“There’s No Greater Love Than The Love For Food!” – George Bernard Shaw

The Singapore that greets our eyes, be it from the downloadable wallpapers, or the visualization in the movies, or the view when our flight descends on the asphalt of the Changi International Airport is sophisticated, organized and modern. It is so formally adorable that sometimes, in fact, most of the times, we fail to realize that there is a culinary paradise in that small city-state!

Singapore Foods:

We thought we’d talk a little about the awesome food-options that Singapore gives you. While we’ve talked enough about the hotels and restaurants, we now thought we’ll talk about something more than just venues – the tastes, the cuisines, the feelings, the innovations and the mood that every morsel brings along!

The Jugalbandhi of Cuisines

The Jugalbandhi of Cuisines - Singapore visiit

Singapore is cosmopolitan in every way and food is surely not an exception. As inferred from an early 1980s Tamil Song, Singapore is a peaceful melange of people from China, Malaysia and Tamil Nadu who have peacefully settled in this city-state. They have brought with them, not only their cuisines and dishes, but also opportunities for everyone to explore and experiment with everything.

This meant that there could be Idlis with some accompaniment incorporating soya sauce, and something more on the same lines!  

The Innovations Within

The Innovations Within cuisines- singapore packages

Singaporeans (And when we say that, we mean the people who have settled in Singapore and not alone the ones who have lived and have grown up there) have a penchant for being adventurous, at least with respect to food. There are instances of restaurants in Singapore coming up with their own innovated versions of their hometown classics. The only that’s unique in every dish of this kind is that they have evolved their own hometown’s classics – some from China, some from Malaysia, some from Indonesia and some from India.

What’s more enticing about this aspect is the story of how these dishes was born. The diaspora and the diversity of Singapore has contributed heavily to the culinary awesomeness that Singapore is today!

From Streets to Star Hotels

Singapore's Streets to Star Hotels visiit packages

Singapore is a place for everyone, and it is only fair for us to expect the food to literally cater for everyone’s needs as well. This puts a mandate upon Singapore’s food culture that it should be cut out for anyone and everyone, and it is quite effectively addressed.

There are hotels that present dining to be an exquisite and elite affair, and there are street-food joints that are capable of tantalizing your taste-buds, albeit at an economy. While these two extremes co-exist peacefully, there is a wide spectrum that houses most of the restaurants in Singapore – the moderate one that offer a decent ambiance and more-than-awesome food that most people wish to relish on!

The Diversity of Ingredients

singapore ingredients foods

Singapore incorporates a whole lot of flavors & fused innovation into the dishes that it stands for. There’s a restaurant that serves fish-head curry, and you may ask what’s so special about it. Incorporating fish-head into gravies and stews is a very Chinese practice, whereas the curry is something quintessentially Indian. These two have fused together to give out a dish that’s uniquely Singaporean. And this is what Singapore’s food-scene is all about!

What has been quoted here is a small example of the many hundreds that exist across every kind of eateries in Singapore. Just like people marry between their origins, the cuisines and dishes are also born that way! For all you know, the scene in Ra One where curd is mixed with noodles, might come true!

The Epicenter Outside the Zones

singapore- the epicentre visiit

There’s something that has turned heads towards Singapore as a culinary capital. We would like to emphasize that with an example. Take Komala’s chain of restaurants. It is a South Indian speciality restaurant headquartered in Singapore. Well… nothing strange about it right? Komala’s has branches all over the world, and this still wouldn’t make anything strange. Here unfolds something strange: Komala’s has branches in Bangalore and Chennai, which are considered the Mecca and Medina of South Indian food. Such is the influence and awesomeness of Singapore’s food, even in the places that you cannot afford to imagine them!

Food – Auxiliary to Everything

singapore- from auxillary to everything visiit

There are places on the planet whose identity is, to a considerable extent, food, cuisines and dishes. Countries like Thailand, places like Hunan, Sichuan and Manchuria, and cities like Hyderabad fall into this category – so much that no city-tour of Hyderabad is complete without a course of Hyderabadi Biryani and Kebabs.

However, Singapore is not in that league… and not outside that either. Food is a passive-aggressive component of travel in Singapore. While Singapore is not known for food, Singapore wouldn’t be the same without its signature foods either! As we’ve discussed earlier, it wouldn’t be a surprise for a Chinese to drop in to Singapore, taste their own signature-dishes and exclaim “Hey! This is something so Chinese, yet so different… and still tastes awesome!”

Planning on a Singapore Food-Trail?

Singapore Food-Trail

We have also compiled a list of awesome restaurants to satisfy the bakasur in you when you’re at Singapore. Singapore is not about a place where you eat quantity, but rather binge in the variety and the innovation in the dishes that Singapore offers.

So, what are you waiting for? Just book your Singapore Travel Package with visiit.com at one of the best-possible prices, and with packages customizable to your requirement. Check in for a formality, and step out to explore all the food-things that Singapore stands for – Classy Rooftop bars and restaurants, small-yet-significant eateries that serve some dishes that you might not get to taste anywhere else on the planet, some lip-smacking street-food, and for all you know, some home-dishes of yours with a twist that you’d never expect!

And when you do this, remember that there are better things to do when experiencing food, than just posting a snap on Facebook or flooding your Instagram with filtered pics and the hashtag #foodporn!

“Your Diet Is a Bank Account, and Good Food Choices… are Investments!” – Bethanny Frankel

Happy Eating!

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