Koh Samui Full Moon Partykoh samui

Parties are something everyone love to do in almost all around the world. Everyone find different ways to enjoy, sometimes cultural, rave, classical, the ideas seem endless. They spark the wave of excitement in our heart and boost us to live that moment with utmost desires of joyfulness and happiness. Full moon party is one of those parties where people travel to from all around the world with only one goal to enjoy the night in full swing along with high dance beats and luscious drinks.

When and how did it all begin?

The first full moon party took place somewhere between 1985-1988 (the exact year no one really knows) at paradise bungalows on a birthday occasion. It was celebrated with so much fun that it gained more importance eventually and now have turned up to one the famous dance cum music festival around the world.

Where does it take place?

The full moon party take places at the night before or after every full moon throughout the year and attracts almost 30,00 people every month. It usually originates at ‘Haad Rin’ at the island of ‘Koh Phangan’ which is about 3-4 hours from Surat Thani province and 30 minutes from ‘Koh Samui’ Island by boat. The event has become so prosperous that there are now even Half-moon, Full moon and Black moon parties also being celebrated.

Haad Rin is basically a peninsular beach located on the southernmost part of the Koh Phangan Island, a tourist town which has everything to offer for a tourist holiday. The ‘sunrise beach’ to the north is where the full moon party takes off. Since it can sometime become crowded during the event, most of the people take Koh Samui as their base for accommodation and take ferries to Koh Phangan. After celebrating their night, they turn back via the same ferry toward their way back to Koh Samui.

How is the event celebrated?

The full moon night-life events are usually celebrated on the beachfront spots. As the day move forward and after taking a relaxing sun bath on the beaches of Koh Samui or Koi Phangan Islands, the tourists began to get ready for the ultimate experience. The burning excitement in their heart is flaming into their eyes as they approach towards the glooming nightfall, the moon finally curves it way towards the dusk, turning itself in yellow and emerging over the white sand beach, the preparations began to start as the tables began to line up over the land, its ironical to even imagine at the very moments how the whole ambiance is going to light up into something magnificent!

Most of the pubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs began their decorations in the approach of attracting as many customers they can. From temporary set stages to vast musical instruments decks, one could notice the legions of countless DJ’s landing aboard, ready to tune up the night into musical beatdown. The immeasurable genres of music including techno, trance, drum and bass, reggae to commercial dances, R&B, hip-hop or rock manifolds itself into the slightly sparkling colorful dust of air and soon the whole magic begins.

With the first shake of cheers, more and more drinks are poured, the buckets are pass along with different groups, the hands are up in the air and with every second multitude of high beats people tends to turn more wild and excited. As the evening progresses itself tuning up into an aggravated night full of fun and pleasure, the fireworks began to emerge taking the entertainments to its next level. Juggles and fire-eaters step forward to entertain the crowds with their spectacular and dazzling displays. Raging beam of fire streaming from their mouth, rounds and rounds of burning flames blazing into the dark, people watching and dancing across, the whole party seems to consummate entirely in-itself.

The party goes all night in the wait for the sunrise, people usually tends to break in between, and find some places to chill-out or grab a meal on the beachfront restaurants or they simply find a place around the sea front and just enjoy the fresh air of vast gulf of Thailand. Relax and refreshing as it may feel, the heightened excitement still streaming into their body, the sound of infinite beats per second showering into their ears, flow of crazy happiness exuberating from their laughs, the magical feelings of fun seems endless in everyone heart. There are no barriers, no limitations to the extent they can dance and enjoy and with only one attention to make the best of the night from the unlimited desires of their hearts.

Although, no matter how ravishing it may sounds, the full moon party does come with some downsides of which one really needs to beware. Following among are couple of prominent things to be taken care of before setting of the all-night party:

1. Stay away from fire-rope:fire rope

When the fireworks begin during the night and fire jugglers come across to start their activities, one of the most flagrant activity performed is the ‘fire-rope’ which is basically a skipping rope set on fire. Lot of people who are usually high on alcohol try to dodge through this activity and tends to attain fire burns on their body and in some cases, may end up in hospitals as well. This is something best fit to be enjoyed and experience from a fair distance.

2. Drugs can land you up in Jail:drug arrest

Although illegal, but still drugs are common thing that can be found easily in a full moon party. Other than side effects it usually brings along, taking drugs is against the law and if caught one could easily end up in Jail. Sometimes unknowably, during dances, the buckets are usually pass along in which some people intentionally place the drugs inside the drinks just to see how will people respond to them. So, it’s important be aware while having fun during the night!

3. Shoes can be life saver:wear shoes

Yes, it can be really life saver to wear shoes rather than being barefoot, the latter may feel more tempting in white sand. The main reason behind it is basically there could be many broken glasses which can cause major bruises on your feet. So, as they say, precautions are better than cure, it’s better to be prepared with full cover feet’s and have fun freely during the party.

4. Sea walks can be really annoying:beach

Most of the people enjoying during the full moon party are mostly drunk or high on alcohol and for them, sea usually becomes an easy target for their toilet breaks. Therefore, it highly essential to keep in mind to stay as much away from going inside the sea and it can really become an annoying feeling in the end.

5. Fashion clothes is definitely not good option:

fashion clothes are a big no

The full moon parties are one the colorful glooming parties around the world which means spreading colors and body paints. People usually tends to cover up themselves in colorful body paint by the end which can really ruin their expensive fashionable clothes. So, it is always best to wear as simple as you can to have worry free night full of fun and enjoyment.

6. Staying close to beach can benefit much better: stay close to beach

Partying all night can sometimes be really exhausting. As the morning come closer and the hangover pitch in, it’s always much more comfortable to stay in accommodation closer towards the beach. One can enjoy and have fun and at the same turn back into their hotels whenever they feel best for it. Although, the beach facing hotels could be a little extra budget on the pockets, but it’s still worth shot of having best fun out the full moon night.

Full moon party is one of the craziest party packed with loads of fun and excitement. Not only backpackers, but people from all ages and from around the world gather together to make the best of the amazing night. But still however, the majority of it is mostly influenced by group of young people. A tradition which set it foots in 1980’s is now emerging to be one the biggest events around the world. Set- up in one the small islands of Thailand, surrounding by the sea, the beauty of the night is just magical. As its emerging to be more and more famous among people, it has further opened doors towards the ideas of many other parties across the Islands.

We as human being are one of those species who always strive to make the best enjoyment of our life. The full moon party is the one colorful event worth every penny to experience at least once in lifetime!

Walking Street Pattaya

Parties, club, bars and nightlife, it’s a feeling that everyone desires to enjoy. Whether you are traveling on a vacation, or want a break from your seemingly tiring daily job schedule, catching up with friends in a bar, or exploring the night by yourself or simply the wish for some fun, everyone wants to have the taste for it. ‘Walking Street Pattaya’ is one those nightlife places full of sheer fun and excitements where you could find anything between clubs, bars, restaurants etc.

walking street pattayaWalking Street is one of the most illustrious streets of south Pattaya.  A Street which hardly slumbers in the night while unfolding its charisma into a glamorous pleasure and fun. It is usually packed with bars, discos, nightclubs, go-go bars and cabaret shows. Stretching to almost a full kilometer from Beach Road to Pali Hai Pier end, it has so much to experience.

walking street pattaya entranceThe approach towards the street itself jolts the excitement inside the heart. The moment you enter from Beach end road, your eyes are lightened by twirling neon lights in different size and magnitude reflecting behind the huge signages. The crowd staggering over the whole stretch of the street is just enormous. People coming from all over the world, either tourist or expats living and working there for some time or tour groups, all pushing themselves forward for a goal to have pack full of fun all night.

As you more descent into the street, louds beat of music begin booming inside your ears, people are swarming outside of bars, drinking and enjoying the night, Thai girls approaching towards you in order to allure more customers, the strip clubs are ignited with girls jiggling around the club windows, there is always something to watch and experience for everyone. Young group of people walking along, fancying the views in their minds and cracking jokes with their friends, couples holding hands in their arms walking and experiencing the glittering shine of the glamour or sometimes some old chaps wandering in a hope of reliving a moment of their lives again, Pattaya walking street is fun loaded for everyone.

Type of Venues to look for:

The walking street is bundled with tremendous amount of venues to look far, whether you are coming for the first time of re-visiting again, the search can ever be endless. However, the following summarizes the types available to perceive an idea among the best suitable options surrounding them.

  • Beer Bars:beer bars walking street bangkok

    Beers bars are one of the most conventionally adapted concept which is readily available along most part of Pattaya and the same could be located on Walking street as well. It resembles like an unsheltered cabin like structure consisting of square shape bar counters and enfolded by a ceiling on top. The bar girls who are sometimes also hired as prostitutes, hover around the customers in order to seduce their fancy interest while the staker gambles around on the bar stool for them. Although most of the customer are usually entertained by gossiping and chatting to these girls around, but in some cases, the bars also put on some live football shows or others sports TV channels to buy their interest.

  • Short time Bars:short time bars walking street pattaya

    While walking around the street, if you find group of girls flumping outside the bar advertising their services while calling you out in tempting ways, well you should know at the very moment you are already surrounded by short time bars. These bars front are covered with shady glazing and are usually  perceived as indoor bars only. These bars also have rooms on the upper floor and they pretty much operate like small time brothels. Sometimes these girls will try to lure customers by asking them out to share some time for a shower on the room upstairs which is mostly indication for night out.  These are also known as “Soi six” or simply the famous Soi street of Pattaya.

  • Go-Go Bars:go go bar walking street

    These bars have slightly different pattern. Depending on the size of how big the bar is, there will be Thai girl dancers (about 10-20 in numbers) walking around the table to entertain customers. Some will also lay down to chat with them. On the backdrop, there will be loud music bustling into the night, making the bar heightened into spirits of fun and entrainment. All these conversation does not really go much deep because of the language barrier but still people always found fun to interact with them. In some cases, most of these Go-Go bars put display of sizzling shows which showcase some spectacular dances of professional pole dancers. In addition to that there also many small performances of cabree dances as well which makes the whole idea of Go-Go bars entrained.

  • Nightclubs:walking street nightclubs

    The are various nightclub on the walking street. For someone who not only wants to have drinks and have fun with the girls but rather enjoy spending more into drinking and dancing, nightclubs are the best bet for them. These clubs are usually packed up all over night. One thing which is make it little expensive for these nightclubs are the prices for drinks which are slightly more expensive but fairly okay if considered around the rest of the world.

  • Live Music Bars and Restaurants:live music bar restaurants walking street

    While walking around the famous Pattaya street, you may stumble upon from a distance where you can watch live performances of singers and artistic performing on stage on varies genres. Although the set are usually the same for most days, but for someone who is found of enjoying live music while sipping their favorites drinks around the table, then these live music venues has the best enjoyment to offer.

How much beer cost on the street?

Walking street being the active nightlife of Pattaya spread across with numerous bars all around, most people would wonder how much drinking beer would actually cost here? The overall prices for drinking are fairly cheap and inexpensive as compare to Go-Go bars or nightclubs.  Imported beers such as Heniken & san Miguel would cost you around 50-90 Baht. The locally brewed bottles such as Singha or Chang would likely to fall under same price. However, imported spirits will set a little higher around 100-150Baht a glass. One of the things which is common but to be taken into account is that the drinks brought for females slightly varies and are a little more expensive than regular drinks but it’s still does not exceed a rough figure of 150Baht overall.

Things to know about Pattaya Bar girls :

As is simply known elsewhere, there are two girls which stands off in the category. One of them is the cashier which one can easily figure out and the other is called “mamasan” which is basically a female manager or in other words a ‘Pimp” who usually managers the activities happening around.  The rest of the female crowds across the bars play the role of ‘hostesses” who basically serves as prostitutes to lure customers around the tables while they are drinking and having fun. One interesting fact about these bar girls are, if any of the customer at any moment wishes to take these girls out for a night out, then they are usually charged with the ‘bar-fine’ of around 300-500 baht which is directly paid to the bill.  These ‘bar fines’ and ‘lady drinks’ are usually considered as the main source of extra commission for these bar girls other than their usual monthly wages.

Can couples or family visit these bars?

Although beer bars are mostly focused on indirect fun and prostitution but even if someone travelling as a couple or family, wishes to have a beer around these beer bars, it could still be fun to go around. They can simply enjoy having more couple of drinks, watching sports TV for entertainment or grab a hand on any of the pool table to have some play time. These types of clientele sometimes make out the most majority in the bars. Even for first time visitors, these bars are basically friendly places, where one can feel comfortable to blend-in with in no time.

Besides nightlife full of various bars and nightclubs, the walking street is also home for some famous restaurants providing all major cuisines but particularly famous for their sea food. The most of these are usually located on the water side. The sea food are fresh and delicious and display in front for attracting customers. One can practically pick their famous items from the display and thereafter request the restaurant to cook and serve to you in no time. The overall ambience adding the lively of walking street makes it perfect to enjoy while having your food side by side.

The walking street of Pattaya is big reservoir of ultimate fun and excitement. There is so much to see and experience that no matter how long you are putting up in the town, every day seems short. Every country has their own flavor of nightlife but to experience something more spectacular and glamorous, Pattaya walking street is a must do at least once in lifetime!

Best Bangkok Massage Spas & Parlors

Thailand is the best place to come for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday and Bangkok takes the cake! Pampering yourself is one of the best things to do when you visit Bangkok so make sure you schedule a day or two for this! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and soothe your senses and feel the pleasure!

Okura Spaokura spa bamgkok

Okura is one of the best spas in the city of Bangkok and that is evident by their practices like they have a professional consultation with each client.  Only organic products are used at Okura like essences of jasmine, bergamot, lavender, balms and teas. Okura spa is best known for their Japanese massage treatment in which heated bamboo rods are used to relax the body muscles and release stress and regulate the blood circulation.

Prices start at 1500 baht.

Yunomori Onsenyunomori onsen - bangkok

Onsen is one of the new babies on the block but the first one in Thailand specializing in the Japanese bathhouse experience. They have several hot spring baths with a soda water pool, a jet pool and another infusing mineral water pool with no odor.

Prices for treatments ranges from 600baht to 2000baht and upwards.

Health Landhealth land bangkok

Health Land welcomes you at many locations within Bangkok with its lovely ambience, good and well trained masseurs and all at a very affordable price making it one of the well-known massage spas in the city. Relax in your own private air conditioned room with experienced therapists waiting on you offering many services of your choosing. A full body massage which is delightfully affordable which can be seen by the huge rush on weekends.

Prices start at 500 baht.

Asia Herb Associationasia herb association bangkok

Though it sounds like an herb store, it really is a wonderfully indulgent and top rated massage spa in Bangkok with many branches to boot. One of the many indulgences they have is the VIP air conditioned rooms with herbal steam and hot compress massages with all the herbs coming from their own personal herb farm. With their outlets open till 2am, Asia is a wonderful choice for a late night massage.

The relaxing session will set you back from 500 baht for an hour to 1200 baht for 
the herbal compress treatment.

Mandarin OrientalMandarin Oriental bangkok

Mandarin Oriental has been voted as the Best Spa in the world by leading international leisure publications multiple times which really exhibits the quality and eminence of the place. Get set for a heavenly experience starting from the boarding the private wooden boat from the shores of Bangkok and entering into the traditional Thai in Thonburi.

So spaso thai spa bangkok

Nestled inside the Sofitel Hotel, So Spa evokes a sense of luxury and time stands still when you enter the place. Views overlooking the Lumpini Park are top class and soothes you even more before a massage. The most famous treatment here is a Turkish style hammam bath in which you soak on heated marble slabs followed by a full body scrub, full body massage by world renowned brands.

Chi spaChi spa bangkok

Snuggled within the prominent Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok, this features high up in the world’s top spa lists each year. The name itself relaxes and calms you down so much that when you end up inside for a pre booked appointment for a therapy, the whole experience leaves you rejuvenated. Their most famous treatment which you should pamper yourself with is Jasmine Body Glow therapy which uses ground black jasmine rice fused with selected herbs and honey to give a full body scrub, followed by body facial.

Elemis SpaElemis Spa bangkok

Owned by the renowned British brand, this Spa is pure indulgence. Relax and soothe your senses and body in the enticing anti-aging and aromatherapy massage treatments on offer. Don’t forget to use their awesome relaxation rooms in which you can lie down in midair and suspend yourself for a heavenly experience.

Prices start at 1500 baht.

Kempinski Spakempinski spa bangkok

Featuring regularly on the world best spa’s list, the Kempinski Spa is a not be missed location to treat yourself and your body. On arrival, you can get ready to be pampered by the many treatments named as per different seasons and targeting the specific parts of the body to treat various issues. Most of the packages are more than 3 hours per session with uplifting and soothing essential oils followed by herbal compresses leaving you bathed in luxury and paradise.

Divana Nurture Spadivana massage & spa bangkok

Very conveniently located near the BTS Sky train Nana station, Divana Spa has many locations within Bangkok and is well known for their therapy and treatments on offer. Experience bliss with one of the unique treatments here like the mango and champagne where you are smothered in mango and yes bathed in champagne as well.

Prices start at 2500 baht.

Hive Spahive spa bangkok

Located in Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Hive is a Scandinavian themed place decorated in muted single color tones lending an air of tranquility and peace to the entire place. With private rooms and well trained therapists, the Hive is certainly one of the top places to go to in Bangkok.

Nara Spanara spa bangkok

Located in the Times Square, Nara is a day spa with professional service and muted elegant interiors. You must try the oriental package which has Thai foot massage followed by aromatherapy treatment.

Prices start at 2200 baht.

Oasis Spaoasis spa bangkok

This is one of Thailand’s spa chains with multiple locations around the country and with lovely ambience with old style building surrounded by waterfalls. Do experience their seaside sensation package which pampers you silly starting from a herbal steam session, a dip in the cool pool, aloe vera and lavender body scrub, body wrap and finishes off with a 2 hour long signature style massage, whew!!

Hapa Spahapa spa

This is a boutique styled spa located in Nana in Bangkok with very professional staff, air-conditioned private rooms which will leave you drenched in relaxation and pleasure.

Erotic Massageerotic massages

Erotic massages are a huge draw in Bangkok offered by many spas and massage parlors for the well-heeled single men and women. The sexy and stimulating pleasure treatments here range from the enticingly named lingam massage and yoni massage focusing on the male and female sex organs and pleasing them. You would be tempted to come here.

Prices start at 200 baht for a half an hour session.

Relieve your stress and get your body back spankingly soft and free of all muscle tensions or experience an erotic massage to get your juices flowing! Bangkok has every massage you can think of and masseurs here can do pretty much anything as you desire!

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The Ultimate Packing List – Thailand

      Thailand is one of the most popular tropical getaways for Indian people who want to holiday abroad. There are many things that attract visitors here – the culture, the history, exotic beaches, night life, and of course, the friendly people. If you have planned a trip to Thailand, you must be wondering what to pack for your trip. Well, we are here to help with some great tips on what you should bring for your Thai holidays.

        One piece of advice that applies to almost all destinations is you should travel as light as possible. Thailand is also famous as a shopping destination, so you would definitely want to buy stuff from there. So, considering weight restrictions of flights leave ample space for your purchases.

1. Clothes

     Clothes take the maximum of our packing space. So, it is important that you sort it out first thing. The climate of Thailand is hot and humid. So, pack breathable cotton and linen fabric clothes. But, inside shopping malls and during your flight, it can be quite chilly because of the air conditioner, so you might pack a thin jacket for such times. There are a variety of things to do in Thailand, so depending on how you plan to spend your day you will have to dress up accordingly.

For the beach:clothes for the beach in thailand

      Beach bumming will definitely be one of the things to do in Thailand. So, make sure you bring beach essentials – a beach tote bag, beach swim wear, a beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen lotion, sun glasses and a wide rimmed hat. Thai people are somewhat conservative when it comes to dressing. So, once you are out of the water, it is best to cover up – girls must always pack a sarong as it comes in really handy to cover up in such places.

For temple visits:dress decently for temples in Thailand

     Pay particular attention to what you wear when you are visiting temples in Thailand. It is considered disrespectful if you are not dressed appropriately and you might be asked to cover up before entering the temple premises. One simple rule to follow is to keep your shoulders, as well as your knees, covered. So, half sleeve tops or t-shirts are okay, for bottom full pants or trousers are best. Girls can wear long skirts as well. It makes sense for ladies to carry a scarf as it comes in handy to cover up. Also, you will be needed to take off your shoes, before entering the temple, so comfortable slip on shoes will work best as it saves you the hassle of untying and tying the laces multiple times.

For sightseeing:clothes for sight seeing in thailand

      Thais in a city like Bangkok is quite modern and fashionable. So, you can dress like your usual self when sight-seeing in the city. Just keep the climate of the place in mind. Cotton tees, light breathable linen fabric clothes work best. If you have hiking and trekking in your itinerary, make sure to pack synthetic fabric long sleeve tees and pants as they are best to keep your safe from bugs. Hiking socks and comfortable but sturdy hiking shoes should also be on the packing list.

For night outs:clothes for thailand nights out

     A Thai trip is not complete if you have not enjoyed a night out in the city. So, girls can pack a decent fancy dress with matching sandals and accessories. Casual dressing is fine for men in such places.

2. Toiletries:


       Pack small size packs of all the essential toiletries you typically need for Thailand. It’s not that you will not them locally, but why waste time unnecessarily in going to super market. A typical toiletries bag must have body wash/soap, shampoo, and conditioner, face wash; face cream, body cream, lip balm, deodorants, tooth paste, tooth brush, sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF, and shaving essentials for men. Girls should bring minimal makeup things as the weather is quite hot for anything to stay. As in any tropical climate country, mosquitoes are also a nuisance in Thailand. So, pack some anti-mosquito repellent sprays or patches. A bottle of hand sanitizer is also essential in the hand bag.

3. Medicines:medicines

     No one likes to fall sick on a holiday. But, it’s best to pack some essential medicines for common ailments like headaches, upset stomach, allergies, etc. Also, pack an antiseptic cream and band aids for minor scrapes or scratches.

4. Shoes:shoes in thailand

     Since you will have to remove your shoes quite often in Thailand – in many shops, temples, massage parlours, etc., it makes sense to pack shoes from the slip on variety. Pack a flip flop as they are best for beaches. For moving around the city where you might have to walk a lot, comfortable slip on sandals is best. For a dinner at a high-end restaurant or for a night out, you might want to add a dressier sandal to the list. If trekking and hiking are on the itinerary, appropriate adventure shoes need to be packed as well.

5. Water Bottle:water bottle

     You need to keep yourself hydrated when you are in Thailand. So, it makes sense to carry around a water bottle with you. Safe to drink water is available for refilling almost everywhere in Thailand and it will be easy in your pockets than buying packaged water every time.

6. Rain Gear:

rain gear

     If you are travelling during the rainy season in Thailand, appropriate rain gear is a must. Even when it is not the season, it can rain anytime in Bangkok, so pack a light raincoat or a fold-able umbrella to save you from a sudden shower. It is also essential to have a waterproof backpack if you are carrying gadgets like a DSLR with you.

7. Universal Adaptor:

universal adaptor

    The outlets in Thailand are varied and may not be compatible with all your gadgets. So, it is best to pack a universal adaptor. It will come in handy when you want to charge your phone, camera and other gadgets.

8. Camera and Smart Phone:

camer and smartphone

     There will be ample opportunities for you to click pictures in Thailand. So, take along a good camera. Or if you are used to clicking pictures on your mobile, carry a charger and a power bank. If you are an avid photographer, do not forget to pack an extra battery, extra memory card, and the charging unit for your camera.

      So, now you have a quick list to refer to for packing for your Thailand trip. Apart of these make sure you have your passports, travel tickets, Thai currency, and hotel booking print outs in place before leaving for the destination. Packing a travel guidebook for Thailand or a good book to read during your flight is also a must.

       Travel light and enjoy your stay in Thailand. If you need any help in planning your trip, the travel experts at visiit.com can come to your rescue.


10 Thai food recipes that you must try at least once in your lifetime

Thailand is one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world and its cuisine reflects that. Thai food is a delicious amalgamation of spicy flavors, unique tastes and fresh plucked ingredients from all corners in Thailand. You must really try the most traditional and authentic Thai dishes you must try before you die otherwise you will miss something really delightful!!

Well, just talking about it makes my mouth water!! So let’s jump right in and see what food dishes are the most famous across the world and which you just need to try yourself!

Pad Thaipad thai

Welcome to the Thailand’s national dish which is purely authentic and traditional Thai. Fresh ingredients mixed with spices and herbs define this delicious dish which can be customized in many ways. This stir fried noodles can be made with fish sauce, tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts, choice of vegetables or chicken, beef, pork. You can customize the flavours and tastes by adding in other variety of meats, scrambled eggs, beansprouts or lime juice.

Tom Yum GoongTom Yum Goong

This is one of the prized Thai seafood dish which is to die for! You will keep asking for more after having this and it will not be an exaggeration to say that you are likely make this for dinner multiple times! Preparing this dish will take you 15 minutes and is super easy even for the novice cooks. All it needs it shrimp, lemongrass, salt, pepper and some hot and sour sauce to spice it up.

Por Pia TordPor Pia Tord

One of the most delicious appetizers in Thai cuisine, this is a fried spring roll which comes with a side of a sweet and sour dip. The ingredients in the roll range from stir fried fillings of a choice of vegetables, chicken, pork, even duck! You must simply try the Por Pia Tord which comes with the apricot dip!!


This is a gastronome’s delight come true! This heavenly curry dish is made from creamy coconut cream which lends it a thick and rich taste. The main ingredient in this recipe is the meat which is simmered in the coconut cream at a slow sim to bring out the meat flavors and lend it a slightly sweet taste. So this is one dish for the foodies who like their dishes mild and not spicy. You just need a bowl of warm steamed or sticky rice to devour this amazing dish!

Som TamSom Tam

This is one of the most authentic Thai dishes and pretty easy to whip up at home too as the ingredients are simple and can be prepared in a jiffy. This lovely sounding dish is a tossed salad made from shredded papaya, sliced beans and chopped tomato. You can then pound the veggies and the dressing in a mortar and pestle to lend it its spicy flavor which nicely coats the veggies.

Moo Sa-Te Moo Sa-Te

An alluring dish made from pork, this dish has the pork nicely grilled on a slow flame on a wooden stick and coated with a mixture of spicy turmeric and chili. This is a wonderful starter for an authentic Thai recipe which comes with a side of a medium spicy sauce made from grounded peanuts spiced with red chili. Another way to have it is with a side of a sour sauce made from pepper and finely chopped cucumbers.

Tom Yam KaiTom Yum Goong

This is one classic Thai recipes which is heavenly and will leave you asking for more portions again and again!! Foodies of all ages are likely to be lovers of this delicious soup made from chicken simmered on a slow flame with many herbs and spices like lemongrass, chili and fish sauce. Mm mm…you just need some authentic ingredients to try this out yourself at home! This yummy flavorful dish is not to be missed by any means!

Massaman CurryMassaman Curry

Whew!! This one is strictly for the spicy food lovers! Though you can make it less spicy by asking for less spices. This is fusion food curry made from dried peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin slow simmered on a light flame with a choice of meats like chicken, lamb or fish.

Geng Khew Wan GaiGeng Kheaw Wan Gai

This is the king of curries in taste and in spiciness! This green curry is made from ground green chilies, Thai eggplant and many herbs which make this curry flaming hot. The curry can be made with chicken, beef or a choice of vegetables. If you like it mild, use less of the green chilies.

Kai Jiew Moo SaapKai Jiew Moo Saap

This is often called the Thai comfort food as this is very easy to whip up and can satisfy all your cravings owing to its medley of flavors and tastes. All you need is eggs whipped up nicely with soy sauce and fish sauce with salt and pepper added. Once the eggs are nicely beaten, you can add finely chopped or minced pork in it and beat it once more. You can now fry this omelette sprinkling it liberally with oil. You can leave out the pork if you want. Once it is nice and crispy, enjoy it with steamed rice to have a yummy and satiating dinner.

Thai cuisine is a gastronomic delight and is just waiting to be explored. It has a great fusion of fresh ingredients mixed with the choicest of meats or vegetables which can be whipped up into a fantastic lunch or dinner. It is a great way to liven up a meal and make it at home as it doesn’t require too much effort. Just buy the ingredients off the supermarket shelves and you are ready to become a chef!

Beautiful Things to do in Pattaya

    Pattaya is another island destination of Thailand located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is the most visited island of the country only after Bangkok city. In 2016, this city was visited by more than 30 million travelers from across the globe, and 27% of it constitutes the Chinese population. Infact, the city runs its livelihood on tourism and allied services alone.

     Pattaya is famous for its nightlife and derives a shady reputation because of its sex tourism industry. Nevertheless, it is not totally closed for the other travelers seeking unique experiences. Pattaya is easily accessible by a fantastic road network, and is 100 km from the Bangkok City. Here are top 15 things to add to your to-do list while you are exploring Pattaya islands.

1. Pattaya’s Mini SIAM

mini siam       The Mini SIAM is a collection of more than 100 miniature replicas of the landmarks from around the world and is essentially divided into two sections – Asia and the rest of the World. It features miniature of world famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc DE Triomphe, Sydney Opera House, St. Petersburg Church and the Statue of Liberty.

2. Floating markets

floating market bangkok thailand      Those of whom have been to Pattaya before, or for that matter even the new visitors, floating market is something that one’s eye cannot miss out on. In olden times, the water was considered as the most vital survival element, and due to that, most well known civilizations are seen to have settled across the water sources. The floating market has all its shops floating on river waters and the only way to access them is by boats. The market is filled with traditional shopping centers where you can bargain for traditional clothes, handicrafts, paintings, Thai Silk, fresh vegetables, fruits and fruit produces. If you have not tasted Dragon Fruit before, now is the time. It is mouth watering and delicious. The market is also an ideal place for trying multiple local cuisines.

3. Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum

ripley's believe it or not museum pattaya       Ripley’s believe it or not is among the most popular American TV shows hosted on the NBC. While you are in Pattaya, why not see the unbelievable in person!  It features several entertainment series such as the ‘Believe it or not’, the 4D Moving Theater, Haunted Adventures, Louis Tussaud’s Wax works, Scream in the dark and the Infinity Maze.

4. The Sanctuary of Truth 

sanctuary of truth pattaya      The Sanctuary of Truth is a religious escape to the deeper perspectives of the traditional Buddhism and Hinduism beliefs. A gigantic wooden construction, it covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. The top of the building is 105 meters in height and is designed to withstand extreme variations of seashore weather conditions. The wooden construction reflects the ancient Eastern philosophy and knowledge and teaches its visitors the basic principles of humility, cycle of living, life’s relationship with universe, and common goal of life towards Utopia.

5. Art in Paradise

art in paradise pattaya

          Art in Paradise is one of its kind optical illusion galleries in Pattaya. Fully interactive, it sports 10 3-dimensional galleries to tweak and challenge your visual capabilities. They also have branches in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The 360° tour takes you across myriad 3D paintings with illusions of depth and distances; sure to intrigue you to no end.

6. Pattaya ATV Adventure

atv tours pattaya

      ATV Lovers, Ahoy! Hop on for a fun filled adventure and explore the enchanting countryside of Pattaya. The ATV tours are conducted in the outskirts of the city and are available in two versions – fun and extreme. The first route is a 28 kms drive and lasts for 2 hours and the extreme tour is a 42 kms trip lasting 4 hrs of adrenaline rushing experience.

7. Flight of Gibbon Chonburi flight of Gibbon Chonburi

       Zip lining may not have been a sport that many have heard of before, but it is certainly a sport that is thrilling for all ages. The zip line rappels and descends you from a sloping height at breakneck speeds. In this case, you not only enjoy the thrill, but you also pass through the varied natural beauty and the rare species of the Thai tropical rain forests such as the hornbills and the forest gibbons.

8. MAX Muay Thai MAX muay thai pattaya

      Thai boxing or Muay Thai is the most popular close contact martial art practiced all over the world. Its infamous popularity is because of the fact that it is played without any body guard unlike other close contact sport and applies a range of techniques that are also used in MMA fights. If you are Thailand, you cannot afford to miss out on a live Muay Thai show. The martial art also has a spiritual significance among the Thai people as it was used by the Thai soldiers for protecting the royal elephants during war.

9. Flyboarding Experience flyboarding pattaya bangkok

      Flyboard is a sport that was invented in the year 2012 by Franky Zapata, and is a latest addition to the extreme water sports. Get set for a propelling action as the water jet spins you over the waves for that extreme adrenaline experience.

10. Khao Kheow Open Zoo open zoo pattaya

         The Khao Kheow Open Zoo is the outcome of responsible and sustainable travel which aims at the preservation of the animals and provides them with a protective environment. The zoo features animal species from across the globe. The zoo takes you through vivid wildlife experiences such as the Forest and Wildlife Tour, the Biodiversity experience and the Night Safari. It is the best way to educate the value of the environment to the future generations.

11. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

      Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a tropical garden that is among the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens. Experience the vivid colours of Thai culture with the live Thai Cultural Shows, elephant shows and Safaris, that will keep you engaged all day. The garden also displays the performance car collection, mini zoo, waterbirds and other attractions.

12. Hop to the Koh Samet Island PattayaKoh Samet Island Pattaya

        Koh Samet Island or the Paradise Island is 45 minutes drive by ferry from Pattaya and is 70 kms long stretch of sun and sand coastline. The nearby Hat Sai Kaew or the Diamond beach is the longest beach on the island. They offer vast stretches of powdery white beaches and jade blue waters and are best for a tranquil getaway.

13. Explore the Sapphire Mines at Chantaburisapphire mines pattaya

        Chantaburi is a small industrial island on the East Coast and is famous for its sapphire mines, rubber plantations, pepper and pineapple tapioca plantations, fish byproducts and several other local produce. Visit the island and find out how they mine, fine cut and polish sapphires, topazes and spinal rubies found in abundance on the island.

14. Visit the neighboring Koh Sichang wishing cavewishing cave pattaya

       Travel through the Gulf of Siam and pay a visit to the lesser touristy Koh Sichang Island, also known as the Chinese Land in Thailand. The ferries to Koh Sichang start from the Bali Hai pier as early as 08:00 am. The visit takes you on a spiritual journey of the Saan Chao Pho Khao Yai, a Chinese Temple, which holds the best kept secrets of the 3000 year old Feng Shui philosophical system. Nestled on the mountain top, you visit several natural caves on the way. It is believed that visiting the cave helps you to instill the sense of peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity in your lives.

15. Bungee Jumping bungee jumping pattaya

      Pattaya is among the most preferred destinations for adventure sports and one such adrenaline rushing sport is bungee jumping. After a quick briefing, you climb up 197 metres to the diving point, to the highest bungee jumping site in Thailand. This challenge literally confronts you with your deepest fears and you feel all the adrenaline rush as you swing down the air, and hang suspended mid air, above the ground.

Trip Notes : 

  1. Though late nights might seem alluring, it is best to avoid it, especially alone.
  2. Respect the local customs – it is modest to ask before clicking pictures to avoid intimidation and embarrassment.
  3. Thai people are considerably slow in speaking English. Do not be surprised if they take some time to reply and respond as fast as you do. Be patient!
  4. Responsible Travel – Dispose the garbage responsibly at the tourist sites.
  5. Safety – Stay away from unknown vendors at the sight seeing areas. Consider asking your hotel or ask for tour guide authentication when considering traveling to the sites.
  6. Being infamous as a red light district, expect criminal activities and regular police raids at these sites. You should avoid getting caught at wrong places at a wrong time.
  7. Preserve your personal documents such as passports, visa, cash and valuables safely. Best, carry limited cash and keep a scanned copy of all documents on email.
  8. Stay away from drugs
  9. Bargaining is a common practice here with the Tuktuks. So go ahead and try your bargaining skills. Also, it is a good idea to use Public Transport Network. Consider picking up the latest MRT maps from the airport.

Places to Visit in Thailand for Family and Kids

Thailand has many unique and beautiful tourist destinations. There are islands, cities, and many historical sites, it would take you many years to travel and see everything. There is something out there for everyone, all types of travelers and budgets. It’s a friendly and affordable country to visit. There is more than just one city that needs to be visited and explored in Thailand, which is why it is a backpacker’s paradise, but that doesn’t mean other travelers cannot venture through the country and see it’s beautiful sights.

Cities in Thailand are great and you can experience a different side of Thailand there, but the best sites to see in Thailand are definitely the historical sites and the beautiful jungles and beaches. There are so many pristine beaches, palm trees, temples, and mountains, that is is hard to decide just where to begin to start exploring. So take a path off the beaten path and away from all the tourists to really experience what Thailand has to offer. This list takes you through all the beautiful places that a visitor would not believe are actually in Thailand. These sites are some of the most incredible and serene and are the perfect places to begin your travels in Thailand.

One of the most visited sites in the country, this was the home to generations of Thai kings. Now it is used for special ceremonies. The Grand Palace represents a mix of Thai architectural styles over the years.

  • KanchanaburiThailand tour packages

A laid back riverside retreat that is surrounded by green mountains. Many of the guesthouses are built on the River Kwai which is perfect for watching the sunset. This town is also great for trekking into Thailand’s wilderness, where you can see waterfalls and caves.

Comprised of more than 40 islands and beautiful limestone cliffs. This is one of the most popular sites to do boat trip excursions. There are also some of the largest remaining mangrove forests which contain many different bird species.

  • Khao Sok National ParkThailand tour packages

A lush lowland jungle that is filled with mountains, caves and waterfalls, as well as wildlife. IT is believed to be over 160 million years old. Visitors can wind through the park through tangled vines and limestone cliffs. There are also over 200 bird species.

  • Ko Phi PhiThailand tour packages

Composed of six islands, most of the tourism is centered on Phi Phi Don, which is also the only inhabited island. There are beautiful white sand beaches and bays which are great for snorkeling, swimming and even scuba diving. There are wonderful sea horses, turtles and other underwater life that you can see while scuba or snorkel diving.

  • Koh Lipe


This tropical island has white sands and clear waters that have an abundance of marine life. IT still remains mostly untouched, though it still has seen development in the past couple of years. It is only accessible by boat. There are beaches that are divided by jungle and hills.

  • Mae Hong SonThailand tour packages

There are great mountains and countryside that is located a few miles from the border of Myanmar. The town is set in a valley that is surrounded by pretty hills. There is a definite laid back atmosphere here and it’s great for hiking into caves and waterfalls and exploring local markets.

  • RailayThailand tour packages

There are great beaches here and limestone karsts. It’s a picture perfect paradise. The evening sees macaque monkeys that gather on Phra Nang Beach. It’s also known as one of the world’s top rock climbing destinations. Railay has 700 routes on the peninsula’s rock faces.

  • Phanom RungThailand tour packages

It’s a Khmer temple that is on the summit of a dormant volcano. IT was built between the 11th and 13th centuries and is believed to be an early model for Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. IT surrounds paddy fields and is the largest Khmer monument found in Thailand. IT faces East and the sun shines directly through 15 of its sanctuary doorways about four times of the year.

  • Sukhothai Historical ParkThailand tour packages

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a complex of ruins that date back to the mid-13th to late 14th centuries. The best way to explore it is with a bike ride and to follow the paths to the buddhas and the crumbling stupas.

  • Koh JumThailand tour packages

A quiet island of rubber tree plantations and deserted bays. This is the best place to swim and relax and forget about the rest of the world and just soak up the beauty of the island of the island. You are surrounded by limestone rock formations and emerald seas. IT’s a little paradise with plenty of bays and beaches that are ready to be explored and little to no people.

  • Chaiyaphum Chaiyaphum

There are plenty of wonderful attractions to see here. There is Mor Hin Khao which has the nickname of “stonehenge” which is a natural sandstone formations that has this otherworldly quality. There is also krachiao, which are Thai tulips that bloom during the wet season. There is also Prang Khru which are the ruins of a 13th century Khmer temple.

  • AyutthayaThailand tour packages

Located 50 km from Bangkok and a UNESCO World Heritage Site lies the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya. It once served as the capital for the Thai empire and was home to more than 400 temples. The remnants have largely been restored and now gives visitors and insight to its grandeur and beauty.

  • Koh Makkoh mak

Koh Mak has retained its cultural values and Buddhist essence and remains one of the last authentic spots in the country. It has a very secluded atmosphere and is largely untouched. There is great opportunities for windsurfing and paddling and lots of sea life to see. You can also hike through the jungle and bike ride to explore the island.

  • PhetchaburiThailand tour packages

One of the oldest settlements in the country that dates back to the 8th century. There are numerous historical buildings and beautiful temples. There are few tourists so you really get an insight to authentic Thai culture and lifestyle.  There are also lush jungles and caves.

  • Chiang Rai White TempleThailand tour packages

An ornate Buddhist temple that is 20 minutes south of Chiang Rai. It was conceptualized and built by Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, a Thai artist. It does not match the traditional styles of other Buddhist temples, but that was the artist’s intention. The White Temple is supposed to represent obstacles on the path of enlightenment.

  • Khao Yai National ParkThailand tour packages

The third largest national park and a UNESCO Heritage Site, it is home to Asian elephants, white handed gibbons and the giant hornbill. The Asian elephants roam free where other animals are protected from poachers. There are a lot of hiking trails where you can become more familiar with the plants and animals.

  • Koh Lanta IslandThailand tour packages

Offering rustic charm and a laid back atmosphere, some of the finest beaches can be found here. Bamboo Beach is one of the most serene and is the best for swimming, snorkeling and lounging. Here you can experience crystal clear waters and lush forests.

  • Thung Teao Forest Natural ParkThailand tour packages

There are high trees and emerald colored water with beautiful wildlife that is relaxed in its natural habitat. There is also a wonderful waterfall in the middle of the park. There are plenty of beautiful sites to visit and see and capture, as it is a popular spots for photographers.

  • Wat Tham SuaThailand tour packages

A labyrinth of stone caves, also known as Tiger Cave is a great place to see. It is located in high jungles and these caves house many temples, as well as monks, several monks that have been there since birth. You can also climb to the top of the cave and experience something very serene.

  • Long Neck Hill Tribe Villageslong neck island

Known for their colorful dress, unique customs and handmade crafts they live on the outskirts of Chiang Rai. You can walk through the villages and meet the members. The women are the most striking as they wear the brass coils around their necks. It’s a great way to experience an authentic culture.

These are just some of the best beautiful places to see in Thailand, from national parks to serene beaches this is just the beginning of wonderful adventures that can be had in Thailand. Take a step away from the typical tourist areas and travel off the path and you will be sure to discover some incredible places in Thailand. Be open to exploring and experiencing new things and be ready to just stop relax and enjoy the sights around you. Thailand is a wonderful place and this list will be sure to make your adventure there amazing. Take the time to plan out our trip and make sure that you have a list of all the beautiful places that you want to trek to, so that you can have the experience and trip to remember for years to come.

12 Things to do in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a pretty beachside town ideal for family trips. It is one of the best destinations for people who are in search of some peace and relaxed holiday trip. Hua Hin has the highest density of world class golf courses anywhere in Thailand.

Here are some top exciting and fun loving activities you can enjoy doing during your stay in this beautiful town of Thailand:

  1. Take a Safari to the Khao Sam Roi Yot National ParkTake a Safari to the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

The name of this park in itself bears the true essence of its beauty as Khao Sam Roi Yot means ‘The Mountain with three hundred peaks’. This place is a treat to nature loving people as it is full of caves, limestone hills, islands, beaches and freshwater marshes. Some of the famous tourist destinations of this national park are Phraya Nakhon Cave with its incredible royal Thai pavilion and huge chambers, Kaeo Cave, Khao Daeng Viewpoint or the “Red Mountain”, Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh and Pala-U Waterfall which is also one of the largest waterfalls of Thailand.

  1. Visit the Hua Hin Railway Station

Visit the Hua Hin Railway Station in thailandWith a small walking distance from the main town the oldest railway station of Thailand is a must see place of historical value. Rebuilt in Victorian style in 1926 its main feature is The Royal Waiting Room that used to welcome King and his court on their visit to Hua Hin. The bright lively painted station along with the vintage steam engine will add charm to your photography.

  1. Get the feel of Venice, Italy- The Venezia

Get the feel of Venice, Italy- The Venezia in hua hinThis theme based open air shopping village has an imitation of the famous San Marcos square bell tower, Fontana di trevi and a 200-meter Grand Canal, with similar gondola rides of Venice. All these give you an illusion of being in Europe and you forget you are in South East Asia. The Venezia attracts tourists with its music gardens, 3D art galleries, mini trains, horse drawn buggies, and upside-down houses. This growing trend of pretty villages for shopping and recreation is gaining a lot of popularity in Thailand.

  1. Ramble through the Cicada Night Market

Ramble through the Cicada Night Market in hua hinIt is open every Friday and Saturday from 04:00 to 11: 00 p.m. and Sunday from 04:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Suansri, Hua Hin. The sparkling lights of Cicada market glitters through the dark night creating a mesmerising view. This market is mainly divided into four avenues namely Cicada Art Factory, Cicada Cuisine, Art à la Mode, and Amphitheatre. A large variety of Thai cuisine especially sea food can be enjoyed here along with the live music. This market also hosts a splendour of handmade crafts exhibited by budding artists and craftsmen.

  1. Climb the Monkey Mountain at Khao Takiab, Chopstick Hill

Climb the Monkey Mountain at Khao Takiab, Hua hinA breathtaking view of the beaches of this town awaits you when you reach the top of this Monkey Mountain, the name given to it because of the large number of monkey habitat. A remarkable 20-meter tall golden Buddha statue overlooks the Hua Hin coastline and can be seen from the beaches also.

  1. Splatter in the Vana Nava Water Jungle and the Mountain Water Park

Splatter in the Vana Nava Water Jungle and the Mountain Water ParkLocated just 5 minutes from city centre the Vana Nava Hua Hin adventure water park offers amazing nineteen different water slides including the Abyss- Thailand’s largest waterslide standing 28 metres high. Alternatively you can simply relax in the lazy river or at the Tree Top Lounge.  Another smaller water park which is located just 10km north of Hua Hin is the Mountain Water Park. It has nine exciting water slides, beach pool, kids’ pool, and area to play and get drenched in water. It is well equipped with life jackets and hygienic changing rooms. Wake activities for the experienced wake boarders and the beginners are also carried out in the man-made lake situated in front of this mountain. In all, these parks offer a full excitement to all the fun and water lovers.

  1. A Stroll through the Vineyard

A Stroll through the Vineyard hua hinHua Hin Hills house a large variety of Rhone grapes that make up the Monsoon Valley label wine. Vineyard tours include a return transport, wine and a delicious three-course meal or you can simply do some wine tasting to quench your thirst for some exotic wine.

  1. Admire the architectural monument Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

Admire the architectural monument Maruekhathaiyawan Palace hua hinBuilt in the early 1920s this summer palace is situated at the seaside. It was designed by an Italian architect for his ailing Master King Rama VI suffering from rheumatoid arthritis to maximise air circulation and extract the benefits of the seaside location. The Palace features a series of interlinked teak houses with tall, shuttered windows and patterned framework built upon pillars to form a covered ground-level boardwalk.

  1. Explore the Santorini Amusement Park

Explore the Santorini Amusement Park hua hinSantorini Park is inspired from the Santorini Greek Island. The walls are all white washed with windows painted beautifully in bright colors, stone paved paths and domes replicate the Grecian architecture of Santorini. The shopping complex, cafes and restaurants, live music and the amusement park offers something for everyone. The amusement park rides include Ferris wheel, carousel, water park, swings, and haunted house.

  1. Worship at Wat Huay Mongkol

Worship at Wat Huay Mongkol hua hinThis temple is dedicated to the most famous monks in Thailand, named Luand Phor Thuad. A huge 12 metre statue of the monk has been built and worshipped here. Locals believe building a huge statue will protect their families. People come and pray for good fortune, health, luck and happiness.

  1. Enjoy at Plearn Wan

Enjoy at Plearn Wan hua hinThis theme based village creates a nostalgic effect as you walk through the old times of Thai Chinese mixture of culture. The shops as well as a café and some guestrooms all designed and decorated in Thai style dated back to1960s.The village  is famous for its ‘nang klang plaeng’ (open-air movies), live music and temple fair festival which runs every evening from Friday – Sunday.

  1. Dine at 1000Sook Food and Farm

Dine at 1000Sook Food and Farm hua hinA mini farm based on a European theme has three main centres of attraction- restaurant, mini farm, and shopping outlet. A meticulously manicured landscape offers unlimited photography opportunities. The mini farm has domesticated animals like sheep, Shetland ponies, ducks, and rabbits. The horse-drawn buggy rides are for those who prefer to ride over strolling. The restaurant offers delicious Thai and Western cuisine options for reasonable prices and the speciality is the “Tom Yum soup”.

These are some of the wonderful fun activities you can enjoy indulging into while your stay in the pretty town of Hua Hin. Did you enjoy reading this article? Leave your comments below. Also subscribe to our newsletter for more information on travel destinations.


10 things you can do in one night at Bangkok

This is your ultimate guide to a night out in Bangkok starting with the family friendly places and going over to the single soul’s desires. Experience your pleasures and fantasies or do the most fun things over the course of one night in the spectacular city of Bangkok!

Watching skimpily clad ladies pole dance or having a whisky bucket or getting a sensual erotic happy ending massage, Bangkok will please all your senses and bodies included! You want to know why Bangkok is unofficially called the world’s pleasure capital, read on for the many tantalizing pleasures it has to offer!

The Lady boy Showlady boys in thailand

Bangkok is famous for its lady boy and yes you need to see at least one and get it off your bucket list! Bangkok has a lot of places offering the tantalizing lady boy shows and the most famous one is the Calypso Cabaret. See the supremely endowed and talented Katoeys who sing, dance on the stage.

Down a Bucketdown the bucket

Welcome to the Thailand’s world famous cocktail, the whisky bucket which costs you a cool 300 baht. Start your wild night by getting high on the Sangsom whisky, energy drinka and a coke which comes in the bucket. Khao San Road is full of street side bars where you can tipple the night away.

Go Sightseeing in a Tuk-Tukgo sightseeing in tuk tuk

The funnily named tuk tuk is actually a three wheeler vehicle which locals and tourists use to get around in the city. The fun of travelling in the tuk tuk at night is just amazing especially when you get your driver to act as a local guide and you can see 6-7 city attractions all lit up and beautiful by the nighttime.

Ring the Bell at a Go-Go Bar go-go bar in thailand

Coming here is a stimulating and erotic experience and Bangkok’s go-go bars are full of sexy suggestively dressed women swiveling around in the bar doing pole dances or even come and sit for a chat with you. Ringing the bell at the go-go bar buys all the women a drink on your table which makes you the most popular guy or girl for almost an hour!! Don’t miss it!! The best places for this are Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana.

Get a tattoo get a tattoo in thailand

Getting a tattoo is always an unforgettable experience and a cherished one. Just like the ‘Hangover’ movie, you could get one like Mike Tyson’s tiger or any other thing which you like and would like to display on your body. And getting it done at night can be a splendid and one of a time experiences.

Dinner Cruise on Chao Phraya Riverdinner cruise in chao phraya river in thailand

Enjoy the absolutely spectacular views of the Chao Phraya river at night while aboard a beautiful riverboat. Get on board with youor loved ones and enjoy the remarkable beauty of Bangkok’s landmarks as you take in their glory at night. Pamper and indulge yourself in the personal attention from the attendants on board the boat and enjoy an elaborate cuisine onboard prepared by the on-cruise chef.

Get a Foot Rub get a foot rub

Pampering yourself is the top thing to do or rather not-to-do in Bangkok. Walk into a cheap and roadside massage parlor to get a great and relaxing foot rub or foot massage. It gets you in the mood for more shopping or gets you a great relaxation in the middle of your night out. The prices are quite affordable too starting from 250 baht for one hour sessions and you can find them at San Road and Soi Rambuttri.

Get an erotic massageget an erotic thai massage

Erotic massages are the real deal in Bangkok and area available for both men and women. The services here range from the lingam massage for men and the yoni massage for women in which sexual organs are given the real pampering. They also offer body sliding massages or four hands in which two masseurs do their thingy. The more adventurous ones can try out their happy ending massages which has the option of ending with a blowjob or hand job or the full service ones which are self-explaining. The sexy and erotic pleasures of the body here can cost you 300 baht for a half an hour session plus the tip for the extra services.

Watch Muay Thai Live show Watch Muay Thai Live show

Muay Thai Live at Asiatique in Bangkok is a theatrical show combining entertaining dance performances with the ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing. This is an spellbinding show for everyone which simply must not be missed at all! Running for 90 minutes, this show started performances in 2014 and runs every day at ‘The Stage’ which is a 600 seater theatre nestled incise the Asiatique, the riverfront night market.

Go Clubbing go clubbing in thailand

It’s party time every day in Bangkok! Being in Bangkok, you just need to party and there are numerous bars, nightclubs, pubs and discos on offer. They are open during the full week and stay open till late. You can have dinner at the ones with full service or have the famous ‘Shisha’ which is smoking from the hookah bars. Choose the ones with a rooftop bar as the city sparkles at night and looks brightly lit and this is the perfect time to get your selfie sticks out.

Rediscover Bangkok at night and experience the glitter and glam at night when the city sleeps but the people don’t. Whether you want to see the city’s landmarks, watch the sunset with your loved one or just

With so many options to explore and places to see at night, one night looks small in comparison! Do share your experiences with our readers and stay subscribed to our newsletter for more such exciting guides to help you plan your destinations and travel.

12 Things to do in Krabi

Krabi, Thailand, is a place full of resorts, forests, panoramic views, nightlife, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, pools, wildlife and around 80 islands near the coast with various activities to do like rock climbing, safari, boat rides, shopping, sightseeing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, spas and what not offering variety of food and drinks in extremely impressive hotels, restaurants and bars which makes it a top most “must visit” destination among tourists.

  1. Relax at one of the most beautiful beach of Railayrelax in railay beach in krabi - Thailand

It is one the most stunning beaches with large cliffs on both sides thus approachable only by boat which makes it more fantasizing. You can opt from different bars to have a quality time or you can just roam around on the white sand having the most spectacular views around yourself. No traffic, no noise, you can feel the peace within or enjoy a loved one’s company. You can see lagoons, limestone cliffs, caves and forest all around.

  1. Rejoice in a boat riderejoice in a boat ride in karbi - Thailand

A fascinating activity to indulge in! One can hire a boat with or without guide and explore around 200 islands around the coastline. Watch the breathtaking views, clear waters, rocky islands and relax.

  1. Recharge yourself at the Emerald pool of Thung Teao Forest Natural ParkRecharge yourself at the Emerald pool of Thung Teao Forest Natural Park in krabi - Thailand

This beautiful place not only has amazing plants and variety of animals but also has a lagoon which is called the Emerald Pool which actually shows the nature at its best. The Emerald Pool’s water is naturally warm and crystal clear thus calling tourists to be a part of itself. No doubts that one will always feel rejuvenated after taking a dip in it.

  1. Feel the bliss at Tiger Cave Temple at Wat Tham Suafeel the bliss at tiger cave temple of krabi - thailand

Named after a tiger which lived in the cave, this temple is surrounded by lush greens and interconnected caves. You can see monks worshipping and residing in the temple. You can also explore all the caves where you will get to see various historical antiques. The main attraction is the “footprint of Buddha” which is at the top giving a panoramic view of various islands and Andaman Sea.

  1. Have a good time at Phi Phi Islandshave a good time at krabi's phi phi islands - thailand

Phi Phi islands are the most popular and scenic islands. Also famous for “The Beach” movie shooting, the Phi Phi Leh Island at Phi Phi has the most splendid beaches. The Phi Phi Don Island is famous among tourists thus always crowded, so you need to be the early one. Around 45 minutes from Krabi, it will give you eye popping views, a wonderful marine life, dynamic beaches and crystal clear waters.

  1. Get the local feel at Krabi Townget the local feel at thailand's krabi town

To get the local feel you need to visit this town which has retained its old culture along with all the amenities to get you entertained. You can find fresh caught fishes from the river running through the town to be served at the local restaurants. You will definitely be compelled to stay here and know more and more about the local culture.

  1. Show your shopping skills at the Night marketShow your shopping skills at Krabi's Night market

The night market in the Krabi town is one of the features which is not to be left seen. Very popular for around hundred of food stalls, this market is open in the evening from Friday to Sunday. Variety of sumptuous food, souvenirs sold by the locals, shows by school students are some of the flavor which you will get to see in the market.

  1. Luxuriate yourself at Ao Nang BeachLuxuriate yourself at Ao Nang Beach - Thailand

A very famous place for its nightlife, it gives you the perfect environment to gorge on some delectable food while listening to music. There are a number of restaurants and bars offering you freshly prepared cuisines and a variety of cocktails. You can also book different tour packages as this place is full of operators.

  1. Indulge in various activities like Rock Climbing, Kayaking, White water rafting, etcIndulge in various activities in krabi island

Krabi is a place which also offers you various leisure activities. You can become a beginner climber and enjoy scaling the limestone rocks. Various climber schools are available to teach you the basics and take care of you with complete security while you enjoy the moment. You can also go for kayaking, river rafting, and scuba diving and relish the extremely remarkable marine life.

If in case you just want to explore the quietness within yourself you can also lay down lazy on a hammock at the beach sides and just chill sipping on your favorite drinks or get yourself tanned taking a sunbath. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of sunsets.

  1. Spoil yourself at a Krabi SpaSpoil yourself at a Krabi Spa

After enjoying all beaches, islands, caves and activities, just get indulged in a luxurious spa with natural ingredients which will help you in regaining energy to do more and more to make the most of your time. It will give you the epitome of relaxation and help you maintain a mental and physical balance throughout which you will remember for your lifetime and will always want to come back for.

  1. Get entertained by live music and exotic food and drinks at Soi RCAGet entertained by live music and exotic food and drinks at Soi RCA

This trip would be incomplete without your visit at one the most celebrated nightlife places, that is the Soi RCA. It is in a close proximity to the beach and surrounded by renowned restaurants on either sides. Any single guy entering the place is looked closely from head to toe by the bar girls standing outside. It has a very nice ambience in all its 12 bars: Lovely bar, Romantic bar, Black butterfly bar, Kitty bar, Amy’s 69, Climax bar, Kiss bar, Popcorn bar, Left side bar, Plamy bar, Ao Nang bar and Mushroom bar. Interesting names though!

There are bar games, entertaining music, vivacious atmosphere and drinks at reasonable prices. It opens at 5 pm till late.

  1. Get yourself over indulged in delicious food and breathtaking views at The HilltopGet yourself over indulged in delicious food and breathtaking views at The Hilltop

As the name suggests, The Hilltop is situated at a top location with outdoor restaurant which gives you a heavenly feel looking at the awe-inspiring views whilst enjoying your exotic meals and drinks. You can always plan a romantic dinner date or a lunch. Fresh sea food, magnificent surroundings are all you can enjoy there.  The menu includes local Thai and grilled dishes to serve your taste buds. Don’t forget to book a table prior as this place is always full. It’s open all days from 11am till midnight.

Would you not want to add this location to your bucket list?

# One can visit Krabi anytime in the year as you always get something to do but best time to visit is between November and April. The nearest airport, Krabi International airport, is 10km from the main city and 40 km from Ao Nang and is connected to Bangkok and various other main cities.

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