The Ultimate Packing List – Thailand

      Thailand is one of the most popular tropical getaways for Indian people who want to holiday abroad. There are many things that attract visitors here – the culture, the history, exotic beaches, night life, and of course, the friendly people. If you have planned a trip to Thailand, you must be wondering what to pack for your trip. Well, we are here to help with some great tips on what you should bring for your Thai holidays.

        One piece of advice that applies to almost all destinations is you should travel as light as possible. Thailand is also famous as a shopping destination, so you would definitely want to buy stuff from there. So, considering weight restrictions of flights leave ample space for your purchases.

1. Clothes

     Clothes take the maximum of our packing space. So, it is important that you sort it out first thing. The climate of Thailand is hot and humid. So, pack breathable cotton and linen fabric clothes. But, inside shopping malls and during your flight, it can be quite chilly because of the air conditioner, so you might pack a thin jacket for such times. There are a variety of things to do in Thailand, so depending on how you plan to spend your day you will have to dress up accordingly.

For the beach:clothes for the beach in thailand

      Beach bumming will definitely be one of the things to do in Thailand. So, make sure you bring beach essentials – a beach tote bag, beach swim wear, a beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen lotion, sun glasses and a wide rimmed hat. Thai people are somewhat conservative when it comes to dressing. So, once you are out of the water, it is best to cover up – girls must always pack a sarong as it comes in really handy to cover up in such places.

For temple visits:dress decently for temples in Thailand

     Pay particular attention to what you wear when you are visiting temples in Thailand. It is considered disrespectful if you are not dressed appropriately and you might be asked to cover up before entering the temple premises. One simple rule to follow is to keep your shoulders, as well as your knees, covered. So, half sleeve tops or t-shirts are okay, for bottom full pants or trousers are best. Girls can wear long skirts as well. It makes sense for ladies to carry a scarf as it comes in handy to cover up. Also, you will be needed to take off your shoes, before entering the temple, so comfortable slip on shoes will work best as it saves you the hassle of untying and tying the laces multiple times.

For sightseeing:clothes for sight seeing in thailand

      Thais in a city like Bangkok is quite modern and fashionable. So, you can dress like your usual self when sight-seeing in the city. Just keep the climate of the place in mind. Cotton tees, light breathable linen fabric clothes work best. If you have hiking and trekking in your itinerary, make sure to pack synthetic fabric long sleeve tees and pants as they are best to keep your safe from bugs. Hiking socks and comfortable but sturdy hiking shoes should also be on the packing list.

For night outs:clothes for thailand nights out

     A Thai trip is not complete if you have not enjoyed a night out in the city. So, girls can pack a decent fancy dress with matching sandals and accessories. Casual dressing is fine for men in such places.

2. Toiletries:


       Pack small size packs of all the essential toiletries you typically need for Thailand Trip. It’s not that you will not them locally, but why waste time unnecessarily in going to super market. A typical toiletries bag must have body wash/soap, shampoo, and conditioner, face wash; face cream, body cream, lip balm, deodorants, tooth paste, tooth brush, sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF, and shaving essentials for men. Girls should bring minimal makeup things as the weather is quite hot for anything to stay. As in any tropical climate country, mosquitoes are also a nuisance in Thailand. So, pack some anti-mosquito repellent sprays or patches. A bottle of hand sanitizer is also essential in the hand bag.

3. Medicines:medicines

     No one likes to fall sick on a holiday. But, it’s best to pack some essential medicines for common ailments like headaches, upset stomach, allergies, etc. Also, pack an antiseptic cream and band aids for minor scrapes or scratches.

4. Shoes:shoes in thailand

     Since you will have to remove your shoes quite often in Thailand – in many shops, temples, massage parlours, etc., it makes sense to pack shoes from the slip on variety. Pack a flip flop as they are best for beaches. For moving around the city where you might have to walk a lot, comfortable slip on sandals is best. For a dinner at a high-end restaurant or for a night out, you might want to add a dressier sandal to the list. If trekking and hiking are on the itinerary, appropriate adventure shoes need to be packed as well.

5. Water Bottle:water bottle

     You need to keep yourself hydrated when you are in Thailand. So, it makes sense to carry around a water bottle with you. Safe to drink water is available for refilling almost everywhere in Thailand and it will be easy in your pockets than buying packaged water every time.

6. Rain Gear:

rain gear

     If you are travelling during the rainy season in Thailand, appropriate rain gear is a must. Even when it is not the season, it can rain anytime in Bangkok, so pack a light raincoat or a fold-able umbrella to save you from a sudden shower. It is also essential to have a waterproof backpack if you are carrying gadgets like a DSLR with you.

7. Universal Adaptor:

universal adaptor

    The outlets in Thailand are varied and may not be compatible with all your gadgets. So, it is best to pack a universal adaptor. It will come in handy when you want to charge your phone, camera and other gadgets.

8. Camera and Smart Phone:

camer and smartphone

     There will be ample opportunities for you to click pictures in Thailand. So, take along a good camera. Or if you are used to clicking pictures on your mobile, carry a charger and a power bank. If you are an avid photographer, do not forget to pack an extra battery, extra memory card, and the charging unit for your camera.

      So, now you have a quick list to refer to for packing for your Thailand trip. Apart of these make sure you have your passports, travel tickets, Thai currency, and hotel booking print outs in place before leaving for the destination. Packing a travel guidebook for Thailand or a good book to read during your flight is also a must.

       Travel light and enjoy your stay in Thailand. If you need any help in planning your trip, the travel experts at can come to your rescue.


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