Thailand is a place that is so known for its party, it’s beaches and a whole lot of a vivid spectrum of things that it offers. Wildest cliches make Thailand a great tourist destination, there are a lot of other attractions that make Thailand worth visiting even beyond these little things.

Here are a few destinations in Thailand that are so offbeat, that you might not have even thought about visiting them.

The Siriraj Medical Museum:

This Hospital is the equivalent of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for Thailand Island. the Royal family of Thailand gets their medical treatments from this Institute. It’s more than a century old and boasts of a royal lineage that a few other institutes can even think about! However, the museum of this institute has a very easy connotation. Housing some weird artifacts like bones, preserved organs, pathological fetuses, parasitic worms, and The Skeleton of the founder of this Institute, this Museum presents itself as a weird centre of attraction.


The Amulet Market :

As the name implies, there is an entire corridor filled with thousands of Sacred trinkets that are permitted to offer protection against all kinds of Evil. This amulet market is frequented by locals and international tourists. There are different kinds of amulets that range from chunks of wood to even real human body parts like hair. These amulet are said to carry some divine or secret magical power that could be in the form of parts of temples from far away like incense sticks, or pieces of metal or medals blessed by monks, or even some are millets that have engraved images of Buddha.


One thing that makes the amulet market special, whether you call it good or bad, is that there are no guides. You have to identify your kind of amulet all by yourself. This makes the visit to this place even more interesting, just to watch other people pick their amulets.

The Haunted Skyscraper :

From the early to the mid-nineties, Thailand was a booming economy. However, during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the economy of Thailand cell considerable and it contract it to as low as 10%. This is left a lot of projects in progress hanging Midway.

One of these unfortunate projects is a 49 story skyscraper that was known as the Sathorn Unique. Bringing together both residential and commercial elements, this skyscraper was all set to be the face of Thailand economic growth but the economic depression thought otherwise. This has left the building in a very easy state giving it quite a haunted appearance. Adding to this is the mystery in abandoned rooms, lifelike mannequins, and a picture of the King.

This building was closed for commercial exploitation in June 2016. However for those who have some pumping adrenaline and a thirst for adventure this building is not totally of the limits. As responsible travel promoters, we would recommend you to exercise at most care to avoid injuries from deformed ceilings and damaged metal sheets.

The Bangkok Aeroplane Graveyard :

Those who are familiar with the concept of flight graveyards might know the Davis-Monthan air force base in Arizona. This south-east Asia answer to Arizona albeit in a flavor of being commercial and touristy. Dubious thanks to a flight crash that happened in the late 90s, the Boeing MD 82 was considered a bad omen. One of the Planes that was disengaged from the workforce became a dwelling place for one couple in the outskirts of Bangkok. In 2015, another Boeing 787 was added to this site to serve as an additional point of attraction. These two together, so as living spaces and centers of revenue for the people who live here.


The family that lives here has very aesthetically defaced the plane. They have removed the seats, the paneling, the television sets, and the oxygen masks. Adding to this they have ever done the interiors to make it real home-like and well decorated. The steps to these homes are made of discarded aircraft tyres. Just like any other Thai attraction and just like any other Royal citizen of Thailand, the interiors of this plane also has a photograph of the king of Thailand.

If this one has finished your curiosity and you have decided to visit this plane homes, make sure that you remember that this is a private property and not a public place. The respect for privacy and everything that is in there is to be regarded at highest intensity point

The Museum of Counterfeit Goods :

If there is a point at which China exerts a lot of pressure over Thailand, it has to be in the form of counterfeiting a lot of branded products. The law and order officials of Thailand have taken a very weird yet effective step to counter these. They have created a museum exclusively for counterfeit goods.

Sitting on the 26 floor of the law and order headquarters of Bangkok, this is a rather weird place to display counterfeit goods. However, the utility value is of utmost importance. You have a guided tour by a law and order executive who is well was in pointing out counterfeit goods, and they will tell you in detail how to spot counterfeit goods and how to stay away from getting fleeced.


This place has a collection of over 3500 counterfeit products including but not limited to clothing brands like Gucci Armani and a lot more, toys and even Automobile parts. It is no surprise that the allegation by the officials is that 95% of these counterfeited goods come from China. The intensity of counterfeiting is so much that only 500 products out of the 3500 can be put on display.

If you are interested in doing some intense shopping in Thailand, this is one place that you should definitely visit, not for knowing what to buy but for knowing what not to buy!

The Giant Swing :

Why Led Zeppelins have given us the eternal Joy of Stairway to Heaven, the people of Thailand have stepped out a little out of the box and have given a swing to heaven. Made of teak wood that is over 20 meters tall and a couple of centuries old, this swing is thought to be the good luck charm for the men of Thailand.


Until 1935, this swing used to be a part of a famous ceremony where men climb onto it and swing the full distance to Grab a bag full of coins which was supposed to bring them a lot of good luck in everything that they did. However due to the overwhelming number of deaths that happen because of the ceremony, this swing was shut down in 1935. Today this swing serves as a grim testimony to some of the weird ceremony is that Thailand used to have.

The Queen’s Institute :

Talk about Southeast Asia to any nature-aficionado, and they cannot imagine a Southeast Asia without venomous Snakes and insects. This mandated that Thailand had to have some extremely good command over the medical procedures regarding snake bites and insect harms. This is the very reason why the Queen’s Institute exists today.

This Institute was started with a motive to create and research on vaccines and medicines for rabies and smallpox. When the instances of snake bites started to increase in Thailand, the institute shifted its focus in research on Venom and extraction of anti-venom.

Today, this Institute houses several species of venomous snakes, their antivenom, and even has a show which displays how to extract the Venom from the snake for the purpose of creating the anti-venom.

As Offbeat as Thailand can be :

It is high Time We moved out of the confines of beaches and parties when we think the toilet. Thailand has a lot of attractions and is a very Wholesome tourist destination, but sadly has been pushed to be in a party Paradise.

Let this serve as a guide for you to explore all the other options that Thailand offers comma and enjoy this beautiful place. Because sometimes, Thailand is a lot more than just the items that are offered even in the best tour packages to Thailand!

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