The state of Uttaranchal or Uttarakhand is one of the most underrated states in India. This is the place where the holy river of Ganges originates and where the fabled Jim Corbett National Park is. This is the place where a lot of temples having a very divine connotation have the presence.

The State of Uttarakhand is one of the most holistic tourist destinations in India. It has anything and everything that any tourist would want. We have compiled list of places that you could consider visit in Uttarakhand, and we have to make sure that you understand that the list of places is definitely not exhaustive.


Nainital Is considered to be one of the most sacred Lake in Hindu mythology. When Lord Shiva was carrying the charged body of Goddess Parvati, the remains of her eyes supposes to have fallen in one of the lakes. This Lake where the eye fell was literally translated to ‘The eye-lake’ –  or Naini – Tal.

Nainital is the headquarters of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. This place is not just bless with one lake but Three lakes that keep the climate of this place cool throughout the year in addition to the sub Himalayan pleasant climate. Nainital is a place that fills with a lot of picturesque spots all around. Some of the attractions include the Naini lake, The tiffin top, the Naina Devi Parvat and the famous high altitude zoo.

It is no wonder that a lot of famous people including Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Sam Manekshaw, Danny Denzongpa and the cricketer Manish Pandey owe their awesomeness to this amazing little town.


Ask any avid fan of Rudyard Kipling, and they will talk a lot about the awesomeness of this town of Dehradun. Even before this place is declars as the capital of the newly formed state of Uttarakhand, Dehradun have had it fair share of Awesomeness. Indian Military Academy, the famous Doon School and a lot of other places of interest have made a Dehradun one of the most prominent places in the history of India.

When we are talking about the history of India, the association of Dehradun is quite expensive. Dehradun believes to be one of the places visit by Laxman during his brother’s war with Ravana. It is mention in Mahabharat as the place of residence of Dronacharya, who was the Guru of both the Pandavas and the Kauravas. They are edicts of the great mauryan Emperor Ashoka that have been discovered quite close Dehradun, establishing its wealth and importance. King Aurangzeb was so impressed by the nature in Dehradun that he decided to make it a place of secular worship, and this is mighty impressive, considering that in this order came from one of the most aggressive Muslim rulers in the history of India.

The place, in itself might not have a lot of attractions, but being there in Dehradun is a great experience in itself. to satisfy the list of people who might be looking for specific attractions, there is the robbers cave which is supposed to have been the hideout for one of the most famous dacoits in Indian history, and the high altitude zoo which serves to keep a lot of Himalayan animals close to their home like climate.

The Jim Corbett National Park

Nothing compares the closeness of the state of Uttarakhand to nature then the presence of the Jim Corbett National Park. This National Park is the oldest of its kind and yours established in 1936. Spread over an area of more than 520 square kilometers, this National Park is one of the finest homes to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

In addition to the Tigers, this National Park serves as a sanctuary for about 568 species of birds and animals including but not limited to the Indian leopard, The crocodile, the junglefowl, the barking deer, the Indian Python and a lot of elephants.

Naming this national park after the conservationist Jim Corbett is one of the finest Honours that we can bestow up on the person who took so much effort to conserve wildlife in a diverse ecosystem like India.


Mussoorie is the forgotten-hero of hill stations in Nainital, thanks to its proximity to Dehradun. However, just like Ooty and Kotagiri, these two places beautifully co-exist as amazing twins of hill-stations that make Uttarakhand a better place than it already is.

The Nahata Estate, the Gun Hill, The Lake Mist, and the series of waterfalls like the Kempty Falls, the Bhatta Falls, the Jharipani falls and the Mossy falls, in addition to the Mussoorie lake only make this place a great option to club along with Dehradun when you are on a trip to Uttarakhand.


This place is to Nainital what Mussoorie is to Dehradun – only that it is a lot less famous! This place might not be fills with spots that you can tick off the list of places to see and this place, however, is about an experience of walking in the wild apple orchards. Imagine the experience of picking an apple from a tree as you’re just strolling on the roads! This is what Ranikhet is about. What’s more!? This is one among the very few places in India where you get fresh chestnuts. These nuts that bear a very earthy fragrance is a major ingredient in all your favorite chocolate, and is one of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite too!!

Uttarakhand, with its separation from Uttar Pradesh, is now getting all the attention it deserves. The Uttar Pradesh Tourism which was majorly concentrating on places like Agra, Fatehpur Skiri and Varanasi didn’t have an option to give Nainital, Dehradun and Mussoorie the attention they deserved!

Now with Uttarakhand becoming a unit of its own, has only made the places more famous, giving them the rightful attention they deserve! The next time you plan a trip that focuses on serenity and tranquility, especially in spots where you are surrounds by nothing but Nature, then Uttarakhand is the place that you will need to look forward to… and who needs a camera when you can make amazing memories that will stay in your mind forever!!?!

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