Singapore – A Place To Love… and To Fall In Love!

“Romance is the glamour that turns the dust of    everyday into a golden haze!”Carolyn Heilbrun

Romance is so awesome, that as Carolyn, or as we popularly know her, Amanda Cross has said it turns dust into gold. Now, just imagine how it’s gonna turn a golden destination into?

Singapore – the city-state of lions, is as much, the city-state of love as well. This makes Singapore an awesome honeymoon destination in a lot of dimensions than one can possibly imagine. Honeymoons are not about spots that you can tick off the list, or places that you can snap selfies with a duck-face, but more about a place where you can be emotionally and physically close to your partner, and there are a lot of places in Singapore that fit the bill, making it an ideal honeymoon destination!

Before we look at the places, let’s digress a bit to see why Singapore is a great place for your first formal-romantic travel.

Why Singapore Over The Other Places?

1) Cleanliness

Singapore has been constantly willing laurels on how spic-and-span the city state has maintained itself to be! Let’s accept it… untidy places aren’t where romance essentially blooms.

2) Orderliness

The aerial view of Singapore is a testimony enough to show how well-planned the city-state. Let’s not conform to the filmy notion that getting lost is romantic! It surely is not.

3) Cosmopolitan

In Singapore, you’re never far away from your home. With the hospitality, and the availability of global cuisines, Singapore is a destination to travel to, irrespective of the occasion being your honeymoon.

4) Compactness

Whether or not this is an advantage is the next question! When you have a lot less to travel, and not-too-many-but-perfect-number of places to explore, you get to spend more time ‘with’ each other than with each other! (Get the drift?)

Given all the above, there are a lot of places in the small-yet-vast city-state that exude romance in each step.

Singapore Flyer – Get High… Not Only On Romancesingapore-flyer-visiit-honeymoon-package

There’s nothing more romantic than being in a cabin that’s all for yourself on a breezy evening in Singapore. Add that to a scenic view of Singapore’s illuminate skyline from a height of 165 meters. Isn’t that mind-blowing? This is what the Singapore Flyer is about – a Ferris wheel at the Marina Center that is sure to give you goosebumps, not only because you get a view to be enthralled by, but also because you’re experiencing this with the person who means the world to you!

PS: Just like how there’s the Eye of London, we’d love to call it the Eye of Singapore!!

The Gardens by the Bay – Walk Along With Your Bae

A walk, hand-in-hand in the twilight-evenings of Singapore when the light from the nature beautifully merges with the lights from the buildings, is truly a sight to behold. The Gardens By The Bay precisely give you that experience. Even in broad daylight, the exotic collections of trees from every corner of the world (Except extreme South – No trees from Antarctica), the energy conserving super trees, and the Nature Trails that give you an enticing view of the rivers nearby are sure to make your honeymoon memorable that what it was supposed to be!

Let Your Romance Get Cheesy… And Chocolaty!


Romance and chocolate are as inseparable as you and your better half (and so are the advanced stages of romance, and cheese!) Let your honeymoon take a delicious course with the choices cheeses and chocolates. The indulgence-worthy buffet of chocolate and cheese at the Sands SkyPark is something not worth missing. The handcrafted desserts are probably the second-best things that your lips might get to experience in the honeymoon!

There’s more to this than just the chocolate – the buffet-restaurant is located on the 57th floor. This makes it a feast not only to your tongue, but also to your eyes, in those little moments that you might take to look away from your loved one’s eyes!

For The Real Love, There’s a Chinese Park!for real love there's chinese park

Gulin is not a name so unknown to the touristy folk. It’s a place in China that’s fashioned entirely out of Granite, and is situated within a lake. Well… Singapore has a replica of that magnificent place, and for once, the duplicate, as agreed by most people, is better than the originals. This is an awesome place for you to shoot your photographs – thanks to the quaint lighting, the towering cliffs, and the shaded canopy. The view-points that dart your stroll along the way provide you with, added to the emerald greens so lush, and the lake nearby that exudes peace!

PS: The stroll is a great way to shed your calories after all the chocolate end cheese that you just consumed!!

A Brush With History… When Brushing Shoulders With Your LoveA Brush With History singapore visiit

If history has always taught us something, it has to be encapsulated in ‘Love alone triumphs!’… and Singapore has its unique way of telling this loud and clear in the Fort Canning Trail. Flanked by lush greenery on either side, this trail, in addition to giving an option for a long romantic walk, also gives glimpses of the rich history of Singapore, dating (pun intended) back to the Colonial Era.

There are a lot of options for food where you can enjoy the local treats in the eateries around, and also take some feed for your soul – the Chesed El Synagogue and the Sacred Heart Church.

Cruise Along… For The Rest Of your Life!cruise-singapore-visiit

A Singapore Honeymoon would not be complete without a proper cruise – so much that the word ‘Singapore’ is so synonymous with ‘Singapore Cruise’. Hop on to those luxurious floating contraptions and experience Singapore like never before – the pristine beaches line with white sands, open-air markets with a local flavor and essence, the tropical rainforests that are in stark contrast to the buzzing metropolis with skyscrapers, and of course, Singapore’s amazing skyline.

There might be many honeymoon destinations in the world, but nothing comes close to the wholesomeness of Singapore as a destination, where the romantic experience is spread across  the entire spectrum of awesomeness – dinners, chocolates, cruises, walks, history, adventure, and everything else before, between and beyond!

Trust to book your wholesome and well-planned honeymoon package to Singapore… because you have better things to worry about (and greater things not to worry about) during your honeymoon. Leave it to to take care of your internal transportation and accommodation in a place that will ensure quality and privacy!

Happy Honeymooning.



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