tirth

Various rituals for the ancestors are performed over here. It is a popular religious centre where even Lord Krishna was believed to have performed the rituals for his ancestors. He was the descendant of Yaduvansh. This place is given that much importance as that of Kashi. It is a very popular place for the Hindu ceremonies.

16. Gir National Park

Gir National Park is located at a distance of 43 kilometers from Somnath. It spreads up to 1400 sq. km. and is a home for the Asiatic lions. When the lions had reached down to 200, it was built to protect them. After a lot of effort, now the number has reached up to 285 lions. It is a very popular place of visit among the tourists and is frequented by them throughout the year.

Places to visit in Dwarka

17. Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the top places to visit in Dwarka. This temple has Chalukya type of architecture and is also popularly known as the Jagat Mandir. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is five-storeyed and has been made out of sand and limestone. This temple was built by Vajranabha 2200 years back. This temple was believed to have been reclaimed by Lord Krishna from the sea and has a black idol of Lord Krishna. There are various other shrines too dedicated to Rukmini, Balarama, Vasudeva, Revathi and others. It can be entered through the Swarg Dwar and is filled with devotees during Janmashtami.

18. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is crowded with a huge number of pilgrims on the day of Shivaratri. It is one of the 12 most popular lingas. It has an artistic and giant statue of Lord Shiva. Various tourists come here for an aesthetic appeal of the place. There is a myth surrounding the origin of the temple. It is a very mesmerizing place where you can seek serenity and tranquility.

19. Beyt Island

It is a very small island, which is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the main town of Dwarka. It is the main port which is entirely enclosed by various temples. This white sand beach is filled with coral reefs. It is a great place to enjoy water sports and for other activities like camping, picnics, sea excursions and exploring the marine life. After the development of Okha, it is no longer the main port.

20. Dwarka Beach

Dwarka beach is located very close to all the temples in the town. It is a great place to relax in the evenings and the early mornings. It is along the Arabian Sea Coast. The place looks serene and beautiful and is a popular spot among the tourists as well as among the locals. You can spot a large number of people here in the evenings enjoying the scenic view of the place.

21. Rukmani Temple

This temple is dedicated to Rukmani, who was Lord Krishna’s beloved consort. Although it is a small structure, it is an important shrine. It is an architectural masterpiece although it is not very gigantic in size. The paintings on the walls are rich and are very old, as old as the 12th-century ones. The paintings depict Lord Krishna and Rukmini. The carvings on the walls are another attractive feature of the temple. It is filled with devotees throughout the year.

22. The Lighthouse

The structure is popular for having the most breathtaking view of the surrounding place from its top. This tower is very tall and is 43 meters in height. It was inaugurated in the year 1942, on the 15th of July. The sunset looks very mesmerizing from the top of the place. It is a popular spot of visit for both the locals as well as the tourists. Dwarka looks beautiful from the top of the place.

23. Gomti Ghat

This river is believed to have come down from heaven itself. If the scriptures are to be believed, this river is the Ganga River itself. Various shrines and ghats surround the place. Here the river meets the vast ocean. It is a very tempting place for the devotees as they come over here to take a dip in the waters of the river. Although the waters are saline, it is even then popular among the devotees and the tourists.

24. Gopi Talav

According to the legends, it is believed that Lord Krishna used to be in this place to entice his Gopis. The romantic nature of Lord Krishna and his youthful pranks were very popular over here. The yellow sand that is found over here is very sacred among the devotees. They use the sand to make Tilaks on their bodies. It stretches up to 20 kilometers.

25. Bhadreshwar Mahadev Temple

This is an ancient temple. It is believed to have been 5000 years old. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has been built around a Shivaling which is self-manifested and has been found in the Arabian Sea. During the monsoons, the temple usually gets submerged in the sea. It happens every year and the devotees believe that in this way, every year, nature itself performs Abhishekam. The place has a divine vibe of its own. The place also has a spectacular scenic beauty which is also an attraction for the tourists.

26. Sudama Setu


Lord Krishna had a childhood friend named Sudama. This Setu Bridge has been named after him. It was built for the people to conveniently cross River Gomti. The Jagat Temple and the sacred Paanchkui Teerth are connected by this bridge. This place has an association with the Pandava brothers. One can even get a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea and the river from here. The place is popular for this amazing view.

27. ISKCON Dwarka

It is an NGO which serves as a major centre of Vedic Education and Culture. They create Krishna consciousness among its people. They even instill the teachings of Bhagavad Gita among its people. It was established by HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj. They continuously help in building a spiritual connection among everybody visiting the place. They even help everyone to live a fuller life. It is all through their programs.

28. Swami Narayan Mandir

This beautiful temple is located very close to the Dwarkadhish Temple. It is just next to the beautiful seashore. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu himself. The architecture and the sculpture of the place make it even more beautiful. The shrine is a pretty new structure which is cleaned and is very well-maintained. The divine vibe of the place gives out a very calm ambiance to the people visiting it. The temple is so beautiful that it is a treat to the eyes.

29. Dunny Point

This is a very unique attraction which is surrounded by the ocean on all sides. It is located very close to the Dwarka Beyt. The ocean is on three sides of the place. One can do various activities over here, like water-sports, among the most popular ones. Apart from that one can even do Swimming, bird watching and can even indulge them in various leisurely activities too. It primarily includes camping. It is an Eco-tourism site and is basically uninhabited. It creates a perfect environment. Here you can connect with nature in its true sense and can disconnect yourself from the gadget-friendly world for a while.

30. Hanuman Dandi Temple

Hanuman Dandi Temple is located at a distance of just 5 kilometers from the Dwarkadish Temple. It is believed according to the legends, that here, Lord Hanuman has met with his son, Makardhwaj. This temple is also popular all over India for being the only temple residing the idols of Hanuman as well as his son Makardhwaj. This temple is popular for wish fulfillment. When the devotees wish for something, they take a supari back home. When their wish gets fulfilled they come back with that supari plated with gold. It is filled with tourists and devotees throughout the year. It is very easily accessed by auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and even by buses or horse carts. It is also another important place to visit in Dwarka.

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