Radhanagar beach – Andaman

A pristine blue water that is calm and quiet, a white sandy stretch of beach, a beautiful sun set to enjoy with a cold beer, while the wind gently ruffles you hair… sounds way exotic to be true, doesn’t it?

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are beach paradises that can give other famous beaches across the globe a run for their money. Fewer people, cleaner, pristine as nature intended it to be, and most importantly, easy on the wallet! And it is home to one of the best beaches in Asia, the Radhanagar Beach, a picturesque expanse of white sand beach, nestled to the north western coast of Havelock Island.

The beach shot to fame for its enchanting curve of white sand bordering the almost turquoise blue water, giving it the title of “Asia’s Best Beach” by the Time Magazine. Families, couples, friends or even a solo traveller would find this place a great spot to be in, for its scenic beauty and the serenity it hosts in its awe inspiring landscape. It gets even better, for the beach is lined by a lush forest sprinkled with palm trees across, almost making one feel as if they have entered a picture post card! It gets even better while the sun hobbles over the horizon in the evenings, turning the skies and sea alike into a majestic orange hue!

Getting There:getting there- radhanagar beach

There are many government-operated ferries at your disposal every day from Port Blair to Havelock Island. Many private luxury boats are also operated between Port Blair and Havelock daily if you crave for some luxury on your travel.

Take the adventure a notch up by taking the seaplanes or the helicopter services from the Port Blair airport to Havelock Island.

At Havelock Island, auto rickshaws, buses, taxis and motorbikes are available. The government has also introduced AC Deluxe buses for tourists within Havelock.


Radhanagar Beach is a breath-taking experience. But to make it even more fun, the beach has an abundance of water sports activities that you could indulge in. From scuba diving to snorkelling, the clear waters at Radhanagar can give you memories for a lifetime.

  • Scuba Diving:scuba diving in andaman

    The marine life around the Andaman Islands are lovely and a treat to the eye. The coral reefs around Havelock hosts an abundance of beautiful marine life, making it a great spot for scuba diving enthusiasts. Radhanagar beach is one such beach with a magnificent coastline, and one could dive into the nearby diving spots for a great experience. Seduction Point, Aquarium, Lighthouse, Mac Point, Pilot Reef, Minerva Ledge and Turtle Bay are some of the famous diving spots to look out for. December to May are the best seasons to scuba dive.

  • Snorkeling:snorkeling in andaman

    Glide along peacefully above the intricate network of beautiful and colourful coral reefs around Radhanagar by snorkelling into the shallow blue waters near the beach. The calm and clear waters at this spot can give you magnificent views of spectacular sea life. And if you simply care for a relaxing swim, jump right into the shallow waters, for Radhanagar beach is a perfect place to float around or go for a dip in the shallow blue waters.

  • Game Fishing:game fishing in andaman

    Climb aboard one of the many boats that offer fishing equipment to the fishing enthusiast. The coast along Radhanagar beach is rich in marine life and is blessed with an abundance of an exceptional variety of fish. There are multiple organizations along the beach where one could buy a fishing experience. You might be a great fisher, or might be just a beginner, but this place offers an experience that one shouldn’t miss never the less.

  • Bird Watching:bird watching andaman

    Calling all the bird lovers, remember I told you about the lush green forests lining the Radhanagar beach? Well, the shallow sea isn’t the only one that’s brimming with a variety of life! The beach (and the island) is home to a variety of birds including Olive-backed Sunbird and Andaman swallow. Sneak around the beach and if you’re lucky, you might find many other birds that call this island its home. From White Headed Mynas to red crown, fulvous-breasted woodpeckers, tropical birds of a myriad of colours are found in this magnificent place!  

  • Other Activities:

    Radhanagar beach has its share of beauty and fun in all the right amounts. Apart from the ones listed above, the beach also offers seasonal water sports activities and other fun experiences such as Beach Combing, where you might be lucky to find a pretty seashell or two, Sea walk, one of the safest underwater experience where one walks along the sea floor, Surf riding and what not! If you drift a little further away from the beaches, you could even chance upon a kayaking adventure or a fun trekking experience.

Places of Interest Nearby:

  • Vijaynagar Beach:vijayanagar beach

    A beautiful hue of blue-green shrouds this serene beach along the east coast of Havelock Island, the infamous mahua trees lining the shore. It’s a perfect spot to relax without the crowds looming over, and for the adventure seekers, the mahua trees are a great load of fun! The roots grow above the sandy beach for a few meters before they begin to form the trunk of the tree, and they are a great deal of fun to climb on! Take those beautiful beach selfies with blue-green waters behind, and breathe in the fresh, unpolluted beach air at this romantic setting.

  • Elephant Beach:elephant beach andaman

    Pretty close to Radhanagar Beach, The Elephant Beach is famous for the rich marine life it hosts under its shoreline. The abundance of corals and the marine life make it a fantastic spot for snorkelling. Quite an energetic crowd can be seen here, as many flocks in to admire the crystal blue waters around the coast. Swimming, snorkelling, banana boat rides, and speed boats are some of the major attractions. Elephant beach is just a 5-minute drive away from Radhanagar Beach, and it is also one of the must visit spots in every tourist’s books.

  • Kala Pathar Beach:kala pathar beach andaman

    For all the early birds, Kala Pathar Beach is a great spot to watch the sun rise. It does not see many tourists and is only gaining fame, but if you hurry, you would still find a peaceful retreat here without the crowd. It is naturally gifted with a great shore line with a rugged terrain, giving it a spectacular ambience. Many call the sun rise here one of the best experiences of a life time. The empty beach is a stunning spot for a relaxing walk, and with all the hype about its beautiful sunrise, Kala Pathar is a great place to be.

  • Elephant Training Camp:elephant training camp in andaman

    The Forest Department at Kala Pathar allows tourists within its campus to admire the elephants that call the camp their home. It is an awesome sight to watch elephants take a dip in the beaches, or playfully bathe themselves in the sea. There are many other locations within the island where you would find elephants working with men in logging the island. You could also go on an elephant ride and have a great time making friends with the gentle giants, and call it a day!

Fantastic Food:

Radhanagar Beach can fill you up with a great deal of happiness and peacefulness, but all those activities it offers can also drain you. But fear not, the beach is surrounded by some great cafes and restaurants that serve amazing food. Here’s a list of some of our favourite eateries:

  • Something Different – A Beachside Café:something different -andaman

    With a contemporary and fresh ambience, and a great amount of detail given to its interiors, Something Different has set up an ambience of a perfect beachside restaurant to go with its mouth-watering delicacies. From excellent pizzas to absolutely delightful seafood, a wide range of options to choose from and milkshakes that go beyond compare, this restaurant/café has it all. The staff is cheerful and soft-spoken and always ready to help. So hop into this cheery place and have a great meal for your perfect vacation.

  • Full Moon Café:full moon cafe andaman

    A great tourist magnet, the Full Moon Café serves one of the best continental cuisines in the island. Made mostly out of bamboos, the café highlights the importance of being eco-friendly and sets a great ambience to the diners. The café is highly eco-friendly and promotes no use of plastic bottles. The attention to the detail on the food and the way it is served on bamboo leaves will all lay a mighty good impression on you. Pancakes, homemade lemonades, tahini salads, aubergine fries are some of the favourites in this café. Overall, a great place to spend your evenings after a good long day at the beach.

  • Anju Coco Resto:anju coco andaman

    A large variety of choices at a great price, and at a wonderful taste, Anju Coco Restro offers outstanding meals that tempt every taste bud. Famed for their prawn delicacies, Anju Coco serves lovely sea food that brings people back after their first meal here. It is close to many other beaches and resorts and has lovely staff that are always on their toes to help you.

Accommodations:accomodations in andaman

During the tourist season, usually around December to May, the tourist department puts up domes at Radhanagar beach which is a whole new experience in itself. There are many other options to stay around this magnificent beach.

Havelock Island houses more than 50 resorts. And depending on your budget, there are multiple listings for accommodation that you could choose from at Bookings.com, Airbnb.com etc.

The government run Dolphin Resort is highly sort after. The Tourist Information Centre in the Directorate of Tourism at Port Blair can help you with the reservation at Dolphin Resort.

The closest resort to Radhanagar Beach is Barefoot at Havelock. A highly rated resort with spectacular views, and a serene ambience. It is a romantic getaway to newly-wed or those who just seek a perfect hide out near the beautiful beach. It is lodged near the lush forests around Radhanagr, to match its niche of being one with nature. Though a bit on the pricier side, Barefoot at Havelock is a perfect place to stay for its proximity to beautiful beaches and trekking spots. It also hosts a wonderful restaurant within the resort to keep your stomach happy!

Budget resorts like Holiday Inn Beach Resort is another great alternative. It offers its guests a private beach area with amazing water sports facilities, and it is located towards the north-east of Havelock Island, making most of the great restaurants and cafes and bars a simple walk away. Rdhanagar beach is only 20 minutes’ drive away from this resort, and it is also located near most of the other famous beaches in this pretty little island.


Radhanagar Beach is one big package of beauty, calm and adventure. But beware that although the seas and coasts are generally safe, there are potential dangers that you might want to keep an eye on such as jellyfish and Stone fish. Schools of jellyfish might migrate depending on the ocean temperature, do not play with them or touch them. The stings of jellyfish are painful and could make you giddy.

The beaches are very safe for swimming or snorkelling but never venture into the open ocean without supervision. Sharks and sea snakes live around the deeper ends of the ocean, and could easily be carried away and have their safety compromised. Never enter the seas with open wounds, as the scent of blood can invite highly sensitive sharks closer to the shore.

The people of Havelock Island are homely and very welcoming, but always ensure to keep emergency contacts handy. If you are travelling alone, carry safety equipment such as a pepper spray. The island is extremely safe for solo travellers, but it is never too much to invest a little on safety.

In conclusion, Radhanagar Beach is a great holiday destination. Be it for a romantic honeymoon, a family trip, or a solo adventure, the beach is a welcome spot for every kind of traveler. So go ahead and book your tickets, and have an experience of a lifetime!

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