“Happily ever after begins at Maldives”

Couples who choose Maldives for their honeymoon are generally seeking for privacy. But first, you need to choose one special island on which you wish to spend your awaited days. So if you are looking for seclusion and do not want to get disturbed during your holiday then Alimatha Islands are the place for you. Go through the given description and book your suite via visiit.com as we promise to offer the best of it.

Stationed in the mid-northern region of the Felidhu Atoll, Alimatha Islands is a heaven like Islet. This Island is far from the busy locality and gains a meek and calm nature. The place is very apt for a honeymoon as it has shining soft white sand and jaw-dropping scenery which is enough to enrich your romanticism. This fantastic Island gives you a true paradise feel. The cottages found to be very neat and clean with daily housekeeping.

During Morning

View sunrise every morning just from your room and wake your partner up whispering in his ear that it’s morning. If you wish you can ask for room delivery, then you can have your breakfast in your suite. Enjoy the free internet service. You can connect to your family members and can share your candid moment with your family and friends. If you have decided to spend your particular day relaxing and not to go anywhere else then a just seat on the edge of the wooden walkway and enjoy the vast blue sea. The view will surely make you wonder that how Earth can be so perfect and beautiful.

This Island is under Italian Management. Here you will experience Italian flavor starting from food to the sea beach. You are offered a variety of entertainments also in this Island. Excellent Bravo Club animator would leave you speechless. Beach sports like beach volley, tennis, football are also available.

You can go dip into the water with your partner and enjoy the marine life. Scuba diving will give you another level of satisfaction and the underwater experience magically helps in making love bonds more powerful. You would find you and your partner swimming deep in the ocean with colorful fishes. You can also enjoy the ride of Canoe or paddle boats.

During Evening

In the evening go to the sand beach without slippers, naked feet. Grasp the hand of each other and dip your feet into the sand, feel the chill. Experience the gorgeous hue at horizon during the sunset at Alimatha Island. See the ‘Shark gathering’ every evening. You would see near about 100 sharks, some of which around 3 meters long. After wandering the Island the whole day you both must be looking for some relaxation. There are massages parlors decorated in an ideal beach setting.

However, this Island situates at the eastern extremity of Maldives. It takes 20 minutes to reach Alimatha by seaplane and by speedboat it takes 90 minutes to reach there.

Alimatha Island gives you a perfect ambiance to romance and spends quality time. So get your booking done as soon as possible with Visiit.com who offers you a perfect memorable tour. We have some of the best handpicked Maldives honeymoon packages at your pocket price.

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