Prague is the largest and the capital city of the Czech Republic. It is also one of the most beautiful and top cities in Europe during the Medieval times and is still one of them. Situated in a beautiful location, Prague consists of old architectural buildings from Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque eras which make the city even more attractive and famous as a tourist attraction. Every year a huge number of travelers and backpackers visit Prague in search of bliss in those old monuments and buildings and towns. The buildings and the architecture of Prague make it worth visiting for those who have a great interest in historical and old places.

Places of attraction in Prague

In the medieval city of Prague you will find various buildings which have some striking features that will leave you speechless and the places that you need to visit while you are in Prague are:

Church of Our Lady in front of Tyn

This huge church is a beautifully designed building with historic architecture and designs. The church is huge and attractive and is visited by many tourists every day including the locales of the place. It is the main church since the 14th century and has been changed with time by different architects of the different era. It was heavily damaged by a lightning strike in the 16th century but was renovated later.

Astronomical clock

This astronomical clock is a very interesting clock and is one of the tourist attractions in the old town of Prague. It announces every hour and miniature apostles moving aside. It was invented in 14th century by Mikulas of Kadan. It also gives an animated hourly show which makes this place full or tourists.

Powder tower

The name of this tower came from storing gunpowder in the 17th century. It was previously called the New Tower and the look resembles that of the tower in Charles Bridge. It was built during the 14th century and was used for coronation ceremonies during the 18th century for people to pass by to reach St. Vitus Cathedral. It was heavily damaged during the Battle of Prague.

Vitkov Hill

It used to be the vineyard of Charles IVV during the 14th century. The cultivation of hops and grapes was done on this hill and it was the site of the Battle of Vitkov as well.

There are other places to visit in Prague such as the National Monument, Zizkov Television Tower, and Flowers for the Unknown Soldiers, St. Salvator Church to name a few. You can have an amazing experience visiting Prague where everything will take back you to the past and you can relive the medieval age in the best way possible. You can always plan a trip to Prague with some of your friends and family or you can hit the city alone so that you can explore each and everything in detail and create some amazing memories of the places you visited on your trip to Prague. Make sure to see everything in the city.


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