Kodagu is the other name of Coorg. It is a beautiful district in State Karnataka. If you are searching for an ideal holiday destination in South India, Coorg is an excellent choice. There are several places to stopover in and around Coorg. When you compare with Munnar, Kodaikanal or Ooty, Coorg is less crowded and more peaceful. It is a tranquil hill station located close to Mysore. It is abundantly rich in flora. This place remains popular for ultimate cardamom, pepper and coffee plantations for long time. It has the best trekking trails in India.
Coorg’s capital city is Madikeri. Coorg is one of the famous sightseeing places as it houses large number of Buddhists in India.

Places to Stopover in Coorg:

Nagarhole National Park:

Nagarhole National Park1

It is also referred as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is a popular wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve. Kids would completely enjoy this park especially when they see wild elephants roaming around the jungle. Apart from elephants and tigers, the park resides deer, gaur and wild dogs. It is a thick tropical forest. The streams run through the jungle. You can spot wildlife activities near these streams. It is recommended to stopover at this park during summer. You can see vast wild animals resting near the water bodies. Tigers are frequently seen here. Most animals will not be seen in open when you visit during rainy season.


Mallalli Falls:

Mallalli Falls

It is situated at bottom of Pushpagiri Hill Ranges. It is an exuberant place. It is a beautiful sight to see waters forcing down and whipping against boulders and rocks. The view is exhilarating. The repetitive sound of whipping water echoes in your mind. It is best to stopover during the monsoon. You could see remarkable swell of water at monsoon. The beauty of nature and water brilliantly combines and displays a portion of heaven. No matter, you see the falls from far or near, the effect remains the same.


Coffee Plantation Visit:

Coffee Plantation coorg

There are several coffee plantations around Coorg. It has obtained worldwide reputation for coffee plantations. In Coorg, there are both private and government-owned coffee plantations. You will join with experienced coffee pickers while visiting a plantation. They share interesting information regarding coffee picking techniques. The majority of these coffee plantations harvest manually. Only a few use the machines for harvest.

If you are visiting for first time, you can get help from guides. It is an amazing experience to enter into such luxuriant regions and breathe the fresh air. It is enchanting to follow the winding paths. Coffee plantation visit remains informative apart from recreational. You are educated and informed on various processes and methodologies charted to grow coffee.


Madikeri Fort:

Madikeri Fort

It was constructed during the 17th century. Tipu Sultan reconstructed Madikeri Fort. During the reconstruction, granite was used. A Mud fort was converted into a granite fort. It is located on the top of hill. Muddu Raja initially constructed the fort with a palace inside. Several administrators and Kings managed the fort throughout its memorable history. The palace inside the fort was constructed using European architecture. It is a fascinating place you should visit in Coorg. As you visit, you will feel like stopping at a European palace. It displays wealthy cultural legacy of Kodagu region.

Apart from these, there are several places to visit in Kodagu. If you have enough time, ensure to go for sunset jeep drive, visit Harangi Dam, Gaddige, Chelavara Falls, Dubare Reserve Forest and the Golden Temple.

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