Today, without much fanfare, there was a celebration that went on, that a lot of people would not have even bothered recognizing! Today is the International men’s day.

Men's Day

At this moment is day without so much Hue and cry, let us remember a man who lived just for 55 years and made history by being the undisputed first person to reach both the north pole and the South Pole. He is none other than the Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen!


Being born into a family of sailors and ship captain, the concept of exploration was not new to Roald Amundsen as a child. However, he decided to push the limits beyond what others would have not imagined to even in their wildest dreams! To give you an example of how this genius of an Explorer was loyal to both his mother and his passion, he was a student of medicine until 21, until his mother died, and after that, he quit his University studies to explore his passion in the seas.

Roald Amundsen was a part of the great Belgian Antarctic expedition where he joined as the first meet. All the things that he learned during this expedition came in as valuable life lessons. This includes lessons on how to treat Scurvy in the times when the supply of Vitamin C is really rare.

Not contented with the way Canada was being reached on those days, through the United States or through the ports in the south-east, Roald Amundsen set out on an expedition to find what we call today as the Northeast passage to Canada. Just to give you a scale of how difficult the expedition would have been, the ship that he used to sail to explore the straits, was officially brought back to Norway only in the year 1972.

And all his test for this adventure and expeditions, he made sure that he was loyal to his king and his country. After Norway got freedom from Sweden, he sent a message to the king stating that the discovery of the Northeast Passage to Canada will be a great feather in the glory of Norway, and he signed it off with the words your loyal servant!

Little did Roald Amundsen know that the discovery of the Northeast passage was only a beginning for all what he was going to explore in the oncoming years. The time that he spent in North Canada along with the tribals called the Inuit, he was able to learn a lot of lessons that would prove to be of great value to him in all the future years of his adventurous Travels.

Amundsen Dogs

He was able to outdo his competitor Robert Scott only because adopted a lot of techniques that were really practical. He deployed sled Dogs for transportation as opposed to horses. He use animal skin for protection against cold as opposes to woolen Parkas which do not offer any protection if they get wet.

What made the name Roald Amundsen and Immortal one in the history of exploration was his Discovery, or rather the reaching of the south pole in Antarctica. Once considered inaccessible because of the extreme conditions, this hero proved to the entire world otherwise. He took his ship from Norway to the Ross ice shelf on a 6-month long voice that started from June 1910 to January 1911. Using all the techniques that he had learned in North Canada, like using dogs legs and for or animal skin quotes, Roald Amundsen was able to get a leading edge, a little ahead of all the other competing explorers.

South Pole

On the 14th of December 1911, Roald Amundsen team reached the South Pole. They got rid of about 30 to 34 Days Ahead Of the team of Robert Scott. With great difficulty, they returned to the earth shift camp on the 25th of January with just 11 dogs surviving point on the 7th of March 1912, Roald Amundsen made his success known to the entire world.

It’s very difficult to satisfy people with passion. This Roald Amundsen was one among that rare breed of men. He embarked on an expedition to reach the north pole. While he faced a lot of challenges like a damaged flight, cleaning 600 pounds of snow on the address for the flight to take off only by consuming 400 grams of food in a day. They defying all the possibilities of failure, Roald Amundsen return to Norway as a triumphant Explorer with a distinction of having reached both the poles!

North Pole

The Legacy of this great Explorer lives in a lot of places that bear his name on the coast of Antarctica.

Not only his life is something insanely awesome. His death is also something worthy to be treasures as a great memory. Roald Amundsen disappeared into the Barents sea while he was on a rescue mission in The Arctic. The combined forces of France and Norway could not retrieve the bodies of the people. They had dedicated their lives to rescue the lives of others in distress.

This is what an episode of manliness looks like. Roald Amundsen was a person who dedicated his life to pursue his passion. He is not blind by any win or fancy. He dedicated his life to learn what would make him better in the pursuit of his passion, no matter where the lessons came from. He was a loyal servant to his Kingdom, and to his country.

We, as travel facilitators, are bound to respect the immense contributions of this man, and his commitment to travel as a passion.

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