Best Scuba Diving Destinations in Andaman

      Scuba diving is the most enjoyable water sport which is best experienced on the islands of the Andaman for the reason that the islands have plenty of great diving spots and destinations. Generally, the charges of scuba diving in Andaman ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 40,000 as the cost of fun activity depends upon the type of level or course diver(s) selected. Most of the scuba diving sites are located close to Havelock and Neil islands in Andaman.

Here are the best scuba diving destinations in Andaman:

South Button Island National Park:

     Divers at South Button are able to easily see Barracudas, crocodile fish, turtles, angelfish, red-lipped batfish and blue fin trevally. Many of them go for underwater diving in which the divers reach the bottom of the underwater surface.


       This site is reachable from Havelock and Neil Islands. The pure blue water surrounding South Button is around 6 to 25 meters deep and is best for getting pleasure from the experience of viewing magnificent underwater rocks, species, sea organisms and marine life from short distance.

The Wall:


        This diving site is situated on the north-west of Havelock. The Wall is one of the best diving spots for both first time and professional divers and it is well-known for spotting octopus, marine fishes like wrasses, puffer fish, scorpion fish, shoal of green fish and lion fish. The depth here is around 60 feet which is equal to 18 meters. The underwater seems to be greenish blue and all types of multicolored corals scatter the wall’s top.

Water depth Level : 18 meters

Dixon’s Pinnacle:


       This spot is composed of three big pinnacles, i.e., one large pinnacle having the top at 18 meters and two smaller ones with their tops at around 25 meters. This diving spot is appropriate for advanced level divers as the water depth here is around 16 to 35 meters. Divers enjoy spotting marine fishes like Mackerel, Tuna, Giant Trevally, emperor angelfish, Napoleon Wrasse (that recurrently encircles the coral reefs), red-toothed triggesrfish, turtles, Barracudas as well as shoals of green fish here at Dixon’s Pinnacle.

Water depth Level : 16 to 35 meters

Johnny’s Gorge:


       It is situated on the east of Havelock. This diving spot is well-known for spotting barracudas, snapper, unicorn fish, Giant Groupers, Andaman Sweetlips fish and dolphins. Sharks are also spotted here. Johnny’s Gorge has water depth level around 20 to 30 meters and that’s why this spot is best for professional and high level divers. This site has a lot of multicolored reef.

Water depth Level : 20 to 30 meters

Elephant Beach:


        This is a great spot for first time divers as they can get proper training for the water activity and the beach water depth is around 6 to 25 meters. Diving at the beautiful sandy Elephant beach is a wonderful experience as one can dive into it straightaway from the beach.  Besides diving, this beach is also famous for snorkeling.  This spot has lots of sand region and is well-known for its underwater areas of multicolored corals.

Water depth Level : 6 to 25 meters

North Bay Island:


     It is a small scenic island located very near to the capital city Port Blair. The island is one of the best locations for snorkeling and sea walking activities along with scuba diving.


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