We have seen a lot about the awesomeness of this amazing immediate called Dubai, and the Amazing options that it offers in terms of shopping. Shopping in Dubai only gets better in this Special Season called the Dubai shopping festival. The Dubai shopping festival is a very compelling reason for you to visit Dubai at the end of December and in the beginning of January. Shoppers from all over the world converge at Dubai to experience shopping like never before.

     While the entire place is an award of shopping, there are a few specific shops and brands that you will need to check out to make sure that you have get the best bargain out of this Dubai shopping festival.

The Dubai Mall:

      Wouldn’t it be great to see a Confluence of too many awesome things at a single point? This is what the Dubai Mall is all about. Standing right next to the tallest building in the world, this is the world’s largest shopping mall with about a million square metres of shopping. This Mall reflects what Dubai is all about – the awesome brands like Armani and Zara, real compact Ice skating rink that offers the much-needed offbeat entertainment, and of course, the extravaganza in the entire experience.

Dubai Mall

       As if the pre-existing awesomeness wasn’t enough, the Dubai Mall is all set to expand to be an even bigger shopping Paradise, nearing its completion before the commencement of the Dubai shopping festival. This is an absolute right time for you to book your tickets to enjoy and drench yourself in this retail therapy of the Dubai shopping festival.

The O-Concept Store:

        Dubai has always been a point of convergence of cultures. This is best reflected in this concept store that brings together the amazing and outstanding fashions of both the East and West. Be it the European fashionista’s dreams, or be it the conservative Middle East Asian fashionistas dreams they have it all. And it do not just limits to clothing, they also have jewelry, furniture, home accessories and a lot more.

Sneakers Paris:

      This palace in Legend has made its way to the United Arab Emirates. Yes, you will get a wide variety of sneakers that is find nowhere else on this planet, well except for Paris of course! The kind of shoes that you get here are uniquely flavored, for example, you get Adidas sneakers in three winning seats one in Gold, one in silver, and one in bronze! You can also find limited edition shoes of premium brands like Nike and Puma.


    Did we say that this show also has exciting options for men as well? For once, you do not have to be seats when the women do all the shopping that they need!

Amongst Few:

    Now that we have been looking for shoes, let us look at another shop that specializes in shoes but along with a lot of other things.

    As the name implies, this shop is not for everyone. This shop features a very very unique list of items that are on sale, founded on a very unique philosophy, specific to the Emirates. This shop brings a brand of premium shoes, along with a lot of other Lifestyle products including but not limited to incense, audios, sunglasses, pens, Vinyl records, DVDs and magazines. It brims with so much awesomeness, that it feels more like a product catalog of elite products than a shop itself!

Mall of the Emirates:

    This mall holds a very unique distinction. It was a Pioneer for a lot of things. For example, we can take the opening of the Apple store, the magic planet entertainment center, the ski Dubai and a lot of other things.


 We are sure you the flabbergasted by the awesomeness of the brands that are presented. To name a few that is Paul Smith, Alessandro Michele, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and a lot more!

The Zoo Concept:

      Relax! This place has got nothing to do with animals or animal products, or anything about the zoo for that matter, except for its location near the old Dubai zoo. The zoo concept is rather an Orbit location that focuses on limited edition Auburn Street well, accessories, and a lot of Pieces that serve as showcase of the local talent around Dubai. The collection includes but is do not limit to cosmetics, Apparels, collectibles and even fancy hats!

Human & Beings Pop-Up at Box Park:

       If the shops in the Dubai shopping festival where to be a collection of phones. Then this particular shop should aptly be called the Apple id iPhone of the collection of shops over there! Such as its devotion to minimalism which is the sign language that is rarely see in the extravaganza of Dubai. The collections in this shop are a little different from what you would find in the rest of Dubai.

      But let not their devotion to minimalism full you regarding the collections. They have an amazing collection of oversize dresses, kimonos, leather sandals, handbags, and a lot of accessories.

The City Walk:

       You might be one of the Shoppers who would like to be in Commune with nature when you are shopping around for your stuff. If that is your kind of shopping, Dubai has an answer for you as well. The city mall is open between the Jumeirah Beach and Downtown Dubai and it offers a very different shopping experience from what the rest of the shops in the shopping festival have to offer that while some of the shops are inside the mall, some of them open onto the outer Courtyard that lets you have a breath of fresh air.

City Walk

     While the shops in here are in that very different, you can experience something that you will not experience in other places, which is the street art exhibition which includes a lot of Graffiti and a lot of art pieces that come from the locals.

       This might not be the most exhaustive list of the options that are available in Dubai for you to shop during the Dubai shopping festival. However, these are the places that you will definitely need to know if you are going to make your visit to Dubai more memorable, especially this shopping season!

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