The range of the FIFA World Cup 2018 is all over the planet and everybody is either glued to the television or to their mobiles catching up on what action has been happening on the turf. Quite a lot has progressed and we are now at a stage where we know all the quarter finalists who are going to clash over the next few days to secure a place in the semi finals and ultimately to lift the prestigious World Cup.

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We have seen a lot of surprises in this edition of the FIFA world cup. We have seen Italy being sent out of the game even at the qualifier level which is quite a surprise considering the historic record of Italy and also scene Japan show some brilliant sportsmanship to steal the hearts of people. The favorites for the season, Germany has been kicked out of the world cup at the group status. The teams like Portugal and Argentina that feature star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been kicked out of the world cup.

That has left us with 8 teams competing for the prestigious cup out of which only one will be the ultimate winner. The teams are Uruguay, France, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Croatia, Sweden and England. Each country has its own specialist with football. Uruguay was the first host and the first winner of the FIFA World Cup. France won the 1998 finals in spite of facing a powerful team like Argentina. From the time of Pele to the time of Neymar Jr, and with star players like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho Gaucho, Brazil have always been favorites with the world cup. Belgium, Sweden, Croatia and Russia have had their own share of specialities and it is not to be forgotten that the highest goal scorer of the 1998 World Cup was the croatian star player Davor Suker.

When we look at tourism, there are a few things that make each country stand out. Let us look at what makes the quarter final countries special with tourism.


There cannot be anything that can be more special in Uruguay than football itself. The estadio centenario is the oldest football stadium and also the biggest. The first ever world cup was hosted in here. The Museum in the stadium gives you a proper glimpse of the history of football in Uruguay. In addition to all of these, there are a lot of churches and springs which you can consider visiting.

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France is a place that is a bond with a lot of attractions not only in the capital city of Paris but also in many other places in the Burgundy and the Alsace region. The delicacies and the elements of romance in the streets of France are nothing short of astounding and they are bound to give you an experience that you will never forget.


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It is only right that we respect the country that taught us how to party Wild on the beaches. The urban landscape of cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro coupled along with the beaches of the country make Brazil quite a visual treat. The Statue of Christ the Redeemer is something that you should never miss on a trip to Brazil.


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There are a lot of things that Belgium is known for, but it would be surprising for you to know that the french fries that we all love is not originally from France but from the country of Belgium. Outside these, the landlocked side of Belgium is quite known for the amazing landscapes and the urban fractions it offers especially in the cities like Brussels and Antwerp.


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Croatia might not have a great identity of its own but in the world of football, it has curved Anish for itself. That is pretty much the same case with tourism. Although it might have a lot of influences from the Soviet Union and the slavic Nations, it stands out distinct from the rest of them by providing a touch of both the eastern and western influences of Europe making it a very Wholesome place for you to enjoy your tour package to Croatia.


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There is nothing much that needs to be said about this white Nation, and a nation that is larger than the ex-planet Pluto.

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