Are you looking for a perfect hideaway where you can stay away from gadgets and internet? Well, we have shortlisted 25 best hotels that lets you to stay calm and relaxed. Enjoy the elegance of nature by putting your gadgets on silent mode.

1. Glen Burn Tea Estate, Darjeeling


Perfectly located in the middle of the Kanchenjunga mountain range, Glen Burn Tea Estate offers you the most beautiful and blissful experience ever. The bank of river Rangneet hosts this beautiful property owned by The Prakashes. It is a large expanse of private forest where you can just relax yourself. The view from the sunny balcony is mesmerizing with two rivers spreading over the place.

2. The Tamara, Coorg


Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, the luxury cottages in Tamara offers you the most blissful experience. You can see the entire Kabbinakkad estate from here. The cardamom plantation offers you the perfect retreat and the most refreshing scent. You can just immerse yourself in the nature. Bird watching is the most common activity over here. You can even try the unique studio spa to feel rejuvenated.

3. Elephant Valley Eco farm, Kodaikanal


It is an awesome place to spend your days away from the buzzing and chaotic world outside. Elephant Valley Eco farm is a perfect reclusive escapade. It is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the Kodaikanal. These Eco farms is fills with Eco tourists throughout the year. It is the perfect spot of biodiversity where you can relax on the Eco friendly bungalows. You will find firewood and solar light over here.

4. Otter Creek Tents, Mandrem, North Goa


The Sequeira family of Mapuca used to stay in Otter Creek Tents previously. It was an ancestral retreat for them and a colonial hideout. You will get to see all types of candy colored tents which looks very bright overlooking the serene creek and beach. These are best visited during the month of summer. Bird watching is a great activity over here. But it is usually closed during the monsoon season.

5. The Captain’s House, North Goacaptain-house-north-goa

Also been a part of the Sequeira family, The Captain’s House is surrounded by scenic beauty and is very popular for its calmness and tranquility. Captain Cyril William Sequeira used to previously treat this place as his vacation house. It is the best escape during the summer months. This is the most tranquil retreat which entrap the locals as well as the tourists visiting it.

6. Cardamom House, Dindigul


Serving as vacation home for many people who wants to escape somewhere peaceful. Dr. Chris Lucas has his family resided over here. He was a British physician. Cardamom House consists of cottages that are famous for their terraced roofs from where you can see the vast expanse of the Kamarajar Lake. It is located in the remote corner of the Western Ghats. You can spot many varieties of flowers and butterflies at dawn. It is one of the most photographic place over here.

7. Rajakkad Estate, Dindigul


It takes an hour to reach this place from Dindigul. It is located in the middle of the coffee estate. Here you will get the best private terraces from where you can view the beautiful expanse of the lush greenery. Hundreds of migratory birds can be spotted here. This garden hotel has seven bedrooms and from here you can easily visit Kodaikanal or Madurai. Just walking around the coffee estate feels heavenly.

8. Treehouse Hideaway, Bandhavgarh


Located in the surrounding area of the Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve, the length of Treehouse Hideaway extends up to 21 acres. From the balconies you get an up close view of the entire tiger Reserve and if you are lucky, you might even spot a tiger. Here you can get a true jungle living experience and that too the traditional way. You should definitely have it in your bucket to at least visit it once in your life.

9. Tranquil, Sultan’s Battery


Located at a distance of just 4 kilometers from Mangalore, Tranquil is the perfect escape and hideout where you can witness the vanilla plantations as well as the coffee plantations. Tipu Sultan was construct The watch tower, termed as Sultan’s battery. You can spend your time on the tree houses and can hop from one tree house to another. It is a great place amidst nature and wild forests.

10. Serenity, Vazhoor


Being famous for tranquility and tropical spices, Serenity is located on a small hilltop at the Kanam Estate. This is a private villa hotel which is famous for its beautiful vintage architecture. The scent of the spices fills the air around. The heritage architecture provides an ambiance of heritage. If you love elephants, this should be your perfect destination. It gives you the true feel of Malabar escape.

11. The Auli Resort, Auli


The Auli Resort is beautifully surrounded by snow capped mountains. It is the perfect place if you want to spend some time alone. These tourist bungalows provides you the best Himalayan recluse. This is a great hideaway where you can spend your vacation amidst all the snow cover with all the beautiful natural surroundings all around. These bungalows seem to be cover in a snow blanket all around.

12. The Porcupine Castle, Coorg


Having great breath-taking views all around, The Porcupine Castle is a gorgeous hideaway for vacation. The enthralling views and the settings of cottages gives a perfect feel of a cottage. It is an amazing feel waking up to great views every morning. This lavish hotel is near to a remote place which is good in a way. It takes you away from the buzzing city life as well as from the everyday fatigue and exhaustion. The sunrise seen from the windows of this castle feels mesmerizing.

13. Mountain Trail, Uttarakhand


It is the best place where you can go if you are a nature lover. Mountain Trail is very close to the Jim Corbett National Park, which is an added advantage if you are staying here. Even if you are planning an adventure trip, this is the best option that you can easily get here. The enchanting scenic beauty with the perfect clear blue sky of Uttarakhand is a prefect haven for the tourists visiting it.

14. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad


It is the perfect getaway to go and hide yourself amidst the tranquility of this place. The entire place is surrounding by beautiful rah forests and gives you the true living amidst the jungle kind of feeling. The spas gives you the most rejuvenating experience. There are many portions which still needs to be explore in this place. The nature walks are a special attraction over here.

15. Kaama Kethna Ecological Village, Goa


Offers a whole lot of different experience that you can have in Goa apart from the fun. This has an entire rustic charm about it. You can try activities like yoga therapies and meditation over here. It makes you calm from inside. It is so good a place that you would love to extend your stay over here and gives you a memorable experience.

16. Rawla Camp Retreat, Jaisalmer


If you want to explore the true essence of a desert, then you should definitely visit this place. It has an ethereal charm to it. It is a must visit place which gives you an entirely calm effect and gives you a first hand experience at staying in a camp or in tents amidst the desert and It also gives you the opportunity to ride on camels and has a unique experience of its own which attracts guests every year.

17. Thongsal, Leh


Although you may be deactivate from the electricity and WiFi or other technological services, it still offers some of the best views all around. Not only views, but also local cuisines and grilling and barbecue in the open air. It is a strong recommend to stay if you want to cut yourself off from the daily drudgery. People who loves to want to amidst nature would surely love to visit this place.

18. The Hidden Forest, Sikkim


This place is being seclude in the north eastern region and so it is very less explored. The has its own ethereal beauty and serenity. It is located at a height of about 4500 feet above the sea level. This is hidden amidst the forests and providing you the best memories as well as give you the most close look of the nature. You can experience the most serene solitude over here.

19. Hotel Heevan, Pahalgam


It is located on the river banks of River Lidder. It is the most popular hotel in Pahalgam and famous for its natural delight with lush greenery on all sides. The early morning sunrise is very ethereal from here. You can share a cup of hot coffee in the balcony exploring the beauty all around. Pahalgam and it’s unique beauty is experience from the balcony and the roof over here.

20. The Pink House, McLeodganj


It is a very affordable hotel with all the amenities along with the beautiful nature on all sides. It will give you the much deserved break that you require far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The city humdrum is not even hearing properly over here. The natural surroundings and the great natural view makes it very popular among the tourists. It is one of the quaint places in McLeodganj.

21. Aamod, Dalhousie


This hotel is locating near to the nature in Dalhousie. It offers the most beautiful views here. The Pir Panjal range is clad in snow and is viewed best from here. The entire range offers great views. Aamod gives you the perfect setting to cherish forever amidst the snow clad mountains, sipping your tea or coffee. The forest views makes it a picture perfect setting to remember forever.

22. Coconut Lagoon, Kerala


Bringing you the perfect natural settings with beauty and culture, Coconut Lagoon is a beautiful secluded resort. Here you can experience the perfect solitude away from all the chaos. The beautiful backwaters and the sweet looking butterflies adds special charm to the place. It gives you the perfect view of the lagoon which attracts a lot of tourists every year. You can spot the boats on the backwaters from the balconies itself.

23. Leela, Kovalam Beach Resort


Located on a cliff from where you can view the roaring waves, Leela is an elite resort one should definitely visit. You can see the beautiful azure sky from the top. The swaying trees and the lush greenery on all sides adds to this view. The blue waters of the Arabian Sea can also be seen from here. The roaring sounds of the water can be hearing from the balcony and also from your room. The beach facing rooms behold a great sight.

24. Swaswara, Gokarna


Swaswara is surrounding by lovely mushroom trees and thick gardens. The beautiful trees all around has their own aurora. This place is a bit hide away so it has its own unique beauty. This is a calm escapade which is surrounds by nature, water and rustic villas. It is a spiritual retreat too as it provides meditating facilities. The sparkling waters looks beautiful in the early morning and during the night.

25. Ocean Spray, Pondicherry


The man-made architecture surrounds this five acres of land. There is a small bridge which connects the patches. The palm trees and the grasses surrounds the entire place. Here you can feel the true value of nature. It offers a great sight to behold. The hotel provides all the luxuries which is a great aspect even after being locate at a remote distance. The swimming pool also overlooks the beautiful lake.

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