12 Popular Places to Shop in Seychelles

Since 90% of the population of Seychelles is settled in Mahe, most of the shopping destinations of Seychelles are located in Mahe. There are various small interesting markets and shops in Mahe instead of mega shopping malls. Tea, perfume and other locally made products are found over here. The aroma and the flavor of these products are very rare and unique. Local handicrafts, soap, liquor, souvenir are also popular here. These stunning beaches of this archipelago are filled with ethnicity and uniqueness in terms of shopping.

Popular places to shop in Seychelles

1. Anse Aux Pins

It is a great place to shop in Mahe where you can find various handicraft items which are made up of local coconut shells. Even the craft Village is located close by where you can find various arts which are created by the local artists. Each shop is located in such a manner as that of a Creole Bungalow. Various artists can be seen at work making things like coconut shell handicrafts, beautiful paintings on the silk and coconut oil scented bath soaps.

2. Campion Hall

If you wish to shop for art, this is a great place. Here you can find various local artwork and some of the best art items. It suits everyone’s range of price as it has a very varied range. Even very simple items are available like a simple coconut shell that is carved into a simple smiling face. Local artwork and its exclusive varieties are the highlights of this shopping area. It has a rare collection to choose from.

3. La Kaz

It is a great option to shop from. You can get a variety of gift items which you can take back home as memorable gifts. Baskets, hats, and bags can be easily bought from here. Here you can get a lot of varieties varying in different price range. The quaint, cheap shops are the best ones to buy a wide variety and kinds to take back home. They offer you the best shopping experience ranging from variety, price, and rarity.

4. Seypot Factory

It provides a wide variety of handmade ceramic pottery items. It is on Mahe Island. Some of the most exquisite and uniquely designed ceramic items are found here. They show some authentic art style of Seychelles. It is one of the best places to visit and shop ceramic items. They reflect the true authentic art style of Seychelles.

5. Coconut shell artifacts stalls

Most of the souvenir items in Seychelles are made up of coconuts. These stalls sell coconut shells artworks. They are found all over the republic. The Coco de Mer is the most sought gift item over here. It is a female pelvis shaped gift item which can be given as a souvenir. Coconut shell faced smiling man, bathing soaps, fragrances and oils are also made up of coconut which is sold over here. They are hugely popular among the tourists and the locals.

6. Acajou Hotel Gift Shop

The hotel serves both Creole and international delights. But that’s just not it. It also offers various small gift shops from where you can buy items for your friends and family back home. You can buy a wide range of items like jewelry or items of home décor. The variety and the collection are more over here varying in all price ranges. They are good for decoration as well as for gifting.

7. Black Pearl Ltd

It is an excellent shop to buy black pearls as well as to choose from a wide range of souvenirs. Black pearls are a rare item, exclusive to Seychelles. Exclusive gold and diamond jewelry are also found over here. A huge range of rings, matching earrings and pendants are found over here. The designs are very rare, attractive and unique in designs. Each of the items is exclusive and have a perfect design to suit each mood.

8. Cap Samy Art Gallery

This seaside art gallery provides a perfect setting. It grandly displays the Sheila Markham. She is a resident of Seychelles. She displays various figurative paintings and sculptures. They depict the culture and the life of the people staying in Seychelles. Her works speak volume. All her works have been put on sale. It is a very beautiful art gallery to capture the people who have interest in artworks and paintings.

9. Le Duc de Praslin Hotel Gift Store

It is set amidst the beautiful orchid garden. It is located very close to the Côte d’Or beach. It has a huge range of unique gift items. The prices are very reasonable over here and the variety is very rare and exclusive. The hotel offers internet facility as well as proper international and Creole items. You can buy various gift items as well as souvenirs from here suiting your budget. Drop in for taking back gift items to your home.

10. Lémuria Resort Boutiques

It is located at a distance of just 5 minutes from the airstrip of Praslin. It is on the northwest coast of the island. Excellent rooms with pool bar, boutiques, restaurants, and gift shops can be found over here. Expensive as well as reasonable gift items can be found over here. It is a huge attraction among the tourists visiting the place.

11. New Emerald Cove Boutique

It is located in front of the large coral reef. It is popular not only for snorkeling and diving but also for shopping expensive gifts. They offer a huge variety of gift items High are very rare and exclusive to Seychelles. These excellent variety of gifts are simply perfect to take back home as souvenirs.

12. The Black Parrot Suite Souvenir Store

They provide a perfect hillside view as well as it is a very popular souvenir gift store. Price range varies for the gift items over here. The range is wide and exquisite. You can buy both expensive as well as cheap gift items. They sell various local products and also exclusive items famous in Seychelles. You must not miss dropping at this store. It is sure you can have an amazing shopping experience.

10 Things You Can Buy Only In Seychelles

Lovely Seychelles lies off in East Africa amidst all the intricately beautiful coral reefs. It is a breathtaking place popular among all the luxury travelers to find some calm and peace. After traveling all the places and getting exhausted, you should take your little time to explore all the shopping places in Seychelles. There are various jewelry stalls, craft shops and amazing markets that can satisfy your shopping spree. There are various things native to this island which you should not miss.

Things you can buy only in Seychelles

1. Coco de Mer

It is a hard nut to crack and is truly one of the largest nuts in the whole wide world. It is best to buy the ones with holographic stickers or else you can even be held up prison for laying hands on it illegally. Only the legal ones, weighing around 5 kgs with an official permit can be taken out. This exotic nut is very rare over here and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Mahe and Praslin have various souvenir shops from where you can get these.

2. Yi king essential oils

These essential oils are very native to Seychelles. They are made up of some of the rarest of ingredients which are found here in Seychelles. There was a French aromatherapist who opened a shop of the Mahe Island gave its name to this oil. The oil blends are exclusive to the user. It is so because it is based on the date of birth of the user.

3. Black pearls

The beautiful black pearls of Seychelles is one of the major attractions there. If you visit Seychelles, you should definitely shop for the black pearls over here. The shop is just at the corner of the airport. It is from the black lip oysters which are very rare to Seychelles. It cannot be found anywhere else. This unique species of pearls are exclusive to this island. It will give a happy ending to your trip. It will enrich your happy haven of the perfect beach holidays. It includes all the eight master elements included in Chinese medicine like the sky, wind, earth, water, mountain, thunder, fire, and lake.

4. Takamaka Rum

This is the local rum of Seychelles. There are other local rums too like dark spiced rum, white rum, Coco rum, and extra dark and aged varieties too. While choosing your rum you can even enjoy your trip to the brewery. You can even go to the nearby restaurants from there to enjoy some of the perfect cocktails. It is one of the must-buy items in Seychelles.

5. Kreolor Jewellery and Craft

They are made from Kreolor’s roots and it inspires the jewelry to a great extent in Seychelles. Now crafts are even made using local materials. They can be found in various stores in La Digue, Praslin, and Mahe. If you want tasteful jewelry you should definitely try to visit this place. The jewelry is really unique over here and is very different compared to the other designs of this taste. They are exclusive in design as well as in quality.

6. Shark Chutney

This is a very popular traditional dish of Seychelles. It is made up of mashed and boiled shark meat. Bilimbi, which is a tangy local fruit is also added to it along with lime juice, turmeric, pepper, salt, and fried onion. It is served as many other Creole dishes are served. It is served with shredded green papaya on rice and with lentils. Various Creole takeaways offer the best Shark Chutney. It is very tasty and tangy to taste. The taste will always remain with you once you try it.

7. Seybrew

It is a local lager beer produced since 1971 in Mahe. It is a very easy and light drink which you can buy from anywhere in Seychelles. It is available in five-star resorts and also in corner shops, even the bottles are recycled after every use. In self-catering places, bottles can be left for any cleaning purposes wherever they are staying. It is an amazing drink found in Seychelles. It is great in taste and is equally popular among the locals as well as among the tourists. It is reasonable but is rare to Seychelles.

8. George Camille Artworks

He is a very popular contemporary Seychellois artist. He is not only popular for his souvenirs but also for his wide artistic community. He has a proper environmental focus. Embossed copper is his most popular method. In 2017, Venice Biennale even featured his best work. He created a huge sculpture of Aldabra Giant Tortoise. Based on that, various artists of Seychelles create their own design.

9. Island Souls

This book is very rare to the island of Seychelles. This book of sketches is by Michael Adams. He was the most popular artist of Seychelles. More than four decades of paintings about the Seychellois people have been made by Michael Adams. It has been made as a collection in this book. He arrived in Seychelles in the year 1972. Since then whatever he has been drawing about and of the people living in Seychelles are here in this book. He even termed these drawings as working drawings. They are not intended for the public and are not available everywhere. But they are found in the boutique shops in Seychelles.

10. Art pieces

There is a very popular beach studio of Barbara Jenson where you can find the true spirit of Seychelles. The British painter basically resides over here now and creates beautiful pieces of art. The art pieces are believed to have the Seychelles soul in them. The unique landscapes of Seychelles are very well captured in them. Each of her works even has a diverse ethnicity. Paintings of varnish on aluminum are now being experimented by Jenson. The island scenes are also very common. She is doing them with acrylics and watercolors. They are very beautiful and are exclusive to Seychelles. Beaches of Mahe Island, Victoria, Inner Islands, and La Digue.

It is always a pleasure to shop in famous tourists destinations like Seychelles. Apart from sightseeing and relaxing, shopping offers a lot of fun in a trip. Plan a family trip or honeymoon trip to Seychelles and explore some of the exotic wholesale shops, street shops, shopping malls in Seychelles to select and purchase the best memorable gifts from Seychelles.

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