It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the kids of the 90s are the pioneers of today’s Technologies. It’s not just about pioneering in technology, but also about introducing a lot of friends and fats in today’s world.

These kids have experienced some of the awesomest things that one can ever get to experience. These things range from little chocolates to getting the knees hurt while playing some silly games.

For a kid who has grown in Chennai or any other part of extreme North Tamil Nadu, there are a few attractions that mean the world to them. These are the attractions that these kids were always on the Lookout for whenever they had a chance. Let’s look at a few such attractions that meant everything for the 90s kid.

Little Folks:

       When the idea of theme parks were in its infancy and when the kids of the 90s when a little more than infant, Little Folks was one thing that all the kids look forward to finding one of the earliest theme parks in the suburbs of Chennai, its features a series of entertainment, Joy rides, swimming pools, and a lot of activities including but not limited to dance, mimicry, and a host of other things.

It was such an immense thing of joy and Pride for a kid to flaunt that they have been to Little folks!

The VGP Golden Beach


      The VGP Golden Beach is to keep parts as Sachin Tendulkar is for cricket. It has spanned a few generations in being on the top 10 of the list of theme parks to go to when it comes to Chennai and its suburbs. Couple that with a few uncanny attractions like a huge dosa and the person who is resistive to any Temptation that they keep up a straight face no matter what, the VGP Golden Beach will always be known for the excitement that it offered to any kid.

The MGM Dizzee World

         In the mid and late 90s, MGM Dizzee World was a great option for someone who was always on the Lookout for something new even in terms of theme parks. It offered something a little unique and different for its time. You could pay a bulk amount right at the entrance and enjoy some of your favorite rides multiple times. It was not that you had to pay for every single right. It meant that you did not waste time at the ticket counters, or had to search Oscar for change.


    A few Tamil movies that were released around that time made this MGM Dizzee World a very famous place and a most sought after location when it comes to finding theme parks in Chennai.

The Kishkinta

        If New Delhi Had its Appu Ghar, and if Mumbai has its EsselWorld, then Chennai should be talking about this theme park in that level. Kishkinta which was situated well within the limits of the city of had a great Getaway option for school students and college students are like. This used to be the ideal getaway for college people who bunk classes, for parents would like to take 40 children on a vacation that would silence them, and for schools in Chennai to plan a one-day outing with their students.


        Created by The pioneer of 3D cinema in India this theme park was not something extraordinary in terms of water offer comma but it was surely a cut above the rest in the way in which it was advertised. Little things that meant a lot to the Chennai kids made Kishkinta – the Wave Pool and the Chennai Kutraalam The tagline: “Once More Polaama Daddy!?” kept on a going in the thoughts of the children.

The Chennai Trade Fair

      For the folks of the city of Chennai couldn’t even prepare to leave the mainstream city, the Chennai Trade Fair post an amazing option to get the dose of entertainment. However, it came with the challenge, that it would happen only once a year but for 3 months in the months of January February and March.


   The Chennai Trade Fair incorporated pretty much everything that a theme park would have to offer, except for swimming pools. There were a lot of joy rates comma eateries, places to buy stuff, and thematic stalls organised by different departments of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Chennai Trade Fair Transformers the island Grounds into an epicenter of celebration and frolic every time, every year.

         While there were many options like this zoo in Vandalur, the crocodile farm and the boating at Muttukadu, this theme parks and the Chennai Trade Fair where always options that were a little different, that made children look forward to a lot of entertainment that they might not be able to find anywhere else. This is pretty much the exhaustive list of things that make every 90s kid take a trip down the lane of nostalgia!

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