Places To Visit Near Kolkata For Youngsters

    The fact that the city alone has a lot of places to visit, there are also various other places near Kolkata that could serve as perfect getaways. To escape the the busy streets and explore new exotic locations is something that everyone would look forward to.



      A place know for its religious importance. Located in the banks of Ganges, the temple here can surely can take a step close to divine side. If you are visiting Tarakeswar taking a dip in the holy Dudh Pukur is kinda mandatory. The Buddhist Temple located nearby is also a must visit spot.



     The flawless grace of nature of this place is nothing less than a boon to the city dwellers. Located in the banks of river Ichamati, this is one place where anyone experience the abundance of nature. The perfect place to serve as getaway for anyone who wants to take a break from the routine robotic life.



        If you are person who is into history and stuff this is  the exact place where you need to be. The distinctly designed terracotta temples shout out loud the importance for art in past. The Serenity of the place sure does eases you down and gives a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Piyali Islands


       For all those who do not want to visit the conventional Sunderbans in West Bengal, Piyali Islands come as a perfect spot to experience nature’s treat. A blissful drive from Kolkotta takes one this exotic beauty after crossing a bridge over the river Piyali which connects the island to the mainland. Since it is often named as Pseudo Sunderbans, therefore we can expect the vegetation, landscape and topography to be similar.



        An alluring beauty surrounded by high hills is located about 250 km drive away from Kolkota. Embracing the charm of the beautiful necklace like dam which is the second largest earth dam of Asia which is about 10.8 km freshwater dam at the joining of river Kansabati and river Kumari, this admirable greenery is a picture perfect. The gently lapping lake offers a grand view of the sunset. The lake also provides boating facilities to the visitors.



       What would be your thoughts if you can have an entire beach for your own? The exact place to experience the feel. Away from the busy streets of the  of the main city and located around 135 kms from Kolkotta, Bakkhali comes across as a treat to its visitors. The mystic sunset here is something that needs a special mention

       Being one of the most secluded white sand beaches in India, Bakkhali boasts of a 7 km long beach ending till Frasergunj.



      This is the place where you can experience the the grandeur of the nature in West Bengal. The sprawling dense forests combined with the wild life and the infinite tea estates is what Dooras is all about. This enthralling beauty stretches from river Teesta on the west to the river Sankosh on the east. An impeccable place to experience the richness of nature.A drive through the Dooars plains, the gateway to Bhutan and the whole of North east India, can be the experience of a lifetime.



     A wondrous small hamlet in the lap of Northern Bengal brings immense joy. An untouched rural corner, Samsing serves as a bearer of some exotic orange orchids. This beauty possesses lush green tea gardens and dense forests.This exquisite God’s creation is unique in every way possible.



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       The mystic vision of the amazing beauty is absolutely picture perfect. The gushing waves in the beach does make your heart skip a beat. The dense forest of Tamarisk trees is definitely a highlight of this place. If you are adventurous person you can indulge yourself in various activities like Paragliding, Rafting, Zorbing, and Kayaking.

Neora Valley National Park


      The moment you step foot here, its like nature giving a tight slap on your face and showing the mankind what the things that you are missing. The is full of diverse range of flora and fauna. A place where just while away the time just by admiring its beauty.

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