“Memories might fade, but images last a lifetime”


When we travel, one of the things that most of us carry with us is the camera. Taking photos has almost become the trait of every tourist. The photography skills of the tourist might differ, but the passion of capturing the scenes is always the same. When we take a look at the images, we seem to relive those moments once again. This is the magic of photography. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you click a picture. In the following post, we would be looking at some of the dos and don’ts of travel photography.

DO see things around

Seeing is one of the most important traits of a photographer. Don’t click a picture of a thing just because every else is doing that. When you are travelling to tourist places, the first thing that you should do is look around for images that appeal to you. If you find something truly appealing, then capture that image in your camera. Try to capture things that reflect the flavour of the place that you are travelling to. This way, you can get the same feeling of being there when you see those images.

DON’T be invasive

When you are clicking pictures at tourist spots, you should always respect the privacy of the people around. They might not like to get photographed. For example, an elderly man drinking coffee at a cafe in Paris might be a wonderful image. But, you should take the permission of the man before clicking the picture. When you are done, show him the photo and thank him with a smile. These little things would also make your trip memorable.

DO capture the details

Sometimes the smallest of things make the best of pictures. A kid playing with a ball in the favelas of Rio might be looking to be simple but it captures the true essence of the place. So, if you want to capture the true essence of the place, try to capture these small things.

DON’T travel with heavy equipment

Unless you are a professional photographer and you are travelling just for photography, you should always carry light equipment. Just a single DSLR camera body (if you use one) and a few lenses. Try to avoid carrying tripods or heavy telephoto lenses, even if you have them. Try to carry as little as possible.

DO use white balance

When you are travelling in Europe, you would get a lot of calm, low light. On the other hand, when you are travelling to beach resorts, you would get plenty of sun. So, you need to know about white balance and change the settings on your camera accordingly to click the most amazing images.

DON’T take snaps mindlessly

Don’t click everything that you see. This is bad for two things. First, it would prevent you from capturing a truly brilliant image. Secondly, it would prevent you from seeing the real beauty of the place. So, think before you click on your tour travel.

So, these are the guidelines that you should follow when you are clicking pictures. Just follow these simple tips and click the most amazing pictures on your holidays.

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