One of the places not only in India, but also in the entire world that showed the real extravagance of life and redefined the world “luxury” during the Nizam Rule. The history that this place holds has a very significant part to play in our country.

Since we have only one day in our hands its good to make the most of it. So lets be early birds and start off in the early mornings.

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park (KBR Park)


This is definitely one place where you won’t regret waking up early! This 11 acre widespread area is the abode of rich flora and fauna. With a fresh air and rejuvenating nature all along this place would give the perfect start for an exciting day.

Breakfast : @Chutney’s


Roaming around the park sure must have made you tired. The breakfast at Chutney’s sure sure does puts a smile on your face. Its not just the food, the whole experience of this place is juts wow.

Ram Ki Bindi


This almost takes 40 min to travel from KRB park, but we are pretty sure its absolutely worth it. This is one place that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to food in Hyderabad. This street shop is known for its delicious dosa they make.




If anyone is visiting Hyderabad its mandatory to drop down the Charminar. Its an Indo-Islamic architectural masterpiece. Holding a lot of history in it this one is nothing less than a feast for our eyes. Might be a sad news for boys and men out there(Pun intended), there are ton of jewelry shops near the Charminar. Ladies let the hunt begin!

Chaowmahalla Palace

Its a place in Hyderabad that attracts a lot of tourists. The magnificence and the architectural extravagance of the beauty will definitely create a jaw dropping moment. It will be a miracle if it doesn’t, coz’ how do you expect the residence of the Nizam would be??


They also have huge collection of paintings, books and manuscripts. Some of the richest possessions of the royal family are also exhibited

Salar Jung Museum


If you are person who is into the rich history and heritage of our country this exactly the place where you should be. Numerous exhibits not just Indian, but also European, Middle East  and other country elevates the element of elegance to this place. The exhibits comprises of armours of soldiers, metal wears , weapons, brass utensils, stone carvings, sculptures,textile prints, manuscripts and various other objects with great historic value.Veiled Rebecca made with Italian Marble is one the major attractions of this place.


The best thing about Andhra/Telangana is the food that these states offer. Whether its veg or non-veg it really doesn’t matter. Each one exceptional in its own way.



We are not an exception when its comes to food in Hyderabad, so not going to suggest anything new. Hands down Hyderabadi Briyani. One of the greatest contribution of the Nizams to the culinary world.Everyone knows that Paradise serves great Hyderabadi Biryani, but Bawarchi and Bahar are also other restaurants that will exceed your levels of expectations.

Minerva Coffee Shop


If you are a person who prefers vegetarian this should be your choice. The place offers some delicious food. You have a lot of choices to choose from the diverse range of cuisines. But particularly Andhra meals is something that everyone opts for.

Lumbimi Park


After delicious and a whole some lunch its really very difficult to move around, Coz’ definitely your tummies will be fully loaded. With sun slightly going down and scorching heat dropping a little bit, this is the perfect time to stretch your legs and ease out a bit. The soothing environment sure does gives a sense of relaxation. This place also has lot of rides, water parks and other entities that would make it fun filled.

Birla Temple


This place is not just a tourist attraction, something more than that. A place which could take you closer to your divine side. This religious spot has a lot special elements that makes it unique in many ways. The architecture is a blend of Nagra and South Indian style. The entire is built of white marble from Rajasthan. The captivating view of the Birla temple during the is at it best when its all decked up with all the lights.

Buddha Statue


The location of the statue is totally enough for anyone to make a trip here. An element that seals the deal.Located in the center of the artificially created Hussain Sagar lake. You really don’t need to follow Buddhism to experience the piece that the religion preaches, just a visit to this place is all it takes to experience it. This is the tallest Buddha statue in the world. The sight of the place during the nights is something that cannot be explained in words.

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