Mumbai Goes by different names. Sometimes it is called the maximum city and sometimes it is called the city of Dreams. It is true that Mumbai fulfills a lot of Dreams. Be it Bollywood stars or Aspiring sports persons or Businessman like Ambani, Mumbai has always been a great place for dreaming.

However, when it comes to living more than dreaming, it is not just about Mumbai. There are a lot of places in and around Mumbai that give you a perfect experience of being one with nature and being relaxed. A long weekend when you are in Mumbai is a perfect excuse. It gives you a good stretch of time for you to break away from the strenuous lifestyle and stress of work, and relax in a place for getting everything that bothers you.

Let us take a look at a few places around Mumbai that are perfect for long weekends.

Khandala and Lonavala:

Thanks to Aamir Khan’s song in Ghulam, we all know the awesomeness of Khandala.’ Because of this place is a Confluence of greenery, Ghat roads and a lot of little amusements in nature that make it a perfect Getaway for a 3 day trip from Mumbai.

Khandala is just a few hours from Mumbai and Pune, and lives close to the amazing Mumbai Pune expressway. There are a lot of picturesque spots including the concealed Big Z Falls, the natural Rock caves that serve as Buddhist monasteries, amazing view points and of course, a lot of culinary delights including the famous Chiki and vada pav.

Let us also not forget the elite residence of a lot of Elite people including Richard Gere, Pamela Anderson and Steve Waugh. Yes, we are talking about the Aamby Valley City.


There are a very few places in this world that can qualify as perfect places for monsoon Getaway. Matheran is one such place that requires a new level of beauty in the monsoon season.

There are toy trains that connect Matheran to the Mumbai Pune railway line and it is properly operational during the summer. Summer is definitely not a bad time to visit Matheran. The breeze is cool and the climate around is perfectly relaxing.

However, what makes Matheran a perfect destination is the awesomeness it exudes during the monsoon point Matheran is so Pristine and untouched by the elements of manmade horror. You can either go to Matheran by walk or by taking a ride on a horse back. If you are a tracking enthusiast it recommends that you enjoy the walk. If you are a little lazy, it recommends that you’re right on the back of a horse, which is a great experience in itself.

This place is around with waterfalls, view-points, and lots of other similar attractions. Even if not for anything else, it is a great idea to just take a walk in the rain in the ghat Road that is romantic experience in itself, even for singles.

All these places, in their proximity to Mumbai, make these getaways perfect destinations for a 3-day trip from Mumbai,

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