Each and every city in at part of the world has its own quota for Romantic spots. For some cities the quota might be a bit higher than any other. Likewise Hyderabad is not an exception when it comes to  this category. From the quietest corners to the crowded restaurants this place everything to offer according to your desires.

Necklace Road

Known for its breathtaking view  that sets the ambience for anyone in a romantic relationship. The dim lights of the cities far away and the magnificent view of the Buddha statue in the center of the Husain Sagar Lake. Is there something more someone needs?? We really don’t think so.

Taramati Baradari

Just like every love has a story behind it, this place also holds a beautiful and romantic romantic love story and history behind it. The once residence of the beautiful dancer Bhagmati is a place of absolute beauty in every aspect. It is said that the songs that she sang can be heard from the Golkonda fort and king fell in love with it. The very reason the why the city is named after this famous one.

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park (KBR Park)

One of the very first qualifications of the any park in the world is that is should serve as a beautiful location for any one in a relationship to spend some quality and romantic time. Everything else come second to it. The Kasu Brahamanandha Reddy park serves as a great spot for anyone to hangout. The wide 11 acre plants, trees and flowers filled location sure eases anyone out.

Ramoji Film City

Your love might not look like something that being portrayed in the films. But this is one place that sure does bring out the romance inside you in filmy way. If your partner is someone who is into films this is exactly the place them to be. A chance for anyone to relive your favorite film moments.

Food Street

The hot spot where young couples meet ,greet and eat. A place which gives a  wide range of options in food and also the magnificent view of the Tank Bund overlooking the Buddha statue is perfect location for anyone to spend some time with their loved one. If you are choosing to sit on the rooftop makes things even more great.

The Ferry Ride, Tank Bund


The Ferry Ride to the statue, along with your love one is something that be a memory that will last till eternity. Especially during the nights when statute is fully decked up with proper lighting. That is the kinda place where you need to be your loved one.

NTR Gardens

The beauty of this place is all the more enough to create a pleasant environment. The thrilling rides, the gushing fountains and last but not the least the magnificent view of the lake and the Buddha statue make it one the most sort out locations in Hyderabad.

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